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How Poland won the "Russian militarism". Conclusions of Matserevich

Polish Minister of National Defense, Pan Matserevich, told the press that Poland has come to historical victory: Putin’s "militarism" is defeated.

In an interview with the publication of, Minister Anthony Matserevich declared victory over “Russian militarism.” He recognized this victory as “historic”, the site reports "InoTV".

Vladimir Putin, the politician believes, is unable to adapt his state to life in the modern world. At the same time, the minister admitted that there is no equal in the art of misinforming Putin. As arguments for the failures of Putin, the Polish minister called the American troops near the Russian border and the loss of Ukraine. Pole called both events the nightmares of the Russian rulers. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

In an interview, Anthony Matserevich said: during his tenure as defense minister, the Polish army has changed a lot. Until now, she was not determined to defend the interests of Poland. “There was also no determination to defend his own generals, who died near Smolensk,” Matserevich saddled his favorite skate. - It was a reflection of what happened to the Polish army. The generals and senior officers were resigned to the fact that their own state and their own country accepted the Russian thesis, which was supposed to humiliate the Polish army and the Polish state. ”

Further, the minister acknowledged that for a couple of years or even five years, Poland would not be able to create an army that could independently confront Russia. However, to prevent the attack of the Russian, of course, help the US and NATO troops. Matserevich seeks to make the rotational presence of these troops on Polish territory permanent.

Then the pan minister criticized V. V. Putin. “Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who in many publicists causes fear from which they run away, provoked Russia's greatest defeat over the centuries,” the politician believes. “The two nightmares of the Russian leaders - the American troops on the border of the Russian Federation, as well as the loss of Ukraine - occur precisely because of its aggressiveness, lack of understanding and inability to adapt the Russian state to life in the modern world. Continuing to operate in the Soviet style and relying on the Soviet elite, Mr. Putin, despite the short-term successes, is the “author” of the greatest defeat of the Russian state. If he does not change this policy, then the defeat will increase in scale. We transformed the greatest threat that hung over Poland into a historic victory, ”concluded Matserevich.

As for the Syrian victories of Russia, Matserevich considers them something doubtful and relates more to the field of propaganda. “Russia has always had brilliant propaganda, great propaganda opportunities and a great ability to find intelligent people in the West who were ready to repeat Kremlin theses. Here is an example of this. In this matter, I would not believe Mr Putin. Misinformation and mystification is still Putin’s strongest weapon. ”

* * *

The impression is that Pan Matserevich has already declared himself not so much a complete winner, but a political rival, at least able to resist Putin. Polish Defense Minister as if summed up the preliminary results of their activities.

It is difficult to even imagine what statements he will make before resigning. Probably write a book of memoirs, where the central episode will be the chapter on the great Polish victory over Russia.

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  1. Ami du peuple
    Ami du peuple 5 December 2017 07: 32
    He will probably write a memoir book ...
    The first readers of which will be his orderlies from the "yellow house" laughing
    1. vkl.47
      vkl.47 5 December 2017 07: 49
      Already sick of this Polish dibila
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 5 December 2017 08: 28
        Ha! Matserevich is the most real American "condom" in the Polish government, which, due to its "superiority", looks to burst! fool laughing
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 5 December 2017 08: 50
          Tatyana, welcome! hi love
          It seems that Poland has the same trouble as Ukraine: they hastened to trumpet the “overpower”, and it will turn out to be a “horn”. fool lol
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 5 December 2017 09: 02
            Good morning, Maxim! hi
            Yes Matserevich in Poland and the Poles do not care! He is trying for himself - he wants to keep a sweet place for himself! So he deceives the Poles, exposing himself to them as an infallible - almost holy - politician for Poland. Makes himself self-promotion in the elections. And the gasket itself is American.
            Simple Poles understand this in many ways. And if Washington does not drag Matserevich back into power in Poland, he will say that Putin is personally to blame for the Russians in Moscow.
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 5 December 2017 09: 17
              Many Polish leaders do not remember themselves with happiness that Trump appointed Poland “his beloved wife”, completely forgetting that the United States, as always, will be marred and abandoned.
        2. Slovak
          Slovak 5 December 2017 13: 02
          God forbid it bursts ... Splashes shit ... m all around
      2. Retvizan 8
        Retvizan 8 5 December 2017 10: 52
        And here I am all looking for "Mistral", which, according to the same Matsarelovich, Egypt sold to Russia, for the price of one dollar!
        And it’s not a shame for a man, nevertheless he occupies a high position, and nevertheless he crawls "to a high platform" and carries all kinds of nonsense to the whole world!
    2. Primoos
      Primoos 5 December 2017 08: 09
      Mda And Antoshka’s Vidocq is not at all victorious. Puzzled, dreary, paled from his face, as if he had stood in line in the toilet.
      1. Berber
        Berber 5 December 2017 08: 44
        And what about prostitutes. The entire "Greater Poland" elite - these are they.
    3. Basil50
      Basil50 5 December 2017 10: 59
      In vain they comment on this very thing .... American technology is more important here, when they come up with something and then, with * brilliance *, overcome the fiction. Loud statements and adherence to principles are welcomed.
  2. evil partisan
    evil partisan 5 December 2017 07: 33
    This matz in the photo looks like he got a phone call from sex ...
    1. Kleber
      Kleber 5 December 2017 07: 59
      Quote: wicked partisan
      This matz in the photo looks like he got a phone call from sex ...

