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Shamans: Russian bases in Syria will remain, and will develop

After the withdrawal of the main part of the Russian contingent in Syria, there will remain two military bases - Hamim and Tartus - which will continue to develop in the long term, reports Interfax Statement by the Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov.

Both bases in Syria, both Hamim and Tartus, will not only continue to function, but will constantly improve their qualities and capabilities, having ahead of us a long-term perspective of our presence in this far from peaceful region,
Shamanov told the agency.

According to him, “today, a period of post-conflict settlement has arrived in Syria with its own difficulties and peculiarities, but Russia has gained much experience as a result of the so-called first and second campaigns in the Caucasus.”

We have much to share with our Syrian colleagues and other guarantors of the peace process in Syria,
noted the deputy.

He added that “now a plan for the implementation of a post-conflict settlement will be clarified jointly with our colleagues, and one of the documents will be worked out there - a schedule for withdrawing a certain amount of forces and means, but this will all be determined by the Supreme Commander”.

Recall, on Wednesday, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, General of the Russian Army Valery Gerasimov, at a briefing for foreign military attaches, stated that Syria was completely liberated from the IG terrorists (the group was banned in the Russian Federation), all the pseudo-caliphate gangs were destroyed.
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 7 December 2017 12: 24
    Losing positions so hard won.
    1. Shura Perm
      Shura Perm 7 December 2017 12: 32
      And so there are no bases beyond the hill, in contrast to the "defending" Americans ... There should be a base !!!
    2. kenig1
      kenig1 7 December 2017 13: 01
      What have we passed?
  2. Petr1
    Petr1 7 December 2017 12: 28
    Russian bases, the guarantor of the Syrian constitution laughing
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 December 2017 12: 29
    ... a completely logical decision ... enough of the dashing 90s ...
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 December 2017 12: 40
    two military bases will remain in Syria - Khmeimim and Tartus
    Which will not only support power in Syria, but also solve the geopolitical tasks of Russia.
    1. Ryazan87
      Ryazan87 7 December 2017 14: 47
      Will it not be difficult for you to list the geopolitical tasks of Russia, the solution of which is facilitated by the bases in Tartus and Hmeimim? Without sarcasm, just interesting.
  5. zivXP
    zivXP 7 December 2017 12: 41
    Now you need to lure the Kurds with carrots, there are such good Omerikos bases appeared.
  6. Topotun
    Topotun 7 December 2017 13: 04
    The main thing is that the Syrians, in the wake of euphoria, do not decide - that now they are the coolest and you can ask for Russia .... Or, even worse, provoke a war with neighbors.
    1. PalBor
      PalBor 7 December 2017 13: 43
      Quote: Topotun
      The main thing is that the Syrians, in the wake of euphoria, do not decide - that now they are the coolest and you can ask for Russia .... Or, even worse, provoke a war with neighbors.

      Where are they going to go. Now, after Trump is thrown out with Jerusalem, this could start ruinously in the BV ... No matter how drastically increase the contingent was to protect the bases, Damascus, and the entire coast. From whom, I think, it is clear.
      1. Ryazan87
        Ryazan87 7 December 2017 14: 48
        I do not understand. Explain, please. From whom and why?
        And by the way, how? In terms of supply, at least.
  7. You Vlad
    You Vlad 7 December 2017 13: 10
    all gangs of the pseudo-caliphate are destroyed.
    A hint that if somewhere they shoot it ... the partners of the star-striped (or they themselves) That is, now nothing can be attributed to ISIS request
  8. Tyulen
    Tyulen 7 December 2017 13: 52
    Well, we climbed into this mound for the sake of bases.
  9. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 7 December 2017 13: 54
    Russia is the guarantor of peace (which I hope will nevertheless come) in Syria. In general, our military bases will probably become a guarantee of peace in the entire Middle East.
  10. ZVS
    ZVS 7 December 2017 14: 12
    This talker would better shut up. In Ryazan, he promised veterans of the Armed Forces to support the demand in the State Duma to restore full pension to military pensioners, and he voted to leave everything as it is.
    Yap in general's uniform.