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"Technodynamics" delivered to the Ministry of Defense more than 1000 sets of parachute system D-6

Tekhnodinamika holding (part of Rostec) handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense 1350 sets of the fourth series D-6 parachute system, the press service of the holding said.

"Technodynamics" delivered to the Ministry of Defense more than 1000 sets of parachute system D-6

According to him, the D-6 system remains "an excellent solution for the initial training of parachutists, allowing you to reduce the cost of new expensive systems."

Parachute D-6 has established itself as a reliable and proven over the years system on which more than one generation of airborne troops and parachute enthusiasts have been trained and served
- commented on the transfer of the order of the CEO of the holding Igor Nasenkov.

The D-6 landing system allows parachutists of any level of training to jump with a set of weapons from any transport aircraft and helicopters equipped for landing. It can be used for training jumps parachutists initial training. With a total parachute weight of no more than 120 kg, the D-6 system provides landing at altitudes from 200 m to 8000 m with 3 stabilized seconds when leaving the aircraft at a flight speed from 140 to 400 km / h.
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  1. Mihanishche
    Mihanishche 6 December 2017 12: 07
    Well done boys! There is a landing gear, my old love, hehe ...
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 6 December 2017 12: 28
      Still DOSAAF provided them. From youth and recruits there would be no end. winked
      1. zivXP
        zivXP 6 December 2017 14: 20
        Yes, it seems there are such domes in air clubs. From the draft board come, the guys are jumping.
        1. parkello
          parkello 6 December 2017 17: 37
          Yes, of course, it’s full .. and D-5 and D-6 were still with me. in the early 90s.
      2. Alexey Lesogor
        Alexey Lesogor 6 December 2017 16: 01
        More and more D-10s now.
  2. vadimtt
    vadimtt 6 December 2017 12: 12
    Of course, I understand that the D6 has been brought to perfection (on this one they sent me from the An-2 to the first "flight"), but could you update a little bit the design?
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 6 December 2017 12: 20
      but it was possible to update a little bit the design?
      You are talking about what design and specifically what - the dome or satchel. You can’t imagine a satchel better, but if you change the dome, then I'm sorry, but this is another parachute.
      1. vadimtt
        vadimtt 6 December 2017 12: 26
        Specifically, the design of the disclosure is outdated. There are no complaints about the dome and satchel (well, perhaps a couple of kilograms would be dropped, but this is the price of reliability).
        1. rotmistr60
          rotmistr60 6 December 2017 12: 35
          disclosure machine design

          Are you talking about PPK-U, which is perfectly visible in the picture or about a two-cone lock on the knapsack? What do you dislike about PPK-U or do you need to colorize it? I don’t even stutter about the two-cone lock on the knapsack, which opens the knapsack valves when pulling out the ring or triggering the PPK.
          1. vadimtt
            vadimtt 6 December 2017 12: 53
            Yes, about PPK-U, yes, colorize (change material and form) repeat
            Why are you so tense, if a good thing is also beautiful - then it is perfect in every sense, not only technically.
            1. rotmistr60
              rotmistr60 6 December 2017 12: 59
              And I didn’t bother. It’s just that you are likely to slip a little in this thread.
              (change material and shape)
              Well, I won’t even answer this, it’s enough to just look that inside this device it will become clear that you can’t change the shape.hi
              1. vadimtt
                vadimtt 6 December 2017 13: 02
                I would not skid, with five jumps in the flying club hi
                1. zivXP
                  zivXP 6 December 2017 14: 22
                  This device is reliable as a Kalashnikov assault rifle. And this is his main advantage.
                  1. pilot306
                    pilot306 7 December 2017 05: 45
                    They specially hammered nails, then put them on the dome and worked, what should I change?
    2. Corsair0304
      Corsair0304 6 December 2017 12: 25
      And the meaning of changing the design? For the initial preparation for the jumps - it’s better that the D-6 is unlikely to come up with something. And in the future - there will be more beautiful and more complex systems ..
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 6 December 2017 12: 48
        systems will be more beautiful and more complicated ..

        The parachute is the main reliability. A reliable parachute is always beautiful.
        1. askort154
          askort154 6 December 2017 13: 16
          rotmistr60 .... A reliable parachute is always beautiful.

          He is insanely beautiful when you see that he has opened above your head.
        2. komynist
          komynist 6 December 2017 13: 16
          I agree with many here, when you put on a parachute and go up to the ramp, then do not care for its beauty !!! But you don’t stop thinking about reliability. There have never been problems with them at my service.
  3. san4es
    san4es 6 December 2017 13: 17

    “The D-6 Series 4 airborne parachute system operates in cascade mode. The stabilizing parachute is the first to operate.
    The reduction on it occurs until the specified time on the device PPK-U-165A-D or AD-3U-D-165.
    After the device is activated, the stabilizing parachute removes the camera with the main parachute from the satchel.
    The design of the D-6 series 4 parachute system provides two ways to bring the main parachute canopy into operation with a normally working stabilizing parachute - PPK-U-165A-D device (or AD-3U-D-165 device) or a manual opening link. "
    gn_and_operation /
  4. bald
    bald 6 December 2017 16: 31
    And I have a serious question, what is the weight and how is provided to the radio operators. Just where it is attached - you do not need to let go, as in the old fashioned way - after all, there should be a clean car pillow - if on yourself.
  5. Romanenko
    Romanenko 6 December 2017 16: 38
    Great dome, jumped for the first time with him in July-August 1979, then he was generally beyond praise after the D-5 series 2
  6. Netzah netzah
    Netzah netzah 6 December 2017 21: 01
    Do you still have oaks there? Tree sticks....
    1. Romanenko
      Romanenko 6 December 2017 22: 06
      Why not? Of course, I don’t know how the current version differs, or rather series 4 from the dome of the first release, but I think it is no worse than the old man.
      Of course, now that I have become fat, the D-6 s4 load capacity of 120 kg, together with the equipment, would have guarded me. and when he jumped with him in the army, there was enough for everything both RD and BK and the machine gun and winter "landing" and a little remained in reserve for the GK.
      Dozens, they say, are already more lifting.
      But it was not in vain that the Six were reincarnated.