Military Review

The military situation in Syria: Americans settle under the nose of Russia

Americans will not leave Syria. This was reported by the command of the US Army. The reason indicates the need to support the opposition forces. The Yankees make it clear that they are not abandoning their plans to divide Syria and overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Currently in the Arab Republic are billeted to 2000 of the US military.

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  1. ImPerts
    ImPerts 7 December 2017 09: 46
    Now they put it under the cloth. Then, years through 5, it will come out in such a stake that ... Let's hope that after 5 years the Americans will have less arrogance.
  2. Galleon
    Galleon 7 December 2017 10: 43
    It is a pity that the “Sun” has such a small range. It needs to be fixed.
  3. The comment was deleted.
    1. Victorio
      Victorio 7 December 2017 16: 45
      Quote: gregpiev
      There are many more Americans.
      The quality and capabilities slightly exceed them. abilities storytellers of the Kulikovo battle.

      it’s better to be storytellers than beggars
    2. Prisoner
      Prisoner 7 December 2017 18: 54
      "We were born to make a fairy tale come true." And we have already seen their capabilities. Weak opportunities in fact, not Hollywood.
    3. Leonid Har
      Leonid Har 8 December 2017 01: 36
      There are many more Americans.
      but there is a difference in how many there are, if the Americans with their fabulous capabilities could not oppose anything to the expansion of the Syrian Arab army? Instead of demonstrating their "exceeding all and all possibilities" to the world, they got along and ceased peacefully to stop the Syrians from conquering their territories. Although in words, it seems they were supposed to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, defeat all the storytellers of the Kulikovo battle, put their competitors and opponents on the shoulder blades with one left. So where are the vaunted American opportunities? Or is it a fairy tale of the promised land, abundantly warmed up by Hollywood?
  4. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 7 December 2017 16: 36
    Who would doubt that
    Victories are solid only
    Not there - but here
  5. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 8 December 2017 08: 50
    So far they are not being given the full amount as in Vietnam or Somalia.
  6. s352
    s352 8 December 2017 12: 20
    Mine the hell deserts around their bases
  7. zibo1668
    zibo1668 10 December 2017 02: 41
    Do you know how long it takes an average American to count to 600? Less time than to count to 700.