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India successfully tested the new version of the Akash anti-aircraft missile

India has successfully tested the new version of the Akash anti-aircraft missile, which is equipped with the latest homing system. As NDTV reported on Wednesday, 5 was tested in December in the state of Odish in the east of the country.

India successfully tested the new version of the Akash anti-aircraft missile

This successful trial confirmed that India had reached the possibility of creating any type of ground-to-air missile.
- Leads the channel words of an unnamed source in the Ministry of Defense. According to media reports, during the tests, the rocket hit the unmanned guided target Banshee.

The Indian Akash anti-aircraft missile system was designed to hit air targets at altitudes up to 18 km and at distances up to 30 km, the TV channel reports.

The complex uses a two-stage solid propellant missile, 5,8 long m and starting weight of about 700 kg. The maximum speed of the rocket is 1000 m / s. The mass of the warhead - up to 60 kg. Acceleration time up to speed 500 m / s - 4,5 s, after which the ramjet is activated, increasing the speed in 2 times, the ramjet operation time of the 30 s.

The radar complex with a phased antenna array allows you to simultaneously accompany up to 64 targets and implement targeting up to 12 missiles, say the developers
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  1. Mihanishche
    Mihanishche 6 December 2017 11: 10
    Well done boys! Surely with our help they did.
    Together with the Indians, we will show Kuzkin’s mother to NATO.
    1. sivuch
      sivuch 6 December 2017 11: 37
      Does it remind you of anything? SAM 3M9, for example.
  2. svp67
    svp67 6 December 2017 11: 17
    This Indian "Drunk" looks like greetings from the 90s .... Before he even entered service, he is already outdated
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 6 December 2017 12: 12
      Quote: svp67
      This Indian "Drunk"

      And I added the letter "K" to the name "Akash" in front - it turned out a completely indigestible name. repeat
      Quote: svp67
      Not yet arming, he is already obsolete

      Though inferior, but yours! This will be the main argument of the Indians in defense of this SAM.
      1. Freeman
        Freeman 6 December 2017 12: 42
        Jedi Today, 12:12
        Though inferior, but yours!

        Why is that bad? What, against the Chinese junk standing in the arsenal of the Pakistani Air Force, doesn’t "roll" at all?
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 6 December 2017 12: 59
          By the standards there, he might well be to himself. I mean, compared to modern air defense systems, it is already outdated.
      2. Magic archer
        Magic archer 6 December 2017 13: 09
        And if immediately after A, put L, then you get a completely Russian name for the drinker wink laughing
  3. Wolka
    Wolka 7 December 2017 05: 41
    clever people from the country of elephant tea would be better to ask juche how to create something that really stops any aggressor ...