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Mikhail Delyagin: Our budget is a budget for a coup d'etat

Mikhail Delyagin: Our budget is a budget for a coup d'etat

The budget is the main financial document of any government. Its structure and the specifics of its execution speak of real priorities and intentions of the authorities, louder and more precisely, any official statements.

The execution of the federal budget in January-October 2017, produces a shock impression. To the accompaniment of statements about the lack of money and the apparent apparent increase in fiscal pressure on the economy from next year, the federal budget deficit in October 2017 amounted to only 0,9% of GDP. Moreover, for the past six months his condition is close to ideal: in August and September there was a surplus, and in May-July the deficit was completely insignificant (it did not exceed 0,5% of GDP). In January-October, the federal budget deficit amounted to only 0,4% of GDP, with annual projections of 2,1% of GDP.

Thus, the budget surplus for the first 10 months of the year amounted to more than 1,25 trillion rubles; target level exceeded by 10,2%.

As in previous years, these Russian taxpayer funds did not go to the needs of Russia, but were frozen in the federal budget. Unused balances on his accounts grew over 10 months on 2 trillion rubles. - up to more than 7,5 trillion (including in October, the growth amounted to 240,5 billion rubles; this increase, unlike in previous periods, was not withdrawn from the country and was not included in the Reserve Fund or the National Welfare Fund, which gives cautious hope).

Unfortunately, federal federal budget profits are not caused by economic recovery (recognizing official statistics after last year’s shake-up of its methodology means voluntarily abandoning one’s own mind), but traditional for liberal governments artificially lowering oil prices and other important parameters. The reason for this understatement is simple: justification in this way of reducing planned costs, blocking Russia's economic, social and technological development.

After all, modern liberals, who control the entire socio-economic policy of Russia, proceed from the fact that the state should not serve the people, but global monopolies, primarily speculative ones. Therefore, development is unacceptable: on the one hand, in case of success, competition may arise for the “masters of the world”, on the other hand, resources diverted to the country will no longer be resources of global speculators, which from their point of view is unacceptable mismanagement.

The policy of spending cuts at any cost is also included in the budget for 2018 − 2020: as seen in the table below, in 2020, real expenses (including inflation, according to the official forecast are 4% per annum) should be 9,7% lower than in 2017 .

At the same time, all aggregated expenditure items will be reduced in real terms with the only exception: the cost of servicing the public debt (that is, paying interest on it) is the second key priority of the government of Medvedev and the liberal clan in general.

Borrowing in a situation where the budget is choking on money and in the literal sense of the word does not know where to put it, it is ridiculous for the state, but it is extremely beneficial for various financial speculators who lend him money. A comparative implementation of budget projections for 2017 for the main items of expenditure shows that financing speculators is a priority this year too.

In fact, the budget for the period up to 2020 provides for a further increase in the scale of feeding financial speculators at the expense of taxpayers - natural from the point of view of liberal ideology and criminal from the point of view of a non-developing country, 84% of whose population is poor or impoverished (i.e. for the purchase of simple household appliances or food), and whose children are still dying with the official diagnosis of “lack of budget funds”.

The outpacing (from major expenditure items) reduction in expenditures on the most important items — social assistance, defense, economics, and state financing (including basic science) —will suggest a complex, anticipatory destruction of these very areas that are most important to society.

Most likely, full implementation of budget plans for the period up to 2020 will not succeed: in these three years, it will either be drastically changed to development policy, or, because of its destructiveness, will undermine Russia, causing us to fall into the Troubles, which may be even worse than Ukrainian.

Considering the hostile pressure of the West, the budget for 2018-2020 can be considered the budget of a coup d'état, for it objectively aims to bring society to an extreme degree of despair and action on the memorable 1991 principle of the year “better terrible end than horror without end”.

In the meantime, the federal budget continues to choke on money - but the liberal government of Medvedev not only does not allow Russian taxpayers' money to serve Russia, but also in every way aggravates the catastrophic crisis of regional and local budgets. At the same time, the agony of the governors brought to despair (for example, the head of Khakassia Zimin) probably only encourages the government and retired (like Kudrin) liberals, tirelessly pushing Russia into the Maidan.
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    HEATHER 2 December 2017 06: 40
    Delyagin. A clever man. Often I read and watch.In the meantime, the federal budget continues to choke on money Is this true? And where is my pension indexation of 300%?
    1. iouris
      iouris 2 December 2017 14: 33
      Quote: VERESK
      And where is my pension indexation of 300%?

