Military Review

Hammer "Torah": Russian air defense has proven itself in business

In the Southern Military District, military exercises of air defense units took place. Target launches were made by Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems. Targets mimicked various aerial objects: air bombs, UAVs, cruise missiles and tactical aircraft aviation prospective adversary. The interception was carried out at altitudes from 15 to 10.000 meters.

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  1. Fight
    Fight 5 December 2017 14: 23
    Handsome men, especially on the go liked the bunches! good
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 5 December 2017 15: 35
    In motion, launches give confidence that it is not so easy to cover the calculations of TORs and this cannot but rejoice. Rather, new Armor with a range of 40 km began to enter the troops.
  3. freejack
    freejack 5 December 2017 17: 45
    Cool cars. Effectively filmed. All 4 ++ !!! wink good
  4. tforik
    tforik 5 December 2017 21: 20
    The beauty! Shooting on the move 100 points!)
    I wonder what is the likelihood of detecting and intercepting a target such as a modern tag?
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 6 December 2017 00: 36
      Quote: tforik
      What is the likelihood of detecting and intercepting a target such as a modern tag?

      Somehow, I didn’t really "dig":
      And here the Tor-M2U and Buk-M3 short-range and medium-range interception systems must come into play. These systems, developed by the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern, are an effective means of combating enemy cruise missiles. So, the probability of intercepting the Tomahawk with one Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile is 80%, while Tor-M2U has even higher. Covering the silo launchers of ICBMs and submarine missile carriers in ports with the appropriate number of these air defense systems will make it possible to reduce the effectiveness of the US "instant global strike" to almost zero.
      In principle, there are enough specialists at VO, - they will confirm or refute.
  5. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 6 December 2017 10: 44
    They shoot effectively, but above them there is a "dead zone" in which the TORs are blind.
    1. marder7
      marder7 6 December 2017 16: 16
      OVER the "torus"? and who will attack from there? aliens from orbit break loose? and actually zrc on one car do not drive. so this "dead" zone is dead for everyone who sticks there.
      1. assa67
        assa67 8 December 2017 20: 22
        in the echelon close approaches, and the "dead zone" above the Torah is closed by the "Armor"
        1. marder7
          marder7 12 December 2017 15: 24
          so that's the point! "experts" hesitated! "dead zone" you see. still say that from the bottom UNDER the “torus” a dead zone! and the treacherous enemy from under the ground will be blown up!