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Andrei Fursov: On the ruins of the familiar world

Andrei Fursov: On the ruins of the familiar world

People love to live in comfort not only materially, but also emotionally and intellectually - in the world of habitual images, concepts, schemes. Especially this love is intensified in crisis, turning ages, performing the function of psychological protection from the inevitability of a strange and sometimes scary world. However, laziness, a naivety of a special kind (the one described by N. Korzhavin in a famous poem), simply the inability to keep up with the changes, contribute to this. I don’t even speak about class limitations of understanding and even adequate perception of reality, and this applies primarily and mainly not to the lower ranks, but to the top: there are problems, phenomena and processes that a certain definite (and definite) consciousness cannot perceive or adequately, either at all.

This inability of the ruling stratum as a whole (but not of individuals who in a similar situation turn out to be something like Cassandra) is rapidly increasing when the system enters the phase of decline. As noted by O. Markeev, “the ability of the system for proactive reflection is correlated with the phase of development. With the degeneration of the system, the ability to "hear" catastrophically decreases. " Here you need to make three additions: 1) not only to hear, but to see and understand; 2) we are talking about the conscious ability (or positive inability) of the upper, and not about some kind of deviation; 3) as for the lower classes and even the middle layers, they just demonstrate a proactive reflection of the catastrophe, but at an unconscious and mass-behavioral level, primarily in the form of various forms of deviance. This is the fashion for the occult, and the increase in crime and - especially - the increase in the number of suicides, in particular, among young people (there are intriguing parallels between the spread of "clubs" of suicides in Russia in the early twentieth century and the network communities of suicides in modern Russia).

At the same time, the tops always strive to impose on the population their own picture of the world or even replace it with the production of a zomboyaschik. And it turns out: blind guides of the blind, the vicious circle of deception and self-deception closes. But it is precisely the times of crisis that present unprecedented opportunities for an adequate - as-it-is-in-fact-understanding of reality, the discovery of the secrets of the systems and secrets of the "koscheevoy death" of their masters. N. Mandelstam said remarkably about this: “During the period of ferment and disintegration, the meaning of the recent past suddenly becomes clear, because there is still no indifference of the future, but the argument of yesterday has already collapsed and the lie is very different from the truth. It is necessary to sum up when the epoch, ripening in the depths of the past and having no future, is completely exhausted, and the new has not yet begun. This moment is almost always missed, and people go to the future without realizing the past. ”

Life in the present in accordance with the picture of reality of yesterday is not a harmless thing: instead of fighting with the present, people fight with skeletons and dragons of the past, skipping blows and shots from the future. Fighting with the masters of the outgoing era, their privileges and symbols, not noticing how the owners of the future climb up on their backs to the cries of freedom, equality and human rights, new zaverbetniki, which they will have to carry as a tricky old man ("the fifth journey" ). That is why it is important to understand how the world works and what old labels hide. For example, we are told “the West” - and we repeat out of habit, but in fact it is no longer there - Post-West is there. We are told about the Christian civilization of the West, and it is practically no longer there - in its place is post-Christian society. We are told about the bright future of the world middle stratum (“class”), that in the global world the poor will increasingly join its ranks, and in fact the middle stratum shrinks even in Post-West. Moreover, if it grows beyond the post-Western borders (China, India, Brazil, etc.), it threatens with a planetary raw material catastrophe, world hunger and global “migration of peoples” (“invasion of non-barbarian”), especially since the terms are suitable: great relocations occur about once every 800 – 900 years.

Wherever you look: the state, politics, civil society - all this is almost nature morte, "dead nature." At best, painted on canvas to present a fake hearth with the present, and with the canvas to cover the secret door to the future, where the owners of the world game most of humanity, including us in the first place, are not going to let Russians. Because they need our resources, our territory is as clean as possible from the population, because historically we have proved that the Russians are the only ones in the world who can successfully resist the West, beat it and create alternative forms of the European (but not Western and not capitalist) modern (Modern) civilization. Our real Modernity was systemic anti-capitalism, as embodied in the USSR. It is for these reasons that industry, science, education, and health care have been crumbling for a quarter of a century now - under restrained and optimistic reports about certain achievements. This is reminiscent of the Strugatsky situation on the “Snail on the Hillside”: entire villages collapse under the ground, and the media serves it as another “accomplishment” and “obsession.”

