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Russian liberals disown America

Moscow liberals got a chance to become patriots. Russian liberal lost faith in America! The new trend is rapidly spreading among the opposition and has already come down to the headquarters of Mr. Navalny.

After "unofficial" recognition by American politicians and intelligence officers mr tillerson и mr trump the agents of Putin, it was the turn of Mr. McFaul, the former ambassador to Russia. Michael was also among the “candidates” for the position of either a large spy or a petty agent. Probably the other day McCain and Corker would expose him.

The theme of the "phase shift" of many American politicians in the 2016 elections of the year, in which the Kremlin allegedly intervened, was again raised in the pages of the major Western media. First of all American. It is reported, for example, that for several months already, “President Vladimir V. Putin has predictably refuted the accusations of Russian intervention in last year’s American elections, condemning them as fake newscaused by Russophobic hysteria. "

"The Huffington Post" writes that Trump's advisers did work to ease relations with Russia, and that was after the administration of Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Moscow.

A senior official suggested that Russia "outplayed" the US presidential election in favor of Trump. This is proven by an email that “leaked” to the New York Times. The letter contradicts White House lawyer T. Cobb's allegations that Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser to Trump, acted independently, appealing to Russian officials during Trump’s assuming the presidency.

However, such letters pop up periodically. It is quite tiring to read them, and there is no clear evidence of collusion with the Russians. If it were otherwise, the world press would stand on its ears, while senators in the United States, led by McCain, would scream about impeachment.

This time something new appeared in the “intervention” campaign. There is an unexpected reaction of Russian liberals!

It turns out that the haters of the Putin regime, including "some of Putin’s biggest enemies in Russia" (quoted from "New York Times"), that is, “pro-Western liberals, who see in the United States an example of democratic values ​​and a journalistic ideal, are now joining the chorus of protesting against America’s obsession with Moscow’s interference in its [American] political affairs”.

Even Leonid Volkov, the head of the anti-corruption headquarters, led by opposition leader Alexei Navalny, wrote on Facebook: “Enough!” In his opinion, “investigating Russia's interference” is not just a shame, but a “collective eclipse of the mind.” At the same time, Volkov himself and other gentlemen from Russia say that they do not doubt that they interfered, at least indirectly, in the last year’s US presidential election campaign. At the same time, they complain that the United States is consistently fanning Putin’s influence and portraying his government as more effective than it really is, which only strengthens the Kremlin. Ultimately, the Americans use Russia as a scapegoat, thereby covering up the deep political discord of discord in the United States itself.

And this led to the fact that many Russians, who for a long time looked at America as their ideal, noted with bitter disappointment that the United States seems to be showing the least attractive features of its own state today.

And the "hunt" for those who "secretly" helped D to win, Trump, causes "among liberal-minded Russian journalists" particular concern. “The image of Putin in Russia, created by Western, above all, American media over the past 18 months, shocks even the most anti-Putin reader in Russia,” journalist Oleg Kashin wrote recently.

“It helps the Kremlin very much. He promotes Putin’s image as a geopolitical mastermind, as the most intelligent and strongest person in the world, ”says Mr. Volkov. And this is bad because “there was no evidence”. This "helps the Russian propaganda, because the Kremlin can say: this is only a conspiracy against Russia."

Michael (Michael) Idov, screenwriter, author and former magazine editor, notes that the idea of ​​Putin’s breaking into, launching fake news and using other tools can confuse the most powerful democratic country in the world and make the Russian president invincible. But it’s difficult to accept such an image of “the victor in the world of Putin” when, due to Western sanctions, even “decent cheese” cannot be found in Moscow.

This is not the first "shock" of Moscow liberals. They were shocked for the first time when the state-controlled Russian media pursued Michael McFaul, the American ambassador to Moscow, who worked there from 2012 to 2014. McFaul, recalls the New York Times, portrayed as an agent leading in the capital subversive activities against Putin.

The liberals experienced a second shock when they learned that the diplomat from Russia, who worked in Washington, namely Sergei Kislyak, was about the same “attitude” to his duties: this ambassador was widely portrayed as a “Russian espionage master”, who allegedly was the center of the broadest network of "anti-American intrigues."

Curiously, we add that the mention in the large press of Mr. McFaul was not, as it were, an accident. If before McFaul was declared an agent of US influence, now he began to strongly resemble a Russian spy. Double agent?

December 2 Online RIA News" material appeared, which says that M. McFaul wished to return to Russia and asked him to help with this.

Michael turned to the Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov. He asked for help to lift visa bills from him. The former diplomat who worked in Russia under Obama admitted that he had many friends in Russia and said that he was looking forward to visiting Russia soon.

