Military Review

As the American Marines with huge losses fled from Lebanon

Today Lebanon is experiencing an internal political crisis. Against this background, there were proposals to prepare a new Israeli invasion of this country. Something similar was already happening in 1982. Then the Israelis were supported by the Americans and other NATO countries, sending more than 5 thousands of Marines to Lebanon. However, not everyone was prepared to return home.

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  1. ImPerts
    ImPerts 30 November 2017 16: 34
    Cases of bygone days,
    Lying of antiquity deep.

    Let's see what happens in Syria.
    US Special Forces are there. Ours too.
    Undercover fight will begin and see the result)
  2. Juborg
    Juborg 30 November 2017 17: 22
    Israel is a source of destabilization in the Middle East.
  3. Bosch
    Bosch 1 December 2017 05: 34
    Where they just didn’t escape from, these warriors, not only from Lebanon.
  4. Vadim Sh.
    Vadim Sh. 1 December 2017 09: 57
    Well, running for the first time is not the first time, they are noble warriors, RUN is in their blood, especially from firing positions.
  5. zibo1668
    zibo1668 1 December 2017 15: 05
    Those who do not remember their past are doomed to survive it again ...
  6. vzglyadjaguar. 2008
    vzglyadjaguar. 2008 7 December 2017 20: 08
    As in 82 from Lebanon, and in 2017, US special forces escaped from Syria without looking back. The first time from Hafes al-Assad the second time from his son. They will always run sensing an equal opponent. [B] [/ b]