Another example: globalization is presented to us as a supposedly objective process, which supposedly has no alternative, confusing (partly consciously, partly due to dullness) globalization with integration and internationalization. More precisely, the alternative seems to be as it is, but inside globalization itself is slower and more equitable, and the BRICS countries are expected to become its creators. And although the enthusiasm about globalization has diminished, other simpletons are still caught up in its not-harmless “avatars” like “sustainable development”.

In addition to conscious and “semi-conscious” distortions of reality, there are also those that are connected with the fact that our attention is mostly focused on a certain space (to the detriment of others) and limited to a certain time - in the short-term, today. This is understandable and in some respects natural, but the consequences of such selectivity are often catastrophic, especially in the medium and long term. I mean the following. Without looking up, we are watching what is happening in the world, in big politics, concentrating in the West, first of all - on the USA: the presidential election, what Trump said, what stirs Hillary, etc. Of course, crises and wars: Syria, Catalonia, Venezuela and much more. However, with all the importance of these events - this is what is on the surface, short-event. There are less noticeable processes, the consequences of which unfold for a long time, but when they unfold, they often create such situations, generate such crises that change, or simply break the course. stories. Today, these processes unfold in the periphery of the West, the nucleus of the capsystem, that is, the “developed world”, in the world of slums, and notice them, as a rule, only when they are in full growth, stand at the threshold in the form of a multimillion-dollar army of barbarians. And when the day D and the hour H come, when the Bells of History are ringing, it turns out that what people lived and were interested in, what seemed to them a Big Policy, what they were followed as the main thing, the momentous one, is nothing more than a petty Big Game show, the main prize of which is being played somewhere far away, the small prize - against the background of tectonic shifts, which in the “life of mice running about” (AS Pushkin) were of little interest. Well, of course, it is more interesting - with whom Madonna is sleeping, what is the real state of Warren Buffett and whether Russian hackers have influenced the American elections. It seems present-future. Not. The future is Albanians in Rome, Arabs in Paris and Mexicans in Los Angeles. The future is the "Munich Sultanate", "Marseille vilayet". The future is “Notre Dame Mosque”. I will clarify: a possible future - if it does not happen in Europe, as M.O. Menshikov, "some change of energies."

Something like a rehearsal or, more precisely, a recollection of the future was the migration crisis in Europe, but it passed and they didn’t forget it - they tried to get it out of my head. However, the problem has not gone away, the demographic cauldron outside the racially and demographically dilapidating Western world is seething. When it boils and tears off the lid, it does not seem like it: the explosion of the boiler will make a decisive contribution to the onset of the new Dark Ages and determine many features of the new post-catastrophic (for many - post-apocalyptic) world. Well, in the meantime, all these matters in the world South are perceived as a near moderately disturbing background of European (North Atlantic) life - as a barbaric world (Pax Barbaricum) during the late Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. But you have to remember how it ended in the case of Rome.

Since the end of II. AD barbarians were a constant external background, and then a factor in the life of the Roman Empire. In 113 – 101 BC. Republic waged war with the Cimbri and Teutons. In 102 and 101 Guy Mari inflicted defeat on the enemy in the battles of the Akvits of Sekstiyevs and Vertsel, on which the war ended. At that time, the numerical ratio of Rome and the barbarians, the Roman army and the barbarians was about the same. For several centuries, while Rome lived its life, it went from crisis to stabilization and from stabilization to another crisis, the number of barbarians settling along the perimeter of the Roman borders increased significantly, their military threat multiplied by their demographic potential. In addition, and Rome from the III. weakened, ceasing to be Rome, decaying inwardly, losing their values ​​and barbarizing - fashion for Eastern cults, barbaric clothing, the desire of the elite for hedonism, disintegration of the lower classes, etc.

In other words, over the course of several centuries, along with the Empire, a demographic rampage grew, which, as soon as it weakened, fell upon it and crushed it. And although the finale of contrition stretched out for almost a hundred years, the fact remains: the barbarians infiltrating the empire and settled in it supported an external onslaught, and came out according to Toynbee: a combined strike of the inner and outer proletariat — and the final. But this blow demographically matured and prepared for three centuries, being the external outline of the struggle of the Roman elite for power and property. And next to it there was a ticking time bomb, on which and for the long-term consequences of the ticking of which little proper attention was paid: the barbarians were somewhere out there, behind the Lemes.

