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Five militants killed in Ingushetia: powerful suicide belts found on two bodies

26 In Ingushetia, during the special operation, two terrorist attacks were prevented - two suicide bombers were in the car of the killed militants. This is reported by ITAR-TASS with reference to representatives of the Information Center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC).

The report says that the FSB and Interior Ministry forces around 20: 45 on the street in Nazran tried to stop and block the car in which the criminals moved. Those opened fire from machine guns, but as a result of the clash they were injured incompatible with life.

In the car were found the bodies of five militants. According to preliminary data, one of them is Salman Gardanov, 1989, who was born, an active member of the so-called "Nazran" gang. The identities of four more neutralized bandits are established.

The face of one of the bandits was covered with a special mask. On the bodies of two of them — men and women — the bomb technicians of the FSB of Russia found “suicide belts” set to be non-recoverable. According to experts, their total capacity is about 5 kilograms of TNT.

The special operation was carried out after the law enforcement agencies received information from the residents of the republic today: the underground plans to commit terrorist attacks by self-attack. Operational officers of the FSB of Russia established the routes of movement and the vehicle of suicide bombers.

The machine also found a Kalashnikov assault rifle and ammunition. There are no civilian casualties and no casualties among law enforcement officers.

The NAC noted that operational information about Gardanov’s involvement in the preparation and the killing of an officer of the UFSB of Russia for RI 30 in March of the current year is currently being checked. ”Then in Nazran, UFSB officer Ruslan Yandiev was killed as a result of a car crash.

In Dagestan, too, there was a battle, killed employee of the Internal Troops

Against this background, the more disturbing reports of the NAC come from the Sergokalinsky district of Dagestan. A group of militants is blocked there, three of them have been destroyed. An employee of the Interior Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation was also killed.

As part of the counter-terrorist operation regime, a forest area near the village of Kadirkent was blocked. During the ensuing armed clashes, three members of the gang were destroyed. Supposedly, they were part of the so-called "Sergokalinsky" gang headed by the Turkish mercenary "Muhannedom", known by the nickname "Sheikh Abdusalam".

"This gang has been involved in a number of terrorist crimes, attempted murders and killings of civilians and police officers," the NAC said.

Meanwhile, the NAC reported on the destruction of three more militants near the village of Kadirkent on Monday. They also belonged to the "Sergokalinsky" gang. The two killed militants identified - this is Rashid Gazaliyev, a native of Kazakhstan and his cousin Magomed Gazaliyev.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek April 4 2012 09: 39
    According to experts, their total capacity is about 5 kilograms of TNT.

    Well, they would have blown up on the spot and high with them.
    1. esaul
      esaul April 4 2012 09: 42
      Now in the Western media there will be sentimental and angry articles about "partisans waging a liberation struggle." Sometimes you read these articles and think - what a sterile cleanliness in the head of a Western man in the street! Whatever you want, then sell it to him! fool
      1. bistrov.
        bistrov. April 4 2012 10: 13
        Not only in Western media, for example in Ukraine there are also enough "idiots" who believe in this.
      2. Aviator
        Aviator April 4 2012 15: 11
        I agree, it is quite possible that in the West, they perceive such news with hostility and probably think that our special forces are not fighting terrorism, but are producing violence against the individual.
    2. domokl
      domokl April 4 2012 09: 48
      Not everything is reported to the press .. Specialists would not have climbed to such a charge .. Most likely there was a blast ... So no one knows why ... laughing
    3. vadimus
      vadimus April 4 2012 13: 18
      Worse than rats, honestly! We pressed, we will push and we will push ...
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 4 2012 13: 43
      Security forces in Dagestan and Ingushetia prevented a series of major attacks

      Two large special operations are unfolding in the south of Russia. In Dagestan, near the village of Kadirkent, for more than two days now they have been catching a bandit group that has taken refuge in the forest. Destroyed several militants, there are losses and the security forces. And in Ingushetia, during the night’s clash, five bandits were killed who were preparing a series of major terrorist attacks in the republic.

      The fact that a number of terrorist acts are planned on the territory of Ingushetia, local residents reported to special services. The bandits who traveled by car managed to quickly track down and establish their route.

      On one of the streets of Nazran, officers of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic tried to stop and block the car. Its passengers in response opened fire from automatic weapons. During the clash, all five attackers were destroyed.

