Military Review

Konstantin Semin: North Korean “Hwason” or a bouncer?

After a long silence, the DPRK launched another ballistic missile, which was a big surprise for the United States. "Hwaseon-15" is a fundamentally new missile. Such a statement was made in neighboring South Korea. In 1 an hour after launch, the rocket rose to an altitude of 4,5 thousands of kilometers, covering the distance in 1000 km. This means that it is capable of covering 9-11 thousand km along the ballistic trajectory.

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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 2 December 2017 12: 25
    North Koreans are trying to defend themselves against mattress democracy. Blaming them is stupid. There would have been no nuclear weapons at Russia, and American AUGs would have stood at our borders for a long time, and they would hit with cities with axes. Today, as yet, nuclear weapons are a deterrent that impedes the spread of mattress democracy and the Anglo-Saxon world order.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 3 December 2017 13: 06
      That's why I think the same thing that those who voted from Russia FOR the sanctions on S. Korea - S. DAKI (well, drowned). Such criticalism as “crushing” a country that only cares about its security and does not want to “sell the homeland” of TNCs is not to come up with. Indeed, in essence, Russia is just trying to get out of the oppression of the West and "strangle" the same, albeit smaller, "brother" - the state. There are no irrefutable reasons to strangle S. Korea. Yes, it is not necessary to help them create nuclear weapons and missiles, but there is no sense to refuse fair trade to EVERYTHING. Koreans want to buy oil or gas from us - pay and take it, want to sell us some ore (which we would like to buy) - take the money and ship it, the same Trans-Korean railway is generally a dream for Russia, especially if it is made to Russian standard and thereby transplant Yu.Korey gradually onto our rut !! good There is no question about "Americans scolding, so let's give someone we hand something to," no, I'm talking about - Americans are so fools that they quarreled with S. Korea and left their markets, so who is "now they have a doctorate?" we will take their place and earn money for ourselves and the Koreans. tongue
  2. shura7782
    shura7782 2 December 2017 15: 12
    Eun well done, takes out his trump cards starting from the small map on an increasing basis. I am sure that the next launch will be more effective. At what launch will the Americans begin to respond? If at all begin.
  3. antivirus
    antivirus 2 December 2017 19: 36
    countries are divided into: that make their missiles and ... that take other people's warheads on their land.