Today, the world situation is partly reminiscent of the late Roman Empire. With all the superficiality of historical analogies, despite the fact that the modern world is immeasurably more complex than the world of 1,500 years ago, now we also have an empire (Post-West), also overripe and not only gradually losing hegemony, but also plunging into decline: the economic crisis, the erosion of the middle layer, intellectually -will degradation of the elite and the population as a whole, the crisis of the family and the loss of traditional values, de-Christianization, the erection of sexual perversions and childlessness to the norm, the actual rejection of work ethics in favor of the hedon ism, consumption and much more, due to which the formation of the West as such as a civilization took place. The sociocultural and volitional immunity of the West is rapidly undermined, as was demonstrated, for example, in a number of European countries during the migration crisis. Then the European men were unable to protect their women and children - condition sine qua non normal existence of the population - from alien migrants, despite the fact that the latter are still in the minority. But the protection of females and cubs by males is the basis of the existence / survival of the population. I’m not even talking about the case when a rape in a zoo in Germany by a Syrian migrant is threatened with a violent perpetrator by a much longer term than if he had raped a woman or a child.

The current confrontation in Europe of white Europeans and strangers is fundamentally different in nature than the confrontation of the Romans and barbarians and is aggravated by a number of circumstances, the totality of which, in fact, almost does not leave white Europeans any chance; in a certain sense, they can be said the same as Cicero said about the murdered Catiline and his associates: vixerunt (“lived”, “outlived”). Figuratively on this occasion, S. Helemendik put it: “Our well-fed European brothers ... have already ended their existence in history, they are no longer there. While they are sitting in their banks and they consider crispy pieces of paper, Albanians, slowed down from centuries-old cave incest, have seized their streets ... Our plump European friends ... do not understand yet what happened. And they don’t understand at all that what has happened does not have any democratic or at least peaceful solutions ... That's it, that's the promised decline of Europe. ” To the Well of History, I will add.

One of the main current circumstances is that although the Romans and barbarians were representatives of different ethnic groups, they both belonged to the same race and were pagans in religious terms: even in the 4th – 5th centuries. the Christianization of Rome was far from complete. The current Europeans are different from migrants who have already turned into an “internal proletariat” (and not in the capitalist, but in the Roman sense of the term: those who often do not work at all, but parasitize on the state, demanding bread and circuses, and actively proliferate) not only ethnically, but also racially, class and socio-culturally (religion). In other words, a relatively well-organized tolerant (that is, deprived of the will to resist) a white European, often middle-aged or elderly, is opposed by young aggressive Arabs and Africans, the vast majority of whom are Muslims. Most of them are not going to integrate into the dying post-Western system, but tend to bend it under themselves, either by parasitizing it or turning it into an object of criminal actions.

Already 6 – 8% of the alien population, and young, poor, aggressive, confident in the values ​​of their religion, and consequently, in their cultural and historical rightness, which is “opposed” by the elderly, well-fed, who have lost their faith, are tolerant (I repeat: and resistance to foreign and alien) Europeans are a serious problem that changes the fabric, the interior of European society. Apparently, 15 – 20% is enough for the balance to change drastically and irrevocably. And this percentage - no doubt - will be reached. As one Palestinian leader stated, Arabs have weapon abruptly atomic bomb - the womb of an Arab woman.

The demographic boiler of the South is heating up rapidly: in ancient times, the near-Roman barbarians rocked for more than four centuries, the current one will be less than a hundred, and most likely several decades. We, I repeat, observe the boiling foam of the cauldron, but what is hidden under it will play a decisive role. Who is not blind, he sees: by the middle of the XXI century. more than half of the world's population (if these estimates are correct, then 4,5 billion from 8) will live in China, India and Africa. Not only to feed, but ecologically restrain such a mass, these regions will not be able to, and the human avalanche will rush to where it is clean and light and where men live, unable to protect even themselves, let alone the weak of this world. Welcome to the new era of migration! A little bit more, and the situation in Europe can be described in the lines of the Block:

... ferocious gunn
In the pockets of corpses will fumble,
Burn the city, and drive the herd into the church,
And fry the meat of white brothers! ..

The very well-fed European brothers whom S. Helemendik wrote about. To those who are inclined to perceive all this as excessive alarmism, I will answer: it is better to worry about five minutes than to be dead, outcast, or a slave of others for the rest of your life.