      Well, maybe they have from the State Department on the phone. laughing The eyes in the photo give out in the act.
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit 5 December 2017 08: 13
      Quote: Angry Guerrilla
      as if he had been phoned from sex.

      No, it was the orderlies from the madhouse who called, were interested in whether he used drugs for schizophrenia today? But schizophrenia is not treated. Although I'm lying, there are cases of cure. This is when a Western politician, or NTO general, retires or resigns, some have enlightenment. They begin to speak and think like normal people. But the case of Matsarevich is very difficult, Russophobia penetrated into the depths of the brain and there is no chance of a cure. laughing
  3. ImPerts
    ImPerts 5 December 2017 07: 33
    It’s high time for Matserevich / Macherevich to single out his country, but what’s the country? He needs his own universe, wherever he generates all this.
    Z.Y. Yes, and around the perimeter, only haloperidol instead of weapons.
  4. krops777
    krops777 5 December 2017 07: 35
    Poland defeated “Russian militarism”: Minister Matserevich says

    Apples however, verbal diarrhea continues. wink
    BLADFROST 5 December 2017 07: 35
    What is victory then ?! And the fact that your country is under the gun of tactical nuclear weapons because of the deployment of missile defense ?! And this schizophrenic takes on the fate of ordinary Poles, who do not want to die at all for the glory of American capital! Change of idiots for centuries!
  6. Dr. Barmaley
    Dr. Barmaley 5 December 2017 07: 36
    In an interview with wР, Minister Anthony Matserevich declared victory over “Russian militarism”

  7. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 5 December 2017 07: 37
    The pan has just the strongest inferiority complex, like the whole gentry. There is no Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth speech, they know this, and they are blinded by this, wretched.
  8. Colonel
    Colonel 5 December 2017 07: 42
    Does "Russian militarism" know that he was defeated? Tired of reading the pearls of this schizoid. Maybe well it on .....?
  9. Kleber
    Kleber 5 December 2017 07: 43
    the minister admitted that for a couple of years or even five years, Poland would not be able to create an army that could independently confront Russia. However, American and NATO forces certainly help to prevent an attack by the Russians..

    American troops there are solving the demographic problem in Poland, and they simply do not believe in the attack of the Russian troops.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 December 2017 07: 46
    Poland came to a historic victory: Putin's "militarism" was defeated.
    Well, I want to inadequate man at least in words to defeat Putin (Russia), what can you do about it. Obviously, after such statements he experiences a "sense of deep satisfaction." When in the head instead of brains obsessive Russophobia medications do not help.
  11. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 5 December 2017 07: 47
    Putin's "militarism" is defeated.
    and the Hong Kong flu and the green men from Alpha Centauri are defeated!
    Aw! Orderlies!
  12. Stegosaurus Brontosaurus
    Stegosaurus Brontosaurus 5 December 2017 07: 50
    ... American troops on the Russian border ...

    Is this our defeat? This is the defeat of the West and Poland as well.
  13. Masya masya
    Masya masya 5 December 2017 07: 53
    We transformed the biggest threat that looms over Poland into a historic victory, ”concluded Matserevich.