“I have many friends in Russia. I lived in Russia for several years. You know that I am under sanctions. I discussed this with Antonov so that I could come to Russia, ”Michael McFaul quotes the agency.

The ex-diplomat got on the sanctions list in November. McFaul commented on it this way: they say that restrictive measures against him were imposed because of “close ties with Obama” and in retaliation for the White House’s sanctions against “people close to Putin”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called a different reason for including M. McFaul on the black list: sanctions against Michael were imposed because of his "active participation in the destruction of bilateral relations."

McFaul made some more amazing statements. For example, on the diplomatic property of Russia in the United States. The former ambassador was surprised that the State Department had banned the Russian ambassador Antonov from accessing Russian diplomatic property in San Francisco. “This is your property, right? We protect property rights. This is a surprise for me, ”he told Antonova, leading a conversation with him at Stanford University. McFaul even admitted that Washington is obliged to explain to Moscow the reasons for the seizure of Russian diplomatic property.

Finally, another “Russian” statement by M. McFaul.

The former ambassador promised that he would recommend to “friends in politics” to take some steps: “Yes, I think that people should meet. I support any contact. I will talk with my friends in politics, ”Mr. McFaul told the RIA Novosti correspondent when he was asked whether he intends to call on US congressmen to resume contacts with Russian parliamentarians.

McFaul, we note, it remains only to abandon his former statements about the "interference" of the Russians in the elections - and that’s all, we are ready to be an agent for Putin.

And suddenly everything changed. So it usually happens in politics.

Michael went online, or rather, on Twitter, and wrotethat he ... was joking.

Mr. McFaul called his request to Anatoly Antonov a joke: “I said this as a joke at a public event. Of course, I know that Antonov has no authority to remove me from the Russian sanctions list. But I also think that I have not done anything bad to get on this list. ”

The scandal with McFaul gave a reason for Irina Alksnis to write an article under a loud title "McFaul may be a Russian spy".

The material made a completely fair conclusion: “A small история with the former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, with his request to the Russian ambassador to lift the sanctions, he very clearly demonstrated that perhaps the main current problem of Russian-American relations is the loss of a common language. In the literal sense of the word: when the context is suddenly lost, and it seems that clear words and intonations suddenly acquire so many versions for interpretation that you never know whether you guessed what was said or not. ” And "for the relations of the great powers, this state of affairs is not at all a trifle, but, on the contrary, a huge problem, fraught with grave consequences."

This, we note, is absolutely true. The United States and Russia have completely lost the skill of international communication. And it's not in different languages ​​and not in a different culture.

It seems that the parties refused the smallest efforts to adhere to diplomatic etiquette and got rid of all the achievements of former diplomacy, as if from a historical ballast. Communication has degraded to mutual attacks and "mirror responses", that is, to the well-known Old Testament commandment. At the same time, the arms race is increasing, which completely pushes diplomacy into the background. The last thesis proves the largest staff reductions of "ineffective" arranged The State Department is a team of Trump's warlike businessman, for whom the military-industrial complex is the Old Testament god.

There is another curious fact. More precisely, two facts that further divide the United States and Russia.

The United States after the victory of Trump split into two political camps that absolutely do not understand each other. The struggle has intensified not only between Democrats and Republicans, but also sharp internal feuds among Republicans, many of whom cannot tolerate D. Trump, have been exposed. The establishment is also split: on one side is the US Congress, on the other is Mr. Trump's administration. There can be no communication rapprochement between these camps during the reign of the current president: the intensity of passions is too high.

Meanwhile, in Russia, Western-oriented liberals have lost faith in the former ideal. The clogging of the air by “Russian intervention” and “Putin’s victories” turned the Russian liberal from the American liberal.

Whether Moscow liberals will turn in patriots?
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 6 December 2017 06: 41
    For them, the ideal Ruin is now ... Everyone, sailed! There now all the very "best and most advanced" ..
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 6 December 2017 07: 20
      The news was infa that our ambassador Antonov gave McFaul a bottle of Russian vodka. No reason for such a gift has been reported. bully
      1. dzvero
        dzvero 6 December 2017 09: 01
        At one time, Americans soldered Indians. Now Russians solder American yhlit smile Are they clearing the territory?
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 6 December 2017 07: 00
    Western-oriented liberals in Russia lose faith in former ideals
    As they lost, they will find it again. Otherwise, what kind of lighthouse to navigate and whom to set as an example. The main thing is that grants and "black cash" for the struggle should not run out.
    1. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 6 December 2017 07: 24
      Quote: rotmistr60
      As they lost, they will find it again. Otherwise, what kind of lighthouse to navigate and whom to set as an example. The main thing is that grants and "black cash" for the struggle should not run out.