At the very beginning of the V century. AD Sidonius Apollinaris, a distinguished Roman, wrote to his friend about how well and quietly he could sit in his villa by the pool, watching the dragonfly freeze over the water. “We live in a wonderful time,” he concluded. A few years later (in 410), Alarich plundered Rome, and the gates of the “internal proletarians” opened to him. The best remedy against “Sidonia Apollinaria syndrome” is the principle “who is warned is armed”, and the best way to be warned is information that has been turned into knowledge and understanding. In this regard, it makes sense to take a closer look at the zone from which trouble can come, and find out what thunderstorms are going beyond the Black Mountains, what smoke is rising because of the blue river, so as not to say later: "Trouble came from where they did not expect ".

That is why it is so important to talk about the real picture of the modern world, especially its shadow side, because the shadow has ceased to know its place. A little more - and it will fit Tolkien to quote: “The Veil of Darkness rises over the world.” The shadow side of the modern world is the dying, and therefore increasingly criminalized, “capitalism-financialism”; these are closed structures - from the top (clubs, lodges, commissions, special services) to the bottom (mafia, camorra, ndranget, triad, yakuza, etc.); these structures are in fact quite similar, Trismegistus said: what is above and below. And the links between them are very, very close, uniting them in the Shadow World, covering an increasing part of the planet. Global economy - criminal economy; under the conditions of lack of liquidity, almost half of the world banks exist, lending drug traffic. Finally, there is a vast world of underdeveloped countries - the world of social hell, grief, death, social hell (literally and figuratively, the pekel world), the world of global slums, from which for several reasons some regions of several countries, primarily China and India, managed to escape. . However, the greater their economic achievements, the more acute social problems that most likely cannot be solved not only economically, but, perhaps, even socially therapeutically - only surgically. From this world on the side of a picnic of developed countries that are inertia, although they enjoy life less and less (why don’t they remember the sura of the Koran: “Let them enjoy now, then they will know”), we will start the conversation from Africa, India and China. More precisely: from China, India and Africa.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 5 December 2017 15: 29
    In each paragraph, everything is clearly laid out ...
    1. stas
      stas 5 December 2017 17: 06
      I want children and grandchildren to live in a social and fair Russia, without thieves and oligarchs.
      1. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 6 December 2017 05: 05
        Quote: stas
        I want children and grandchildren to live in a social and fair Russia, without thieves and oligarchs.

        Well, the AMF wrote about this: a good, right life without a fight is not possible.
      2. Rey_ka
        Rey_ka 6 December 2017 08: 24
        Do you believe in capitalism? At school, they kindly lucidly explained that this would not happen!
      3. Hlavaty
        Hlavaty 6 December 2017 15: 58
        Quote: stas
        I want children and grandchildren to live in a social and fair Russia, without thieves and oligarchs.

        Then it's time to think about what you can do for this.
    2. BAI
      BAI 5 December 2017 17: 58
      And what else can the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the Department of the History of Near and Middle East Studies at the Institute of Asian and African Countries of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, the director of the Center for Russian Studies at the Institute for Fundamental and Applied Research at Moscow University for the Humanities, the director of the Research Institute for Systems Strategic Analysis (ISAN), member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
      1. turbris
        turbris 5 December 2017 21: 58
        But all these titles do not personally set me up at all for the fact that the author needs unlimited faith and all that he sets forth the ultimate truth - in vain you wrote it all.
    3. GAF
      GAF 5 December 2017 18: 16
      Quote: parusnik
      In each paragraph, everything is clearly laid out ...