      I do not mind, but tell me, what after this indexation will cost 200 g of black bread?
      It seems to me that the question should be posed differently: "Where is the promised increase in the efficiency of the economy and labor productivity? Where is the" import substitution "?"
      1. HEATHER
        HEATHER 2 December 2017 15: 05
        I do not mind, but tell me, what after this indexation will cost 200 g of black bread?There are a lot of military pensioners in the country? We are a little bit left. No. Zdarova, Aviation! drinks Where is the "import substitution"?"You do not know? In n ...... roshlom.
      2. DPN
        DPN 4 December 2017 20: 13
        In Medvedev’s pocket, he’s responsible for domestic politics, which makes it harder for him than Putin
  2. minus
    minus 2 December 2017 10: 08
    Well, Zimin is tormented to despair ... Koresh GDP and Shoigu)))) He secured himself for several generations ahead .... True, he lives modestly in Abakan, in a "small" house ... Well, next to it is a house of servants with an area bigger than my whole land where I live .... There are places in the South-West of Khakassia where a simple person will not go ... Not the taiga, but the hunting grounds of our hosts. I write to the owners without quotes, as the truth ... We return to the feudal system ...
  3. iouris
    iouris 2 December 2017 14: 30
    Only an analysis of budgets and the movement of money gives a picture of the near future. If the analysis is carried out in good faith, then the nearest moment of the beginning of the end, the end of which may be the beginning of something else, may already come at 00:00 01.01.2018. Cling ...
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. asushnik 78
    asushnik 78 2 December 2017 18: 26
    Money is set aside for gold parachutes to ministers of the government dispersed after the election!
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 5 December 2017 09: 53
      Quote: asushnik 78
      accelerated after the election of the government!
      Fresh giving, but hard to believe.
  6. askme
    askme 3 December 2017 04: 26
    The demagogue and the scoundrel. The budget deficit in the country is a reality. Let it be in the region of zero. For the first time in recent years, they have come close to zero. Before that there was a sharply negative balance, which was financed from reserves. The year is not over, by the way. So it's too early to talk about the leftovers. And about the "extra-profit" at current oil prices can only an outright demagogue.
  7. Brigadier
    Brigadier 3 December 2017 09: 48
    If Medvedev and his company in the government lived on the salary at which 90% of the country's population is trying to survive, they would have immediately started talking differently.
    Just such a situation as now, or close to it, led to the Great October Revolution of 1917, when the desperate people overthrew their bloodsuckers: landowners and capitalists.
    And the current situation in terms of the impoverishment of the people is very, very similar to that of October ...
    It would not hurt Medvedev and the company to remember that our people harness for a long time, but travel fast!
    1. Rostislav
      Rostislav 4 December 2017 10: 26
      Just such a situation as now, or close to it, led to the Great October Revolution of 1917, when the desperate people overthrew their bloodsuckers: landowners and capitalists.

      Interestingly, and who in February 1917 was overthrown? Do you distort because of ignorance of your own history or are you consciously trying to aggravate the situation?
    2. Greenwood
      Greenwood 5 December 2017 09: 57
      Quote: Brigadier
      Just such a situation, as it is now, or close to it, led to the Great October Revolution of 1917.
      There will be no such situation. As you know, revolutions are being made in capitals, and food shortages in St. Petersburg in 1916 were one of the causes of riots and discontent. Current Moscow lives and lives at the level of European countries, without denying anything to itself, as opposed to the rest of the country. Why would satiated satisfied Muscovites in mink coats with iPhone and BMW climb into the barricades.
    3. netslave
      netslave 5 December 2017 12: 32
      The Great October Revolution was another coup d'état (like the first - the February one), and not this is your pathos about the overthrow of bloodsuckers. What the people really started to get tired of in October 1917 is the state of anarchy and impotence of power.
      Actually, October happened for two reasons: 1) the central government was weak; 2) the opposition (the Bolsheviks) was strong and decisive. Do you observe a similar picture in today's Russia? Me not.
  8. saigon
    saigon 3 December 2017 11: 21
    I do not believe Mr. Delyagin!
    Let him sing beautifully, but again but I do not believe in the word at all.
    When Mr. Delyagin talked about some events about which I knew not by hearsay and that Mr. Delyagin deigned to lie.
    But there is no faith to the liar!
    1. RF man
      RF man 3 December 2017 18: 47
      Quote: saigon
      I do not believe Mr. Delyagin!