      "The face of one of the neutralized bandits was covered with a special mask. On the bodies of two of them, a man and a woman, explosive devices of the FSB of Russia discovered improvised explosive devices, the so-called suicide belts installed for anti-handling. Their total capacity, according to experts, was about 5 kilograms. in TNT equivalent, "said Dmitry Pavlov, a representative of the Information Center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee.

      It is already known that one of the criminals was an active member of the so-called Nazran gang. The identities of others are established. Explosives and weapons destroyed on the spot.

      Another special operation has not stopped in Dagestan for more than two days. Security forces blocked a group of militants in the forest near the village of Kadirkent, Sergokalinsky district.

      On the eve of the three criminals were destroyed. They all belonged to the local bandit group - it is led by a Turkish mercenary, known as Sheikh Abdusalam. There are losses among law enforcement officials. In battle, one soldier of the internal troops was killed.
  2. Born in USSR
    Born in USSR April 4 2012 09: 40
    Good news! Recently, our specialists in the spring are actively destroying militants! The main thing is to do everything so that young people do not come to the place of the murdered bandits!
    1. Vanek
      Vanek April 4 2012 09: 43
      Born in 1989, active member of the so-called "Nazran" bandit group

      23 year.
    2. domokl
      domokl April 4 2012 09: 49
      At the moment, the majority of members of such gangs are just young people up to 30 years .. The more experienced have already understood how this ends, and the youth seem to be the smartest ....
      1. Ziksura
        Ziksura April 4 2012 10: 56
        Quote: domokl
        youth seems that they are the smartest ....

        This does not seem to be anything.
        Another 8 bandits. And more and more such messages. Smart people understand quickly, others slowly but with time they will understand. And those who do not understand, will replenish the statistics.
        The days of negotiations with liberal human rights defenders have passed. And thank God.
    3. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 April 4 2012 09: 51
      Yes, the percentage of terrorist acts brought to execution has fallen dramatically in recent years. Only here again the losses ... Real men die!
    4. older
      older April 4 2012 10: 09
      It is necessary to destroy it ... No prisoners and no ships ... Bandits must know, a shot in the direction of the security forces, death in any case ... Participation is a zone of years on 25 .. Then the fathers and grandfathers of these warriors will think ...
    5. Neighbor
      Neighbor April 4 2012 15: 48
      Quote: Born in the USSR
      The main thing is to do everything so that young people do not come to the place of the murdered bandits

      What is true is true. But how? Endlessly contain them and swell billions on them? Not an option! Develop production - create jobs, open vocational schools, technical schools - an option! Recently I watched the program just in this topic - jobs are being created - but LITTLE them anyway! Need more! What pleases them is that business begins to appear in them — that is, people take loans themselves, open workshops, factories, and workshops. They produce and sell - they slowly get to their feet in one word.
      In any case, it’s too early for us to relax! It is necessary to press such ............ without trial! For others to be discouraged. No wonder our troops are strengthening in the Caucasus region. Indeed, it is he - perhaps - the only focus of concern in the Russian Federation. And - they know this very well and understand it - and as soon as possible - they will add gasoline to smoldering coal.! am
  3. domokl
    domokl April 4 2012 09: 40
    Dog canine death, forgive me cute animals ...
    1. older
      older April 4 2012 10: 10
      Sasch, maybe we’ll use other animals better .. Type .. Rat rat death or there worms .. Dogs do not deserve comparison with this dung ... lol
  4. Tersky
    Tersky April 4 2012 09: 42
    Burn nits with hot iron .....
  5. YARY
    YARY April 4 2012 09: 44
    And I do not understand why the articles call this shit "militants" ???
    They are gangsters , and otherwise call them something folly,or intentionally giving them political coloring-that is work against Russia i.e. betrayal!
    1. Olegovich
      Olegovich April 4 2012 10: 06
      Indeed, the bandits. And the news would sound more logical, and actually correct.
  6. revnagan
    revnagan April 4 2012 10: 14
    I remember the reports of ORT in the 90s: "a group of militants was forced into the mountains ..." I was very surprised every time, why push out? To surround and destroy. and does not ask for the surname. So them!
  7. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 4 2012 10: 24
    Five pieces in the world has become less!
  8. Oleg0705
    Oleg0705 April 4 2012 11: 04
    For 24 hours, all the Ingredients were evicted by Stalin and Gorbachev returned now they are repressed people with gangs request
  9. taseka
    taseka April 4 2012 11: 05
    "On the bodies of two of them - a man and a woman - the explosives technicians of the FSB of Russia found" suicide belts "set for anti-handling."- once for non-recoverability, they dragged the car into a ravine and lifted into the air !!!
  10. 4DS
    4DS April 4 2012 12: 57
    Carelessly, we (the government, society, society) "lose" our youth, abandoned without looking at the mercy of all enterprising effective "managers" who get drunk and put on a needle some, while others are treated on religious topics. They manage to do this for the reason that the rabid capitalism imposed on our country, the worship of the golden calf and "universal laws" has divided all of us into individuals not united by anything. Someone needs all this, but not me and not you. Do not feel sorry for the bandits, sorry for the people who turned out to be a toy in someone's unkind hands.
    1. thatupac
      thatupac April 4 2012 13: 28
      You have a lot of words. But the matter is simple: they pay - it means they, the terrorists, will be. That's all. Like killers. Unfortunately. They need to be burned out, but like any weed under grateful soil, that is, money, it will grow inappropriately. Fact.
  11. Trudy
    Trudy April 4 2012 13: 26
    And to hell with them, suicide bombers. It was necessary to move away (so as not to splatter) and blow them up. What else to write about them?
    And who does not know that suicide bombers went from assassins, you can read here:

    Assassins - suicide bombers of the Middle Ages

    As the famous medieval traveler Marco Polo describes in his Book on the Diversity of the World, such reckless determination in the minds of students was achieved as follows. The young man, intoxicated by wine or hash (anasha) to an unconscious state, was transferred to a beautiful garden specially arranged according to the Eastern canons, where there were fountains of real milk, honey and wine. This garden was located in a protected valley surrounded on all sides by mountains, and no one could get into it from outsiders. In a wonderful garden young men were looked after, fed with exquisite dishes and hired "girls" bodily delighted. This went on for several days, but not long enough so that the young man did not have time to get fed up with the "miracle." And then, again through drinking and food, lulling the young man with a dope, he was transferred to Hassan Castle, where after awakening, the teacher announced that the young man, by the will of the "hidden imam", had visited this paradise, which is described in the Qur'an, and if he wants to get there after death, the teacher must obey everything. Then he will become a holy fidea, that is, sacrificing himself for the sake of Allah. To strengthen the faith, Hassan resorted to truly evil tricks. A narrow well was made in the floor. One of the young men stood in him so that only his head was visible above the floor. A dish of two halves was put on his neck. The impression of a severed head lying on a dish. For effect, blood was added to the dish. When the students were brought into the room, Hassan said: “You all knew this man. I revived his head so that he himself could tell everything. ” And the head described heavenly miracles. Then this young man was killed, and his head was put on display. The belief that only death in the service of Hassan opens the door to paradise was widespread among the people, and there was no shortage of people who wanted to serve him.
    Since Hassan imposed his subordinates among the children of the poor and commoners, who never had enough, such psychological treatment with constant drug supply with hash and opium unmistakably brought the result that Hassan wanted: young people turned into bio-robots who unquestioningly obey ibn Sabbah. Around 1092, Hassan decided to subjugate one of the cities closest to his fortress, staging a real massacre among the inhabitants there, but received a decisive rebuff. However, the test of human "material" was successful - stoned youths went into battle without the slightest fear and parted with no regrets. Since then, Ibn Sabbah decisively changed his tactics, he stopped using his feeds in open battles, and began to entrust them to kill only influential people - wealthy merchants, high-ranking officials, courtiers, directly threatening the Persian Shah himself. Moreover, Hassan soon spread his murderous acts to other countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and then Europe. Fidai Hassan became the real hunters for the highest representatives of power - the dukes and kings.
  12. suharev-52
    suharev-52 April 4 2012 21: 29
    It is necessary at the legislative level to ban the media from using the words: “action movie”, “fighter for faith” and the like. Bandits only destroy. Do not transfer bodies to relatives. Sincerely.
  13. ver_
    ver_ 26 May 2017 06: 53
    Quote: Aviator
    I agree, it is quite possible that in the West, they perceive such news with hostility and probably think that our special forces are not fighting terrorism, but are producing violence against the individual.

    ... you need to deal with these problems longer and thinner ..- the result will be better ...
  14. ver_
    ver_ 26 May 2017 07: 55
    Quote: suharev - 52
    It is necessary at the legislative level to ban the media from using the words: “action movie”, “fighter for faith” and the like. Bandits only destroy. Do not transfer bodies to relatives. Sincerely.

    ... and at home, burn relatives - if they have a clan system - the whole clan should respond ...