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IL-62. The cult flagship of the Soviet Union

The beginning of the 60-ies of the last century was marked by a new stage in the development of world civil aviation. Overseas, the first passenger turbojet aircraft of the second generation - Boeing-707 and Douglas DC-8. The Soviet Union, which then had "in the arsenal" only IL-18 and Tu-104, needed a new intercontinental passenger aircraft.

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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 1 December 2017 11: 59
    62m to fly home from the GSVG was considered the highest chic! I was lucky. soldier
    1. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 1 December 2017 12: 08
      Great plane and very beautiful! good

      The first flight took place on January 2, 1963. In operation since 1967. It was mass-produced in 1966-1995. A total of 289 aircraft were produced (with prototypes). A third of all cars produced were exported to socialist countries, primarily Cuba.

      On the IL-62, several world records of speed and flight range were set. For several decades, the IL-62 has served and is serving as a government ("board number 1") - in the USSR, Russian Federation, North Korea [3] and Ukraine.

      To date, there are no planes of this type left in commercial aviation in Russia; they fly only in the Air Force and in the special flight unit "Russia".
      1. FID
        FID 1 December 2017 13: 25
        Quote: Stroporez
        To date, there are no planes of this type left in commercial aviation in Russia; they fly only in the Air Force and in the special flight unit "Russia".

        They no longer fly to the Arctic Ocean, but, however, they stand ready ....
        1. Bronevick
          Bronevick 1 December 2017 13: 53
          They flew to Syria several times. They are in reserve.
        2. Anyone
          Anyone 17 December 2017 01: 11
          Yes, they flew off ... I have a friend, Vasilich, KVSom flew on the 62nd in the 231th detachment, which is now called the SLO "Russia". We crossed paths, I remember, the last time in Hanoi in 2006. They brought Putin (1 Il-96, 1 ​​Il-62 and the 76th in a pair of pieces, but not from SLO, but by warriors). And I flew there on a regular flight (they put there then a week, Il, a week - Boeing-777). On the 62nd he flew a lot as a passenger. Especially at the very beginning of the 62s, when the 96nd in terms of actual loading, they replaced the 86th and 12th. It turned out there - the working crew. Conversely - passengers. Or vice versa ... The plane is excellent. And for passengers too. Our lineup at Aeroflot was 18/102/XNUMX. It turned out such a step between the seats in the Y-class, which was not on any liner anymore. Plus trunk in the cabin at the tail, ext. the toilet between salons Y and C. If it were not for a very high (in comparison) specific fuel consumption, then the plane could very well be operated up to the full exhaustion of resources. The archaic cockpit, of course, is in modern times, when the "glass" cockpit is in fashion. Well, ACC is also completely outdated. But the airplane is legendary ...
          1. FID
            FID 18 December 2017 09: 00
            Quote: Anyone
            in the 231st detachment, which is now called the SLO "Russia".

            I apologize - Detachment 235, not 231 .... Once again, I apologize.
            1. Anyone
              Anyone 18 December 2017 09: 45
              And the truth is the 235th. Thank!
  2. serriy
    serriy 1 December 2017 16: 17
    Apparently an error in the article
    The Soviet Union, which then had "in the arsenal" of only Il-114 ...

    Not IL - 114. Perhaps IL-14 or IL-18.
    And why is it necessary to add "only" !? It was all soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !? This is not true.
    IL-18 is an excellent aircraft. As a passenger of that reliable Aeroflot, I affirm!
    But the Tu-104 on civilian roads somehow did not last long.
    1. Sergey53
      Sergey53 2 December 2017 08: 03
      The article says "in the arsenal" only IL-18.
      1. serriy
        serriy 2 December 2017 09: 00
        Corrected. Not even a year has passed.
    2. Anyone
      Anyone 17 December 2017 01: 22
      A mistake, but not the one you thought of. I believe the author did not mean Il-114, but Tu-114.
  3. Pancho
    Pancho 1 December 2017 19: 35
    And now I’m calm for the Ilyushin firm, because he was headed by the son of Rogozin himself.
  4. midshipman
    midshipman 2 December 2017 04: 46
    I had to work out an antenna on a model of this aircraft in 1963 in Zhukovsky, which was located in the radar fairing. These are two strips from above and below, the beautiful engineer L. Serov invented the antenna Antenna instrument instrumentation ILS.
    Then already in the 80s he flew on it. I remember flying it to Vladivostok and back to Moscow. There were 6 people in the cabin (members of the State Commission for the Launch of the ISS Buran). The first pilot was the Wolf. We flew to check the readiness of the alternate aerodrome for the landing of the ISS in Khorol. Everything was ready. We flew from Vladivostok at 12-00 (local time) and arrived in Moscow at 13-00 Moscow time. Another hour in Omsk was spent for lunch. I have the honor.
  5. D040sm
    D040sm 3 December 2017 16: 05
    Several times flew from Ha to MSC and vice versa. The IL-62 is stable, like an iron, in any mess, only flaps its wings. And sleep in flight is not so pulled, there is a decent boost in the cabin, nowhere else is there, probably
  6. sledak
    sledak 11 September 2018 06: 52
    And I didn’t fly it, but I saw it in the sky and at airports as a child, since then I haven’t seen a more beautiful and elegant plane (from civilians). A kind of "Maybach" in aviation. Of ours, only the TU-154 flew once (first). I would like to get a TU-204, but when I got on it, the flight was canceled. Some boeings and airbuses. And if the new engines on the 62nd can still fly? ... This is true, dreams.