      Yes - the sufferer for the Motherland and the people criticize, but WHAT shisha does he himself live perfectly?
      He was about 10 years old close to the Kremlin. It’s surrounded by Yeltsin, but Nemtsov, then Kasyanov ..
      Something only during this time his ingenious economic and analytical abilities somehow did not appear ..
      [media = http: //]
    2. Prole
      Prole 5 December 2017 20: 13
      The words of Mikhail Gennadievich are checked by a trip to shops and hospitals (not in Moscow)
  9. Svarozhich
    Svarozhich 3 December 2017 17: 24
    When the discussion of issues related to government money begins, I skip this discussion from whoever it comes from. unnecessary negative emotions are contraindicated to me. And negative emotions necessarily arise because ALL who have a salary of 10 times the minimum wage are involved in the unscrupulous zhor of this money ... who would have sealed their MOUTH with these gluttons!
  10. Axon
    Axon 3 December 2017 21: 49
    Gubastenky, it’s not in vain that this name was given to the ancestors
  11. Shurale
    Shurale 4 December 2017 06: 31
    All this is understandable, I agree with Delyagin, what will we do? Rifles when will distribute? They themselves will not leave, or does someone think otherwise?
    1. lukewarm
      lukewarm 4 December 2017 10: 11
      Quote: Shurale
      Rifles when will distribute?

      You’ll get it in battle. They are usually distributed by those who are on the other side. See Ukraine (even though the comparison with it has already snapped up). Or the Russian Federation in October 1993. Who has money - he has a rifle.
      1. Shurale
        Shurale 9 December 2017 21: 47
        in 17, too, they were distributed, the Bolsheviks, I am not against such distribution ...
  12. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 4 December 2017 10: 23
    The main task for the Medvedev government is as follows: 1 (the most important) -to prevent the circulation of "non-credit" money in the economy, since they firmly believe that "credit interest" - "sucks inflation." Hence the "growing legs" in that the state by any means avoids any "direct financing" and is trying in every possible way to limit "non-credit" payments-pensions, social benefits, salaries, etc. 2-support and pumping money into "necessary" banks like " locomotives of the entire economy "providing not so much the development of the economy as the pumping out of the economy of this" anti-inflation "credit interest.
    1. Prole
      Prole 5 December 2017 20: 10
      Well said! Then the way out is simple. Abolish taxes on critical activities and VAT
  13. DPN
    DPN 4 December 2017 20: 18
    And in Russia they always say that at the top in Russia everything is irreplaceable, we are just afraid of the 90s, and how we live without oligarchs is fearful.
  14. Brigadier
    Brigadier 5 December 2017 05: 37
    Quote: Rostislav
    Just such a situation as now, or close to it, led to the Great October Revolution of 1917, when the desperate people overthrew their bloodsuckers: landowners and capitalists.

    Interestingly, and who in February 1917 was overthrown? Do you distort because of ignorance of your own history or are you consciously trying to aggravate the situation?

    A connoisseur of the history of Rostislav ... I think it’s you who are swimming in history ... And it’s very bad and not far ...
    In the February Revolution, the Tsar was overthrown, and in the October Revolution, the landowners and capitalists.
    That's right - I wrote about Oktyabrskaya.
    Teach materiel!
  15. Prole
    Prole 5 December 2017 20: 08
    Mikhail Gennadievich, what was said in your article arouses respect and, at the same time, misunderstanding. Explain Medvedev more important than Putin? If so, what's the point of voting for the president on March 18 ?? This hop-stop team will remain at the helm but with a different picture in the frame !! Or is it Putin who leads us with the help of his liberals ...? Where is the way out of this situation?
  16. NordUral
    NordUral 5 December 2017 20: 29
    It's like that! But what is the use of these words. It has long been clear to everyone who knows how to add 2 + 2 according to the rules of arithmetic, and not according to liberal lamentations about the bony hand of the roar that the country's authorities are the enemies of the people. And we must not talk about the fact that everything is bad, but about how to change the situation in the country.
  17. koralvit
    koralvit 5 December 2017 21: 56
    The budget of the country is adopted by the State Duma. People entrusted them to think in their own name, for the good of their homeland, but they don’t know how, they don’t want, or they think only of their pocket, like some former deputies who have run away. Is it really the majority?