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In Ulan-Ude, tests of a new modification of the Mi-17 helicopter begin

A new modification of the Mi-171E helicopter, which is being developed by the Moscow Helicopter Plant and Ulan-Ude aviation the plant (UAZ) was transferred for testing in Ulan-Ude. It introduced a number of innovations worked out on the civil Mi-171A2 in order to improve flight performance and increase the economic efficiency of operation, reports bmpd.

A new modification of the Mi-171E helicopter, prepared for testing at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant JSC.

“The name Mi-171E refers to the family of submodifications of helicopters that are exported. The most advanced option in mass production is likely to have an index Mi-171-2. It will be distinguished by a lightweight fuselage, VK2500PS-03 engines with electronic digital engine control system of the FADEC type. It adapts the control to external conditions, significantly reduces the mass and volume of the electronic components of the system and connecting cables, ensures the synchronization of the engine operating modes according to the rotational speed of the turbocharger - all this allows you to maintain optimum performance of the engines with minimal fuel consumption, ”says the material.

It is reported that "the power of the new engine in emergency mode for 2,5 minutes is 2700 hp, on take-off - 2400 hp, and the take-off mode can be maintained for 30 minutes."

The helicopter has a completely new main rotor made of polymer composite materials, an upgraded swashplate and a new X-shaped tail rotor. The tail boom received reinforcements, and the area of ​​vertical tail (stabilizer) was increased.

“The helicopter also redesigned the fuselage, borrowed from the Mi-8AMTSH-B helicopter with old-fashioned double doors, which has a door. Compared to the flat ramp on most Mi-171E helicopters, this design feature improves helicopter stability with strong tail and side winds, especially when hovering at high altitude, ”the resource writes.

The machine will be offered by government customers in various countries of the world, where, as a rule, there is a mountainous area, for example, in Latin America and Asia. Helicopters will be able to carry out tasks of search and rescue, transportation of people and goods, as well as for use by the forces of law and order.

Mi-171А2 helicopter with 0103 serial number on assembly in the workshop of Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant JSC.
Photos used:
Alexander Mladenov / Aero
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  1. Shadow72
    Shadow72 6 December 2017 13: 16
    Rezanul eye - Ulan-Ude
  2. killganoff
    killganoff 6 December 2017 13: 32
    Mi-8/171 is a vivid example of Soviet engineering, the first flight took place in the 60s of the last century ...
  3. BAI
    BAI 6 December 2017 13: 50
    Is this a new modification? And it looks like it was rolled out of the landfill.
    1. Shadow72
      Shadow72 6 December 2017 14: 17
      It just isn't painted, the new fuselage
    2. Piramidon
      Piramidon 6 December 2017 15: 14
      Quote: BAI
      Is this a new modification? And it looks like it was rolled out of the landfill.

      Just to blather and add manure to the fan to add your shovel. Have you ever seen planes or helicopters that are being rolled out of the assembly shop before painting? In addition to his farm and pigsty, apparently - nothing.
      1. pavelty
        pavelty 6 December 2017 15: 51
        Well, he didn’t see)) What already attacked, and offend pigs)
  4. dvvv
    dvvv 7 December 2017 10: 50
    a new and even newer modification of the Soviet helicopter ... as well as an even newer modification of the Su-27, MiG -29, Il-76, deep modernization of the rocket or complex ... There is no science, the design bureau has long gone out, there is still oil
    1. LSA57
      LSA57 7 December 2017 14: 07
      Quote: dvvv
      There is no science, KB has become extinct for a long time

      in Mongolia, no? what do we have to do with it?