      Basically, two positions can be traced. Damage to cultures from obesity of the body and soul, and the related problem of the demography of the indigenous population. The state becomes a victim. Russia has traditionally had large families. The woman was engaged in household chores. As they grow up, children are connected to work, first to help their mother, and with age, to their father. Then urbanization - a business woman in trousers - is not for children ... Most Muslims, and now as a rule, usually have a woman who is engaged in a house, and there are many children. By half measures taken by the President, the situation with demography cannot be fundamentally corrected. ...?
      1. dSK
        dSK 6 December 2017 00: 52
        lost faith, tolerant (I repeat: deprived of will to independence and resistance to a stranger and an alien) Europeans
        When to the Russian question about how to translate "tolerance"in Russian, the European told him that it was" tolerance ", the Russian replied - it’s understandable, in the last century in Russia "home tolerance".
  2. Spook
    Spook 5 December 2017 15: 43
    I already unsubscribed in similar discussions - our Great and Terrible helped Europeans overheat the boiler and provoke a reaction of society in the form of fascism - this will slightly slow down the lowering of the middle class. In general, it’s probably on the side of us but globally, sometimes it seems to me that Russia is fighting for the whole world.
    1. stas
      stas 5 December 2017 17: 10
      Russia must first restore order in itself, and not deal with the whole world.
      Capitalist Russia is not the best example to follow, neither an efficient economy, nor decent pensions and salaries.
      Putin alone, or rather a lot of Putin, is also not good.
      Russia should be ruled by law and order, not Putin in manual control.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 5 December 2017 20: 09
        Russia should not once again save a hostile, alien Europe at the cost of the lives of its soldiers. Let them take care of themselves.
      2. Sverdlov
        Sverdlov 6 December 2017 00: 17
        Law and order in Russia has been poher. The codified CC, CC, CCP, CCP and others have long ceased to be the Law. They turned into some sacred texts arbitrarily interpreted by priests in robes at their discretion, for money or on the orders of superiors.
        Do not believe?
      3. Spook
        Spook 6 December 2017 10: 34
        Imagine, for example, that the Soviet Union would win not in a hot war, but in a cold one, what kind of peace it would be - it seems to me something like what is described in "Bull Hour", what will happen if the west wins, we already see.

        And it’s great that we joined the fight — it makes our society and them healthy. Putin is not an angel, but in the struggle, the antogonistic systems must change the internal structure, which is good.

        Therefore, the important thing is not an example, but a struggle.
    2. turbris
      turbris 5 December 2017 22: 13
      Yes, I think they themselves overheated this boiler - they began to live too well, and cannot go on like this for a long time, democracy usually always leads to dictatorship. After all, the Muslim population of Europe is unlikely to adhere to democratic values, if they take power - in many European countries they will forget about democracy for a long time. Russia has never lived as good as Europe, so we have not yet seen this overheating on the horizon. The main thing to remember is that if the West imposes sanctions, then we are doing everything right.
      1. Spook
        Spook 6 December 2017 10: 49
        A European boiler is such an expression, it has many meanings. I will offer you one of them))) the frog was lowered into the boiler and began to slowly heat up and it was cooked without even rocking. If you heat the cauldron with the frog quickly - it will twitch and "get nervous."

        My analogy is that they wanted to cook a frog and the Great Pu made it twitch for its own (terrible and terrible) purposes.

        And so the “melting pot” is a reference to the American migration policy.
  3. free
    free 5 December 2017 16: 54
    Interestingly, we are waiting for the continuation.
  4. antivirus
    antivirus 5 December 2017 16: 56
    According to one Palestinian leader, the Arabs have a weapon abruptly atomic bomb - the womb of an Arab woman.

    it was said approx 30 years ago
    still waiting and will be 100 years old
    I ask the Jews. and they defy ..
    defeating the Arabs is one. and living next to migrants from Africa and Asia mixed with Arabs is that?
    ready to merge and dissolve into a new community without Hebrew? speak Zulu
    to win the war for the territory of Israel is one, and to become the "Zulus" - the ruling ethnic group in Palestine is another.
    where are the rear?
  5. Hlavaty
    Hlavaty 5 December 2017 17: 23
    Well done Markeev, as it is famously said: "With the degeneration of the system, the ability to" hear "is dramatically reduced."
    1. turbris
      turbris 6 December 2017 10: 32
      So what's so smart? Always around representatives of power a circle of associates is formed, which gradually isolate power from the people and make it hear only what is beneficial to them. Therefore, any system is subject to such degeneration, and if the authorities cease to communicate with the people directly, then they crash over time.
      1. Hlavaty
        Hlavaty 6 December 2017 15: 56
        Quote: turbris
        So what's so smart? Always around representatives of power, a circle of associates is formed, which gradually isolate power from the people

        The clever thing here is that this principle is valid at all levels of society. Try to apply this statement not only to the authorities, but also to ordinary people. Read at least the comments on this site - how many people are here with a reduced ability to “hear”.
  6. moskowit
    moskowit 5 December 2017 17: 50
    Here, in principle, you need to cite the whole poem of the ingenious Poet and Seer Alexander Blok ... Oh, he very accurately described the future of our World and Europe in particular ..