      I agree, our "Liber" is similar to a weather vane - it turns where it is convenient. therefore, the title of the article does not correspond to the meaning embedded in it.
      1. Navy7981
        Navy7981 9 December 2017 11: 56
        Well yes! Our liberals immediately react to the monetary wind!
  3. Basil50
    Basil50 6 December 2017 07: 01
    Surprisingly, do they really not understand in the USA that they * carry * to themselves? Or does it not reach the US population? Maybe this information is available only to us? What is going on in the USA?
    I do not want to believe in the debility of politicians and the people of the United States. There are a lot of questions, only that for the sake of short-term interests they don’t want to believe in themselves, they don’t want to believe.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 6 December 2017 08: 32
      Quote: Vasily50
      Surprisingly, do they really not understand in the USA that they * carry * to themselves?

      You try to argue with the believer about the existence of God, he himself will not notice how he will cite mutually exclusive quotes from the Bible, and the USA will not consider it a mistake either, they have the motto “We believe in God” on money
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 6 December 2017 07: 14
    ... for relations of great powers ...

    Ordinary American does not matter. Egor is more interested in his own problems.
    But "pour" ...
    The American elite is already accustomed to monopenisuality in the open spaces of Pax Americana and is not going to stop entertaining its vanity.
  5. Mestny
    Mestny 6 December 2017 09: 12
    No, they will not turn into patriots.
    They still hate Russia, and in particular Russians. Only now they are blaming the USA that the methods of achieving the goal of destruction are not effective enough, or partially wrong. Demand to increase the intensity.
    And among them, as before, the majority of citizens of known nationality.
    Of these, the patriots of Russia are like a bullet from a well-known brown substance.
  6. gafarovsafar
    gafarovsafar 6 December 2017 10: 04
    whether you are liberal at least a hundred times. gay or whatever they appreciate, but if you’re Russian, then they’ll only use me to excuse me and then they will throw me out of uselessness. Russian capitalism, as a younger and more aggressive one, is trying to devour or, in extreme cases, crush the old ( who fell into insanity) Western capitalism. There is a struggle for markets and all the methods of waging such a struggle are used
    1. tezey
      tezey 9 December 2017 12: 26
      True in principle. That is why Russian new capitalism is therefore aggressive because the old capitalism did not let it enter its markets. The fight will continue.
  7. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 6 December 2017 14: 46
    Nafik, nafik, nafik !!!
  8. Israeli
    Israeli 6 December 2017 16: 38
    I wonder what the author understands by America? Our banks or Trump MAGAu?
    There is a nuance)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. NF68
    NF68 6 December 2017 17: 15
    Is the US State Department covered the tap for Russian liberals of all stripes and colors?
  10. Reklastik
    Reklastik 6 December 2017 18: 47
    It seems that the parties abandoned the slightest effort to adhere to diplomatic etiquette
    ???? Both?!
  11. Sektant
    Sektant 6 December 2017 20: 02
    Normal rat reaction.
  12. Normal ok
    Normal ok 6 December 2017 23: 53
    Moscow liberals got a chance to become patriots. Russian liberal lost faith in America! The new trend is rapidly spreading among the opposition and has already come down to the headquarters of Mr. Navalny.

    Yes, damn Navalny was never an Americanophile. He, or rather those who stand behind him in the Kremlin, just want to get own power in Russia.
  13. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 7 December 2017 01: 16
    No, our bipedal liberal creatures will hang faster than give up the habit of pouring dirt on Russia. What is one little dog who openly supported the US sanctions against Russia, urged to recognize the US globalist policy and not listen to Russian propaganda about some kind of US geopolitics.
  14. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 7 December 2017 10: 49
    Could Moscow liberals turn into patriots? They can only become patriotic liberals.
  15. tezey
    tezey 9 December 2017 12: 22
    So I believed that the Russian "liberals" were disappointed in their pro-American ideals. Their ideal is the dollar. There is lava, we will sing Ossan to the curators from the State Department, no, we will be disappointed.
  16. shinobi
    shinobi 9 December 2017 12: 26
    Liberal, disident, Judah, words that have one meaning, a traitor. Sold like no other. A trickle of cookies disappeared, and immediately there was a "disappointment" ideally.
  17. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 9 December 2017 13: 18
    These little our bastards Volkova, Kashin with dogs and other different bulk have already lost faith in everything that is human in their idols in the West, but they continue to frantically hate Russia and its people, incomprehensible to them, as a genetic rabble, for unity with Putin. What do these bastards really want in reality. .... Allegedly a rich and strong state, but in friendship with the West, with the USA. But this will not happen if the United States does not even accept the European Union as an equal, and these little dogs are used as dolls as a tie-eater Misha
  18. igog
    igog 11 December 2017 10: 40
    "poor liberals," nothing helps to offend the president. Whatever their teachers do, the result is the opposite of their expectations.