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The return of Europe

Europe is beginning to seek a way out of the sanction deadlock. About it says Yanglan, it is supported by Merkel. The main German “mother”, who does not want to leave the political Olympus, now begins the “second bloom” of the Grand Coalition. The CDU / CSU and the SPD, faced with the prospect of early elections, nevertheless reconciled their pride and went into negotiations. The SPD, already in the last convocation of the Bundestag, advocated improving relations with Moscow, and the coalition with the FDP and the Greens failed largely due to the obstruction of the latter regarding Nord Stream - 2 and the overly liberal-globalist program of free democrats. If the Big Coalition is restored, its course will be much more favorable for Russia than in previous years.

The return of Europe

Even the Poles have already warned the Ukrainians that a foreign political reversal is brewing in the EU and hypocritically noted that Warsaw cannot do anything to help Kiev. In fact, he does not want: Poles have their own apples more expensive than supporting Bandera killers, who in the Crimea and Donbas ethnic cleansing of the Russians only wanted a story, and cut down the Poles in Volyn and Galicia by the roots. And it is so reliable that in the “Polish city of Lviv” there are less Poles left than Jews (even though the last Galicians, along with the Germans, were also slaughtered inspiredly).

Only a year and a half ago, Czech President Miloš Zeman, who spoke for the lifting of sanctions and forging relations with Russia, was called a political marginal in the EU and Ukraine, which had no serious powers. Today, he is the guru of Euro-Russian relations - Deng Xiaoping of European Eastern politics, about which De Welt writes about the need to revise, explaining to his readers that the cold war and power confrontation are bad, and constructive relations with Moscow based on the recognition of Russian status Crimea is good.

On the Ukrainian side, it looks different. They do not understand here why “we have a ticket with you from“ Love ”station to“ Separation ”station, we have a ticket with you. They do not want to believe in the European betrayal of the ideals of Maidan, but they have to. And then they start to scare Europeans with their resentment.

It looks funny. But in fact, everything is not so funny as it seems, but it may end up completely tragic. And all this goes.

It would seem that “the hour has finally come”, when the newly established Europe turned away from Ukraine. It remains to wait for the Bandera regime to fall, “the dungeons will collapse” and “everything will be like in the presence of grandmother” (Catherine), when the last hetmans of Chubat Cossacks were not for fear, but served conscientiously for Russia and couldn’t think that their “glorious great-grandfathers Great Great-Grandchildren Unclean ”will become not only not Russian, but anti-Russian.

But the regime that came to power on blood, held on blood, eaten on blood and drank blood, will not leave without bloodshed. All of its leaders, all its activists, and even the mass of ordinary inhabitants are smeared with blood over their ears. Moreover, if earlier it was possible to simply go to the service of the new government, pretending that it was not involved in anything and was not involved in anything, now the “Internet” keeps all the revelations about the “May shashlyk” and “Colorado females” all promises to level with the ground, to destroy, all the advice: “suitcase, railway station, Russia”, etc. Now you can’t say: “I didn’t know, I was truly mistaken.” Now you will not cry in a hysterical fit of imitated joy: “I was waiting for you, Vova!”

Now the monstrous face of the Maidan "culture", the former "Right Sector poetess", the bearer of advanced European values ​​in the lost cotton masses, Yevgenia Bilchenko, "saw the light" and went to Russia to put up, but returned offended and not understood. Her offers to forget everything and live together as before, did not interest anyone. The girl was offered to pay and repent, pay and repent, then they promised to think about an amnesty (but after the trial).

So this exalted scarecrow really wanted to do it better, and did not call anyone to kill. On the contrary, she declared the need for dialogue and peaceful coexistence with people of different political views. Just because of her infantilism, the girl did not understand that it was impossible to make an armed coup (because the democratic way was not allowed by the authorities) and immediately return to a peaceful life, as if they did not burn the "Berkut", did not kill the policemen, did not beat the peaceful citizens, did not shoot their own "Heavenly" that waders in the hunting season.

What, then, to talk about those who are guilty? Who gave the orders, who created the battalions of criminals, who armed the Nazis, who shot at the cities of Donbass from large-caliber guns, whose planes bombed the Lugansk Regional State Administration, who marauded, raped, killed civilians, who violated military duty, changed the oath and the Constitution, and being in made with weapons in the hands against his own people, who tortured in the dungeons of the SBU, who burned in Odessa, who buried the "separatists" in the forest belts near Dnepropetrovsk, who organized and carried out the blockade of the Crimea. Yes, a lot more that was done during this time. And not tens and not hundreds of thousands - at least one and a half - two million, including the “journalists” of the leading publications and TV channels of the country, former presidents, acting oligarchs, pseudo oppositionists, and so on.