    Zillions - you. We - the darkness and darkness and darkness.
    Try, fight with us!
    Yes, we are Scythians! Yes, Asians - we,
    With slanted and greedy eyes!

    For you - centuries, for us - a single hour.
    We are like obedient slaves
    Holding a shield between two hostile races
    Mongols and Europe!

    Century, century your old horn forged
    And drowned out thunder, avalanches,
    And a wild fairy tale was a failure for you
    And Lisbon, and Messina!

    You looked east for hundreds of years
    Digging and melting our pearls
    And you, mocking, counted only the term,
    When to train cannon vents!

    Here - the time has come. Wings are beating trouble
    And every day resentment multiplies,
    And the day will come - there will be no trace
    From your Paestums, maybe!

    Oh, the old world! Until you perish,
    While you languish with sweet flour,
    Stop, wise as Oedipus,
    Before the Sphinx with an ancient mystery!

    Russia - Sphinx. Rejoicing and mourning
    And bleeding black blood,
    She looks, looks, looks at you.
    And with hatred, and with love! ...

    Yes, to love as much as our blood loves,
    None of you have loved for a long time!

    Forgot you, that in the world there is love,
    Which burns and kills!

    We love everything - and the heat of cold numbers,
    And the gift of divine visions,
    Everything is clear to us - and a sharp Gallic meaning,
    And the gloomy German genius ...

    We remember everything - hell streets of Paris,
    And the Venetian coolness,
    Lemon groves are a distant fragrance,
    And Cologne smoky bulks ...

    We love flesh - and its taste, and color,
    And the stuffy, mortal flesh smell ...
    Guilty if we crack your skeleton
    In the heavy, gentle paws?

    We used to get used to the bridle
    Playing horses zealous,
    Breaking horses with heavy sacra
    And pacify the slaves of the obstinate ...

    Come to us! From the horrors of war
    Come in peace hugs!
    Before it's too late - the old sword in the sheath,
    Comrades! We will become - brothers!

    And if not - we have nothing to lose,
    And we are not above treachery!
    Century, centuries you will be curse
    Sick later offspring!

    We are wide in the wilds and forests
    Before Europe, prigozhey
    Let's part! We will turn to you
    His Asian mug!

    Go all, go to the Urals!
    We clear the place of battle
    Steel machines, where the integral breathes,
    With the Mongolian wild horde!

    But we ourselves are no longer a shield to you,
    From now on, we will not enter the battle ourselves,
    We'll see how the mortal battle is boiling,
    With his narrow eyes.

    We will not move when the ferocious Hun
    In the pockets of corpses will fumble,
    Burn the city, and drive the herd into the church,
    And fry white brothers meat! ...

    For the last time - come to your senses, old world!
    On the fraternal feast of work and peace,
    The last time for a bright fraternal feast
    Cries the barbaric lyre!
  7. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 5 December 2017 18: 50
    Dear Andrey! Written sensibly and in the case. And according to my feelings, things are like that in the world. Russia is also a part of the world, so world problems will not pass us by. Unfortunately, the authorities are not fully aware of these dangers.
  8. Loess
    Loess 5 December 2017 21: 34
    Strong article.
  9. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 6 December 2017 04: 58
    we will start the conversation - from Africa, India and China. More precisely: from China, India and Africa.
    To be continued? Fine!
    "Without ceasing, the crazy girl shouted: I see clearly, Troy fell to dust!"
    Yes, it is interesting to me, you, him, but this is “hellishly little” (maybe).
    If the Dictator appears (as the AMF says), then we will turn the mountains again. We will save the country and save the children, save for one and the world, for the umpteenth time. But .... "There are few real violent ones, and there are no important people." Nobody calls to rush into the Ordung, but more and more they urge to join the Ordung.
    1. White and fluffy
      White and fluffy 6 December 2017 06: 23
      Fursov, author of the article. In my opinion, people are not females and cubs but women and children. It is impossible to call animals to order and equally imagine a bright future!
  10. mac789
    mac789 6 December 2017 09: 43
    Funny ... Clever ... But slurred ... Drawn like a Brazilian series. And also reminds an interview with Yegor Gaidar. While one thought develops, another is interwoven into it, then the third, and while they are interwoven, the meaning of the first is already lost. In short it would be more polaconic ...