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Russian threat to Sweden

Russians and Swedes have been little brothers forever. At least in the second millennium, well, the 1054 ecclesiastical schism of the year only strengthened the existing contradictions. In the Middle Ages, our neighbors in the Baltic Sea were full of energy, for they accepted Christianity, but somewhere there, on the outskirts, the pagan god Odin still roamed with a hat shifted over his eyes and for something else Ancestors so sought to find themselves in his possession, but now took the holy communion. Of course, then there was no Russia in our current understanding, and the entire blow of the Swedish fist, chained in a knight's glove, was taken up by the Novgorod Republic. The most famous for the general public case of the Swedish military tourism in those years was, of course, the Battle of Neva, but it did not put an end to the attempts of kings to pacify the recalcitrant Russians from Mr. Novgorod the Great.

And everything was so decorum and noble somewhere until the end of the XVI - beginning of the XVII centuries, until the Time of Troubles came in the Moscow kingdom. The course of circumstances that followed subsequently was preceded by the fact that the Swedes apparently realized that someday Russians would go to the Baltic Sea (well, Ivan Vasilievich Grozny frightened them, frightened them) ... No, no, I'm not saying that someone then in Stockholm he directly foresaw the construction of the Russian fleet and so on, but our northern neighbors, about 400 years old at that time, with heartache and sincere tormented heart perceived the Russian border along the Korel-Oreshek line, so when this “gift of fate” happened, they naturally did not fail to use it, and as a result, the Russian kingdom was driven back from the Baltic, remaining content only with the southern and eastern parts of Lake Ladoga.

Nearly 90 years, all of our neighbors in this matter was good (well, as "good", the Russians tried to regain what was lost, even carried out a successful campaign in the middle of the 17th century, taking Nyenskans and "walking" in the city of Nien (there was such a city where now the Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg is located), but alas, it ended with nothing special), while the impudent Russians, led by Peter the Great's energetic hand, did not say: “Enough!” and, having won back their lands, began to build on them navy.

And here, dear comrades, the most interesting begins. What is interesting and remarkable? Yes, the fact that before all the Russian-Swedish wars were fought solely on the Russian territories or the territories of the nearby peoples. However, since 1719, before the Swedes, the real prospect of a Russian invasion by landing troops and further advancing the troops loomed ... No, the troops landed by us, offended, and it all affected the Stockholm Cabinet so that the Northern War was over. the conditions on which Russia insisted. The years on 20 are a former Viking calmed down.

However, sensing the weakness of the Russian authorities, in 1741, the Swedes again decided to try their luck, but alas, they not only failed to win, but also had to give back part of the territory to 1743.

For half a century, everything was quiet, as in the 1788 year, the Swedish king Gustav III set quite ambitious goals for his kingdom, while engaging the large forces of the Swedish navy. For a while, fortune smiled at him quite widely, and he already seemed to see his triumphal entrance to St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, the naval victories of the Swedish fleet were extremely difficult (I would like to note that the “naval victories of the Swedes” are controversial, and this war raises many questions, but you should think who achieved their goals, as it becomes clear that the Russians the naval sailors carried out all the tasks assigned to them, even at the cost of serious losses: the Vyborg could not be taken by the Swedes, the blockade of Kronstadt and the occupation of St. Petersburg were not discussed). We separated from Sweden after that war, each with its own interests and in the same territories.

Fully illusions about Russia Stockholm lost 1808-1809 to the war, when some Swiek alarmists already saw their Homeland as the next Russian province. Like this? It's simple: the Russian army, on the ice of the Gulf of Bothnia, set foot on the land of the kingdom, being very close to its capital. Moreover, the Swedes themselves found out about it once they saw bonfires, and Russian soldiers warming themselves around them. It was a strong nezhdanchik! And he acted in such a way that Finland for almost 110 years became part of the Russian Empire.