If they knew that Russia would be replaced by the Nazi regime, they would not be particularly worried. Moscow, often to its detriment, is committed to the spirit and letter of the law. Every wine must be proven. The retribution must be guilty, but the judgment determines guilt. Collective responsibility is not allowed. Can not be punished on the basis of the laws entered retroactively. Many conventions tie the hands of the rule of law and prevent it from applying the principle of justice instead of the principle of law.

But the “patriots” of Ukraine, who are now clearly and clearly seeing the “patriots”, understand that even if someone expels the Nazi radicals, who are just about to replace Poroshenko and plunge the remnants of the country into the era of fighting gangs, it will not be Russia, they will be people's republics. Not only Donetsk and Lugansk are not necessarily, there may be more of them, and maybe only Novorossia or Little Russia (or even Ukraine, but under other colors) may come. Only they come evil, not forgotten and not forgiven and not burdened by formal legal proceedings. They have only one view coincides with the Kiev regime. They also put a revolutionary need above legal formalities. And, by the way, they have very comfortable, not at all European, legislation. It provides for the death penalty. And to issue, if anything, you can backdating, who then check?

Of course, the Kiev leaders and their assistants had understood before that in the event of a defeat in a civil war, a quick death was not the worst outcome for them. Civil 1918-1920 of the years left in the memory of such samples of "humanity" of a small Ukrainian, which still freezes blood in his veins. But until recently, Kiev puppets felt under the reliable protection of Europe and the United States and did not believe that they would abandon them to their fate. The stories about the “American missiles near Bryansk” are not only impressionable Russian housewives and patriot watchmen driving crazy, Ukrainians also believed that they were needed by the Americans, if not as a showcase, then as a military base. But it turned out that they are not needed at all.

It was then that before the stumped, drunk and shed blood of the bandery, the prospect of meeting alive and to the teeth armed “Colorado” on the streets of their own capital and even of the “cultural” Lvov arose. And they felt cornered by a rat. And, as you know, a rat that can neither run nor capitulate beats to death. It doesn’t matter that it is rabies based on fear and spurred by despair.

Their spiritual father, Hitler, when he realized that he had lost, was trying to carry the entire German people with him to his grave. Their forerunners, Bandera, knowing that they had lost, slaughtered everyone in an impotent rage (teachers, doctors, representatives of the local administration, even ordinary Galicians who did not resist Soviet power) who they could reach out to.

But then there was no "Internet". Whoever wanted, could go abroad, someone moved to another region of the Union and began life from the beginning. Until the end, only the most ideological continued to kill. Now, "ideological" willy-nilly has to be everything. Dreaming to squeeze into first places in the "great European Ukrainian state," they all spoke and did enough. And nowhere to run. No one needs, because they can not do anything, but all the crimes are fixed and bills will be presented.

Therefore, they will kill to the end. Anyone who can. Especially those who are defenseless and at hand. And they don’t think about the future. They know that they have no future. Therefore, the “peaceful economic manager” Yekhanurov, who has been silent for many years, suddenly comes up with a more radical statement regarding Donbas than the radical gangster Avakov. The Buryat Yekhanurov born in Yakutia, who came to Ukraine after graduating from school, demanded all those who don’t love Ukraine enough either to deny civil rights or to drive them to the very Siberia from which Yekhanurov got out.

He didn’t just talk to the camera in The Hague for no reason. The instincts that escalated over the many years spent in Ukrainian politics suggest the “Ukrainian” and “patriot” Yekhanurov that those who do not want to be killed by the radicals should become more radical than the radicals and call for murder, but they will also need to kill.

So, the return of Europe to an adequate Eastern policy, of course, promises us a quick decline of Ukrainians, but sunset is extremely bloody.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 2 December 2017 06: 11
    Many conventions bind the hands of the rule of law and prevent it from applying the principle of justice instead of the principle of law.

