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Tu-160 vs. B-1. Can not compare?

Immediately worth noting - the American bomber appeared earlier. The first flight of the B-1 made in 1974 year. Tu-160 took off on 7 years later. Many believe that the people of Tupolev simply sketched the plane at the damned overseas capitalists. This is not quite true. But the fact that the Tupolev Design Bureau worked with a very noticeable eye on the American aircraft manufacturers is an indisputable fact.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 7 December 2017 09: 53
    Beautiful planes ... don’t say ... but one Ax of war V-1 and the second guarantor of peace TU-160.
  2. Setavr
    Setavr 7 December 2017 11: 13
    Tupolevs copied, but not B-1, M-18 Myasishchev :)
    Let the holivar begin!
    HEATHER 7 December 2017 14: 46
    It is a holiday today! 1000 years of IAS. Engineering and Aviation Service. With what I congratulate myself! Regarding the video. Ours did not look back at the Americans. The principle of the glider was developed by another designer. But in the 50s there was no way to do it. After a little time, Tupolev, having done the same thing, stole Myasishchev’s idea. cars.
    1. HEATHER
      HEATHER 7 December 2017 14: 58
      The plane goes under the name "TU". Myasishchev has long been forgotten ... From 16.50. I apologize! IAS 100 years! Well, I’m celebrating! wassat drinks
    2. Abel
      Abel 9 December 2017 21: 49
      And also look at the works of R. Bartini
  4. Vadim Sh.
    Vadim Sh. 8 December 2017 11: 38
    It is unfortunate that today little is written about the Myasishchev battery, but we will be correct - the Tupolev battery is a world name.
  5. The comment was deleted.