Yes, on the one hand, Sweden calmed down completely and, apparently, realizing what the next war for it could turn into, not only with Russia, but as a whole, did not directly climb into European conflicts. On the other hand, the memory of the “Russian bonfires” under Stockholm completely entered the average mind of the subject of the Swedish kingdom and for more than 200 years forced him to think of Russia as the monstrous force that could wipe him off the face of the earth. The Soviet period was no exception. As I wrote above, Sweden did not directly participate in any conflicts, but, for example, in the Soviet-Finnish war supplied the same Finns and weaponand volunteers (then the same behavior will be towards Germany, when the Germans were given the right to use the Swedish infrastructure in the north of the country).

The victory of the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War temporarily calmed the “hot heads” of the kingdom, but did not calm their suspicions. The Soviet Baltic Fleet also inspired sufficiently strong respect, although it was weaker, for example, in the German Kriegsmarine regarding large surface ships of the battleship and cruiser classes, but after the end of the Second World War in general it was numerically superior to the Swedish fleet, and the gradual replacement of the ship and the emergence and development of rocket weapons was a factor that did not work in favor of Sweden.

For the time being, everything was quiet, as in 1981, the Soviet diesel submarine of the 613 project was not stranded, and on the contrary, to be stunned by some secret Swedish naval base. Everything. To the former Vikings, to put it in modern language, as “the roof blew off”. Here, of course, played, including, the propaganda component, and this incident served as a good help in the information war against the Soviet Union. And since then, the Swedes, on special days of "lunar activity", have seen Russians everywhere.

Even, it would seem, now that our already Russian Baltic Fleet has forces and capabilities that are completely incomparable and incomparable with the Swedish Navy, the former Vikings see a Russian landing or a surprise strike by a Russian military aviation. And God bless you, when all this goes on the level of ordinary people, but when their military experts talk about such things, I want to think: what is this, unsuitability or deliberate pushing of your country into NATO? It may not seem patriotic to you my opinion about our today's fleet in the Baltic Sea and about the capabilities of our military units (marines, land forces) that we can simply take and load into landing ships and transports, and send “to fight Sweden” (I By the way, I’m even silent about the massive use of the Airborne Forces, will we have so many military transport aircraft?) without exposing other sites, but still face the truth: even Peter the Great with his resources could not do it, and through 100 years after him Al to Axander I (no, of course, the Russian Empire did not set such tasks), and you cannot do such a thing with missiles alone. I am more than confident that in this case our military will fulfill all the tasks assigned to them, once again showing unparalleled courage and fidelity to duty, but for a long time we will not be able to continue. Especially considering that other countries will immediately stand up for Sweden, and this is already a conflict with NATO.

However, I am more than confident that the kingdom is also well aware of this, but since it is necessary to work out the “order”, disdaining pride, they mold their philistine, and at the same time to the rest of the world, such a “hunchbacked”.

Summing up, I would like to say that, of course, the “Russian threat” for the Swedes did not arise out of nowhere, and some things penetrate into the national consciousness of an entire people, creating at it sometimes not decades, but horrifying images for centuries. The reality, especially in the last century, suggests that it is rather a ghost. Fear has big eyes!

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  1. zzdimk
    zzdimk 7 December 2017 08: 04
    It’s good when the memory is long
    1. dSK
      dSK 7 December 2017 08: 57
      This can save them from the fate of the “mouse” in the mousetrap. hi
      1. Spnsr
        Spnsr 7 December 2017 16: 35
        Vikings laughing good they remember
    2. vovanpain
      vovanpain 7 December 2017 10: 44
      Of course, the “Russian threat” for the Swedes did not arise from scratch, and some things bite into the national consciousness of an entire nation,