    The dangerous formulation of Rostislav ... it was precisely on the basis of the principle of international law that the Anglo-Saxons bombed Libya, Iraq ... killed thousands and thousands of people around the world.
    Law, first of all, law should be based on the principle of justice ... only then will it be real law.
    And the principles of justice are as old as the world and beyond which the old biblical commandments are repeated ... don’t kill, do not steal, do not deceive, etc. it is an ideal that the whole world should strive for (of course, not only through violence, but above all by persuasion and propaganda) ...
    while mankind is far from this and God knows how much more time will pass until these simple truths reach the brains of those in power and ordinary citizens.
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 2 December 2017 06: 31
      Europe now represents some kind of monster with a dozen goals and a dozen f * c, and even on an incomprehensible leash with an absolutely insane "kind of like" master. How will she turn to Russia today ??? What is gutting ??? impossible to predict
      1. 210ox
        210ox 2 December 2017 06: 40
        There will not be any changes in relation to Russia in the next few years. This project, entitled "Russophobia" just will not close ...
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 2 December 2017 19: 02
        Quote: Chertt
        Europe now represents some kind of monster

        Hey. "Europe" they are different. It’s like in a communal apartment - they gathered in the kitchen, discussed who needed a wash and ran into rooms, each with its own way, its problems and its economic plans. And under the pressure of these regional requests, the EU is changing quietly, despite the increasing pressure of the "chairman of the house committee" - the United States.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 2 December 2017 11: 49
      Do not feed political scientists with bread - let them tell fortunes. Before deciding something, Europeans need to break free from American embrace. But this is not happening yet. winked
        MOSKVITYANIN 3 December 2017 22: 40
        Quote: siberalt
        Do not feed political scientists with bread - let them tell fortunes. Before deciding something, Europeans need to break free from American embrace. But this is not happening yet. winked

        Europeans themselves have never been, have always been in someone's arms, including in the arms of one of the Europeans .... You first offer them an alternative, maybe they will consider it ...
        1. Lexus
          Lexus 6 December 2017 19: 14
          Quote: MOSKVITYANIN

          Europeans themselves have never been, have always been in someone's arms, including in the arms of one of the Europeans .... You first offer them an alternative, maybe they will consider it ...

          What “this” can offer an alternative, given their current situation? request
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 December 2017 07: 15
    "Ukrainian" and "patriot" Yekhanurov
    Ishchenko, who is well versed in Ukrainian political cuisine, did not emphasize this for nothing. For some reason, the most “true Ukrainians” in power in this bedlam are people (it’s already difficult to call them by that word) completely unrelated to this nationality and Slavic roots. Today, Jews, Georgians, Armenians and the devil know who is feasting at the power table there. They do not care about the country for Ukraine, but they have learned to use for their own purposes those who are obsessed with Ukrainian nationalism. It is useless to negotiate with these.
    1. avt
      avt 2 December 2017 11: 07
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Ishchenko, who is well versed in Ukrainian political cuisine, did not emphasize this for nothing.

      Well, everyone there got into a fuss, that's right after the refusal of the next tranche. And not only in the direction indicated by Ishchenko, but .... multi-vector! bully Won how Misha Denisenko winds from a letter to the bishops' council until a subsequent rebuttal bully And why? Winter! Here in the hole and dangles ..... by the wind from different directions.
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 2 December 2017 18: 53
        Quote: avt
        And not only in the direction indicated by Ishchenko, but .... multi-vector!

        Hey. Your truth. It is multi-vector. Here is one of the vectors from Evgeny Chervonenko:
        1. Asthma
          Asthma 4 December 2017 17: 34
          poor thing crying , oh bad-bad Russia - unwashed. how could they take it like that and replace everything, we won’t even talk to us? without discussing everything ... I don’t know how you are, comrades, but I have no pity. Sorry. Suitcase, train station, but on foot erotic, as money for a ticket Nem ...
    2. Hlavaty
      Hlavaty 2 December 2017 16: 39
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Ischenko, well versed in Ukrainian political cuisine

      Honestly, Ishchenko has so many fantasies that I would not call him “perfectly versed”. The longer he lives in Russia, the less he understands what is happening in Ukraine.
      This, in principle, applies to all Ukrainian leaders who fell after the Maidan. When you read their articles, forecasts and appeals, you simply see that they do not feel what is happening in Ukraine.
      And Ishchenko has already so many times got into a puddle with his predictions of the imminent collapse of Ukraine, that I have already stopped reading his “forecasts” and “analyzes”.
      1. Antares
        Antares 2 December 2017 22: 41
        Quote: Hlavaty
        , Ishchenko has so many fantasies that I would not call him "well-versed". The longer he lives in Russia, the less he understands what is happening in Ukraine.

        work like that. Will cease to "understand" - will lose financing.
        Now the "Ukrainian landing" working in the Russian Federation has standard articles calling #SOON with a completely Russian tinge — to lie on the stove and do nothing in the Ukrainian direction — they say everything will resolve itself.
        1. Hlavaty
          Hlavaty 3 December 2017 19: 09
          Quote: Antares
          Now the "Ukrainian landing" working in the Russian Federation has standard articles calling # SOON soon with a completely Russian tinge — to lie on the stove and do nothing in the Ukrainian direction — they say everything will resolve itself.