    If there are no victories, then you just need to come up with them! lol
    So personally, with a saber, he “defeated” Putin! laughing
  14. Black_PR
    Black_PR 5 December 2017 07: 54
    Here is another good example of idiocy! Such, apparently, somewhere in the nursery bred, and then delivered to places to stink.
  15. pvv113
    pvv113 5 December 2017 07: 58
    pan Matserevich has already declared himself not only a complete winner, but a political rival, at least able to confront Putin

    In which chamber do we have Napoleons?
  16. rocket757
    rocket757 5 December 2017 08: 07
    The ministers of the neighboring country have a late fall aggravation ... however, for one it is all seasonal, the second seems to have just become infected from the first. If the first thinks he is a great strategist, the winner (the Napoleon complex), the other imagines himself to be an angel, probably there is such a complex ... he will turn to psychiatrists. they will describe everything !!!
  17. asiat_61
    asiat_61 5 December 2017 08: 08
    I read komenty Poles, natural woodpeckers. The idea of ​​Poland from mozh to mozh is the same as Ukraine on a mustache.
  18. Playerman
    Playerman 5 December 2017 08: 12
    Enchanting d .............. b! There are no words, the psheks are all sick and everyone will be sick
  19. Herculesic
    Herculesic 5 December 2017 08: 19
    Poland wants to dominate Europe, for this it is necessary to “overthrow” Germany. It is realistically to do this in only one way - a lie about how strong Poland is, how it is “in one fell swoop seven murders!” In short, although in the information field of Poland, but Poles have already defeated all enemies for centuries to come!
  20. jetfors_84
    jetfors_84 5 December 2017 08: 20
    It’s on the computer that he probably played enough in the Conflict of Nations strategy. And in general, he has long lived somewhere in a parallel life.
  21. private person
    private person 5 December 2017 08: 23
    In one, this stupid man is right, the NATO forces came close to the border of the Russian Federation. But it doesn’t go over, although it gets on your nerves and requires decisive opposition.
  22. shura7782
    shura7782 5 December 2017 08: 33
    Matserevich's findings
    You won’t praise yourself, then you go around all day like a spat.
  23. Moor
    Moor 5 December 2017 08: 47
    When the representatives of Poland solemnly broadcast from the high stands about their victories, for some reason I immediately remember the words that are attributed to Wilhelm Keitel. Allegedly, when he saw people in French military uniform among those present at the ceremony of signing the act of unconditional surrender of fascist Germany, he could not help but be surprised and asked: “How ?! And did these also defeat us? ” About the same attitude I personally have towards the victories of the Polish state, whose achievements are reduced mainly to successful ... surrender. Hitlerite Germany, then to the Soviet Union, then (as a member of the Warsaw Pact bloc) to the NATO bloc. Of course, all this gives rise to a wild inferiority complex among Polish politicians. But (again, my personal opinion) people with mental problems are usually kept away from weapons, and not appointed to the post of Minister of Defense.
  24. Dimmih
    Dimmih 5 December 2017 09: 00
    Pan Matserevich knows a lot about hard drugs ....
  25. faiver
    faiver 5 December 2017 09: 01
    Does this clown know that his circus has long left? laughing
  26. Fkjydjckfrgh
    Fkjydjckfrgh 5 December 2017 09: 23
    Finally! Maybe even now calm down? And let the Baltic states say that
    Poland defeated "Russian militarism."
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 5 December 2017 10: 14
      But this is really a plus, and even from their yapping and squealing in your ears, the ringing is worth it!
  27. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 December 2017 09: 52
    We converted the biggest threat that looms over Poland into a historic victory, ”summarized Matserevich.

    ... he needs to throw more inflatable balls into the sandbox, apparently the old ones are all in rags ... laughing
  28. 1536
    1536 5 December 2017 10: 20
    And what was the “wrong" said the Polish minister? NATO troops are at the western borders of Russia, Ukraine is occupied by the same NATO troops and are under the full control of the United States. (If it weren’t for the people of Crimea who didn’t want to live under the Nazis, today they wouldn’t know what to do with the Black Sea Fleet.) And this list can be continued. The rest is generally the matter of the Poles, whom they were going to defend there. They have German territories under control. You can understand.
    In principle, there is nothing terribly offensive in the words of the Pole, and the minister would have to answer like this:
    “This is exactly what we wanted, because nobody is going to feed Ukraine, as it has been done for centuries, and the NATO troops standing on the borders of Russia only protected it from the penetration of the starving“ one-shot ”peoples of the former USSR. So, Thank you Poles for supporting us in difficult times. "
  29. pepel
    pepel 5 December 2017 10: 41
    This pan has one gyrus, and one below the waist. wassat
  30. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 5 December 2017 10: 57
    Since the 17th century, Russia has mercilessly beat the Poles, then at least a virtual victory amuses Polish ambition and pride.
  31. bondxnumx
    bondxnumx 5 December 2017 15: 51
    Such statements must be hemmed into the history of the disease, so that the diagnosis and teaching of psychiatry students is more correct)))))))
    SASHA OLD 5 December 2017 15: 56
    This pan is seriously and hopelessly ill
  33. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 5 December 2017 21: 20
    Bullshit! I’m sorry, not a silver-mare, but a Polish one and not a mare, but a mongrel.