      It’s scary for the Svejsk monarch. what
      1. novel66
        novel66 7 December 2017 11: 30
        it's good to be king - miracles for your pleasure
  2. Buffet
    Buffet 7 December 2017 08: 50
    It would be better to put things in order in their country, otherwise some Saracens are already bossing. Aren't the ancestors ashamed of their descendants?
  3. Conductor
    Conductor 7 December 2017 09: 09
    Swedes are numb then. Understand with the Emigrants, here it is not a threshold threat, but already in the house.
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 7 December 2017 10: 00
    I have repeatedly spoken out and will repeat it again: the mistake of Peter the Great was an excessive measure of softness for defeated Sweden at the conclusion of the Nistadt peace - the Baltic states were bought out (!), Finland was returned. The ancient Romans were right: “Woe to the vanquished!” Before that it was necessary to bring them down, so that it wouldn’t be a war! On the other hand, it was the Swedes that Peter called his teachers and before the Northern War, cooperation with the Swedes was very beneficial for Russia, the latest guns were bought, guns.
  5. prior
    prior 7 December 2017 14: 42
    A fashionable global trend is the fear of terrible Russians.
    Terrible Swedes are raped by migrants, but they are afraid of Russians ?!
    Mysterious swedish soul.
  6. NF68
    NF68 7 December 2017 16: 18
    The Swedes still can not forgive Russia basting near Poltava more than 300-t years ago?
    1. Lexus
      Lexus 9 December 2017 14: 31
      No, they still remember the more recent events of 1809, when the Russian avant-garde under the command of Kulnev went to Stockholm on the ice of the Gulf of Bothnia from the Aland Islands. It was then that the Swedes managed to overcome the scourge of all the northern peoples (due to lack of fiber in food) - constipation. Now, having felt the heaviness, the Swedes recall Russia ... And the long-awaited relief comes laughing
  7. iaroslav.mudryi
    iaroslav.mudryi 7 December 2017 17: 51
    The article ends with the sentence, “Fear has big eyes!” I think the other day in the center of Stockholm, for some people at all, the joints were supposed to burst - read the news and watch the story:
    07.12.2017 - 7: 36
    The Russians are already here !: In the capital of Sweden, the Russian ambulance came to the call
    Social media is actively discussing the case in Stockholm, where a Russian ambulance came to call a patient.

    An amazing incident was reported by Aftonbladet, citing an eyewitness named Mons Unasson, who took a photograph of an ambulance with a Russian license plate. In addition, doctors in uniform with inscriptions in Russian got out of the vehicle.

    Unasson captured a Russian ambulance in Stockholm on 5 on December and posted it on his microblog on Twitter, accompanying the record with a question about what the ambulance with Russian numbers did in the Swedish capital.

    Basically, users agreed that the ambulance belongs to the Russian embassy in Stockholm.

    “Cars with Russian license numbers based in Sweden are most likely owned by employees of the Russian Embassy or the diplomatic institution itself,” writes user Mikael Skillt.

    User Damiano, in turn, noted that "the embassies of the world's leading countries in Stockholm have their own ambulance forces."

    Some users also suggested that an ambulance might arrive to assist one of the employees of a Russian diplomatic institution.

    “The Swedish ambulance turned out to be less operational,” one of the Twitter users sneers.
    Judging by the license plates, the vehicle is registered in St. Petersburg.

    The publication Aftonbladet notes that the local police became interested in what happened, but they failed to reveal the "secret" of the Russian ambulance in Stockholm.

    Varför gör en rysk ambulans insats på Söder?
    - Måns Jonasson (@mansj) December 5 2017


  8. Wolka
    Wolka 7 December 2017 18: 36
    so that they pass on from generation to generation, word of mouth, that it’s not worth fighting with Russia, it’s more expensive for itself, it’s better to establish trade and good-neighborly relations, and we don’t need someone else to recover from it ...
    1. dSK
      dSK 8 December 2017 00: 51
      Quote: Volka
      we don’t need a stranger

      Who benefits from the war in Europe? The answer is obvious - only not to Europeans.
  9. Conductor
    Conductor 11 December 2017 20: 32
    Here they are numbed, they laid one, two, three, again in a boorish way they climb into a fist.