          Very accurately noticed.
          And even more puff out cheeks to look before the Kremlin the most “worthy” candidate for Ukrainian rulers. It looks especially funny in the performance of accomplices of Yanukovych, who first asked .. they looked for the country, and now they tell everyone from Moscow what to do.
  3. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 2 December 2017 07: 30
    Author’s fantasies. When the time comes to vote for the extension of sanctions, then again 101% will be “For”.
  4. solzh
    solzh 2 December 2017 08: 10
    Europe's return to adequate eastern politics

    I strongly doubt that in the near future, the policy of Europe towards Russia will change and Russophobic rhetoric will cease to exist.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 2 December 2017 08: 42
    foreign policy reversal brewing in EU
    ... if Fashington gives a command ...
  6. Sofa General
    Sofa General 2 December 2017 10: 38
    The author either does not understand at all how “big politics” is made or the rosy-cheeked (in the good sense of the word) idealist pioneer.
    Regardless of whether Europe will turn to Russia or not, the sanctions will be lifted or not, grandmother Merkal with Dimulka Medvedev (or Putin) will kiss on the gums or not - the hemorrhoids thrown onto the Russian threshold in the form of Bandera Ukraine will be left as they are. They will throw money along the line of intelligence, not to the country, but to individuals, they will continue, as much as possible, to keep these inadequate in power. They will block their visas and speak behind the scenes, saying that this is because of Russia.
    Because when a neighbor has something to do, he will pay less attention to something else.
    So far, in Ukraine, Bandera-Russia will have to keep enough forces (the army in the first place) at the border. And this will again allow yelling about "Russian aggression." bring more tanks from the USA, a couple of dozens of new aircraft will arrive, etc.
    There can only be one way out for Russia - to break up Ukraine into Republics, and collect a buffer state from them. It may even be included in Russia, but this is in the future.
    In another way.
    1. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 2 December 2017 12: 40
      Haha they are part of Russia?!?!?! Again, nowhere to put the money?
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 2 December 2017 19: 09
      Quote: Sofa General collect from them a buffer state. Perhaps even included in Russia...

      The main question is - will the Russians want this? Refining the former Ukraine from dill, Natsik, Bandera is more expensive for itself, besides - who will do this and where to put this garbage (note - brought up in the spirit of hatred for us from pink nails)?
  7. vlad007
    vlad007 2 December 2017 11: 55
    The European Union is a community and Germany, with all the desire, cannot single-handedly lift the sanctions, because they are accepted collectively. This is the incomprehensibility of the position of the SPD - what do they offer?
    1. turbris
      turbris 5 December 2017 17: 23
      Ukraine is not quite what the West wanted, but it will be poor and poor to exist until someone finances a new Maidan. There are no prospects for improving relations between Ukraine and Russia in the next decade - there is too much hatred among the population, and blocked brains are not clearing up so quickly. Therefore, Russia should ensure in the near future peace in the Donbass and continue to isolate Ukraine in the international arena.
        MOSKVITYANIN 5 December 2017 20: 08
        As long as we have bad relations with Ukraine, the Russian Federation will not lend it ... thereby saving budget money ...
  8. Dobriy_chelvek
    Dobriy_chelvek 8 December 2017 09: 41
    Eh, what can I say, the people in Ukraine are frankly poor, however, when I hear about some mythical "Republics", it’s just funny, okay, figs with them, you can do them, there were Kharkov, Odessa, Kherson, but I don’t see something in the population’s desire for a mass exodus from Ukraine, and even more so for the mass organization of militias, people don’t need it there, on the contrary, after Yanyk there was such hatred for the Donetsk people, they were considered for their gopot, that's the result such a large number of draftees in the ATO zone. Let's not invent it, but let's see how the people's republics will fight without the indirect support of the RF Armed Forces.
    1. turbris
      turbris 8 December 2017 11: 15
      Of course - the expectation of the collapse of Ukraine is an empty lesson and all sorts of predictors are simply not up to date with the real situation. Ukraine, poorly and poorly, will continue to exist and it’s necessary to put up with it, the majority of the people believe that they are at war with Russia, the existing power rests on this.
  9. turbris
    turbris 8 December 2017 11: 10
    [quote = Sofa General] The author either does not understand at all how "big politics" is done or a rosy-cheeked (in the good sense of the word) idealist-pioneer. [/ quo
    That I do not like your smug tone, you understand our. You can discuss the article, and you start with the author, you yourself, what are you?