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Czech Defense Ministry intends to buy US ScanEagle UAV

The Czech Armed Forces have launched a large-scale drone procurement program. According to the portal, the Czech Ministry of Defense announced the purchase of American drones ScanEagle.

The plans of the Czech Defense Ministry to spend on military drones 1 billion CZK ($ 47 million). The first Czech military to receive intelligence drones ScanEagle. Delivery is scheduled for 2019 year, the contract amount is $ 9,3 million.

Czech Defense Ministry intends to buy US ScanEagle UAV

Czech soldiers are already familiar with ScanEagle, since they use the UAV-provided drones as part of the NATO's “Strong Support” mission in Afghanistan. In the future, the Czech Defense Ministry plans to purchase impact drones.

Drone ScanEagle is a joint development of Boeing and Insitu. The first prototype of ScanEagle took off in the 2002 year, and two years later was tested as part of US Marine Corps units that participated in the hostilities in Iraq. The drone was officially adopted by the American army in 2005 year and is intended for reconnaissance, observation of the battlefield and target designation, reports "Warspot"
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  1. Finches
    Finches 4 December 2017 12: 46
    To spy on the Slovaks ... on the hockey platform! laughing
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 4 December 2017 12: 50
    1 billion Czech crowns ($ 47 million)
    The Czechs may not need these drones, but NATO membership is obligatory, so they have to spend it.
  3. assa67
    assa67 4 December 2017 14: 38
    Quote: rotmistr60
    NATO membership is obligatory, therefore it is necessary to spend.

    is spent on outdated weapons, equipment, etc. .... what a good striped owner! .. but why do the chiam percussionists? are they really going to trample us on the natusik contingent? recourse where the world is heading ...