Military Review

Syria military situation: Americans pack their bags

Amid the advancement of the Syrian army in the city of Ar-Raqqa, which is currently under the control of Kurdish democratic forces, the American command announced the withdrawal of the US Marine corps battalion from Syria. It includes up to 400 fighters and 20 heavy M777 howitzers. The marines took part in the liberation of Raqqah, supporting the armed forces of the Kurds.


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  1. thinker
    thinker 2 December 2017 11: 36 New
    The Marines took part in the liberation of Raqqa ...

    It will be right - they took part in the five-month destruction of Raqqa.
  2. Leonidovich
    Leonidovich 2 December 2017 11: 37 New
    Yankees go home!
  3. RusArmy235
    RusArmy235 2 December 2017 12: 02 New
    It is time for these uninvited and crap cowboys to blame faster from Syria, their “husbands” have already been waiting for them on Brokeback Mountain! laughing
  4. Anatoly Kolesnikov
    Anatoly Kolesnikov 7 December 2017 18: 49 New
    If this is not fake, it's nice to read.
  5. zibo1668
    zibo1668 8 December 2017 02: 56 New
    It seems to me that America’s main problem is that it is trying to establish its own rules in those countries about which it knows absolutely nothing.