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Imre Nagy - a qualified agent of the Volodya NKVD


In the archives of the President, secretly kept curious documents. According to these materials, Imre Nagy - the victim of the Hungarian 1956 events of the year, executed by the Communists, worked for the NKVD ...

In 1989, a rehabilitation campaign was launched in Hungary for Nagy. Opposition organizations of the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party (HSWP) created the aura of a martyr and a disinterested, exceptionally honest and principled person. Particular emphasis was placed on the fact that Nagy was a "consistent fighter against Stalinism", "a supporter of democracy and a radical renewal of socialism."

I was looking for contact with state security agencies

The Hungarian press wrote that as a result of pressure from the Soviet Union, Nagy was accused of counter-revolutionary activities, sentenced to death and executed. In order to prevent the discrediting of Hungarian comrades, Gorbachev and members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU decided to send a trump card to the Secretary General of the HSWP Groß: to inform him of interesting archival documents.

As it followed from these documents, after emigrating to 1929 in the USSR, from the very beginning, Nagy “looked for contact with the state security agencies initiatively” and in the year 1933 voluntarily became an agent of the NKVD Main State Security Directorate. He worked under the pseudonym "Volodya". He was actively used to collect information about Hungarian and other political emigrants, as well as citizens of the USSR, who came to the attention of the NKVD for one reason or another. So, there is a document testifying that in 1939, Nagy proposed the NKVD to "develop" 38 Hungarian political emigrants, including Munnich (one of the organizers of the Communist Party of Hungary). In another list, he calls 150 his acquaintances Hungarians, Bulgarians, Russians, Germans, Italians, with whom he could “work” if necessary. According to Volodya's reports, several groups of political emigrants, consisting of members of the Hungarian, German and other Communist Parties, were condemned.

All of them were accused of “anti-Soviet”, “terrorist”, “counter-revolutionary” activities (cases of “Agrarian”, “Incorrigible”, “The agony of the doomed” and others).

"Volodya" shows "great interest and initiative

One of the documents states that Nagy “gave materials” to 15 of the arrested “enemies of the people” who worked at the International Agrarian Institute, in the Comintern, in the All-Union Radio Committee. The activity of Volodya led to the arrest of the famous scientist Varga, many figures of the Hungarian Communist Party (Varga-Vago, Farkas, Neumann, Gabor and others). Some of them were shot, some were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment and exile.

In 1954-1963, many were rehabilitated. From the available archival materials it did not follow that Nagy collaborated with the NKVD under duress. Moreover, the documents explicitly state that “Volodya” shows “great interest and initiative” in the work and is a “qualified agent”.

At the closed plenum of the Central Committee history Volodya decided not to make it public in Hungary. And when in Russia these documents were nevertheless published in Source magazine (No.1, 1993 year), the Hungarians did not believe in their authenticity. In any case, the author and the Hungarian embassy and said that such materials - an elementary fake. Everything can be, but it is a controversial issue; Archivists consider the documents authentic.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 9 December 2017 15: 24
    On November 1, 1956, a qualified agent of the NKVD Volodya announced that Hungary was withdrawing from the Warsaw Treaty Organization and proclaiming its neutrality. He even turned to the UN with a request to protect the sovereignty of Hungary. And the anti-Soviet uprising in Hungary was the work of the NKVD-KGB ...
    1. Theodore
      Theodore 9 December 2017 22: 21
      walesa was also an "anti-Soviet"!
  2. solzh
    solzh 9 December 2017 15: 33
    This is a turn ... Nagy agent of the NKVD !!! And how did he get to the fascist counter-revolution ???
    1. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 9 December 2017 16: 24
      Yes, just an ordinary skinner. I decided that from the west you can grab more than from the Soviet Union, and that’s why it has gone over. But it did not grow together, got what he deserved. And let the Hungarians start a judicial investigation of the authenticity of documents, with examinations, etc.
  3. Monarchist
    Monarchist 9 December 2017 18: 53
    This somersault can be explained from the point of view of psychology: 1) the “romantic” version of Young Nagy is passionate about the ideas of socialism; (young people are more adherents of the revolution), and in the newspapers they shout: “be vigilant about enemies. Write about the enemy where you need to” and he got carried away.2 ) the option is "selfish": Nadia had minor sins and he has not yet beat him, he began to "knock", and the sea of ​​excuses: Varga was smarter and succeeded and the "opponent" down, possibly out of jealousy (jealousy is a terrible thing, and a jealous woman -atomic bomb). And that they don’t want to believe in Hungary now - it’s easy to explain: knowingly or not, but someone wrote the myth “white and fluffy Nagy”, and the Russians say that he “radish” lies (we are so pleased;)
  4. captain
    captain 9 December 2017 19: 17
    And why are we trying to humor that Putin has recruited everyone in the West. After the article, I became convinced that the fears of the Americans about the fact that Trump’s Kremlin agent is not so groundless. After all, we can all.
  5. polpot
    polpot 9 December 2017 20: 38
    Yeltsin and Gorbachev had such a sweet couple
    1. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 9 December 2017 21: 22
      And a whole herd of general secretaries of the Communist Parties of the Union republics. After 1992, I understood how right Joseph was when sending these secretaries (including his own, Russian — see the Leningrad affair) to the wall and sawed.
      1. trampoline instructor
        trampoline instructor 10 December 2017 00: 22
        In the Union republics were not general, but the first secretaries of the Communist Parties.
        1. Aviator_
          Aviator_ 10 December 2017 07: 55
          The essence does not change, although thanks for clarification.
  6. moskowit
    moskowit 9 December 2017 22: 57
    From the very beginning Nagy “initiatively sought contact with the state security organs” and in 1933 voluntarily became an agent of the Main Directorate of State Security of the NKVD.

    We write a sweet young lady, (or whoever is under a pseudonym) then if you please, though he can do it on Wikipedia, they often lie there, but nonetheless ...
    The Main Directorate of State Security (GUGB) is a structural unit of the NKVD of the USSR, formed on July 10 of 1934 on the basis of the OGPU.
  7. sergo1914
    sergo1914 10 December 2017 13: 14
    Agent of the NKVD Volodya. Coincidence?