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Motorized riflemen ZVO got a new digital communication complex "Migrant"

As part of the state defense order, a new digital communications complex, P-240 and X4 “Migrant,” was received by the motorized rifle division deployed in the Smolensk region, the press service of the Western Military District reported.

Motorized riflemen ZVO got a new digital communication complex "Migrant"

The complex is designed to organize a communication system between control points in the field. It includes the radio station "Aqueduct-25U", a radio relay station, digital radio relay equipment, a subscriber terminal, a set of technical processing of messages, an open communication switch, etc.

It is noted that this complex allows you to create more than 100 closed channels with a total bandwidth of more than 2 MB / s. Communication range is at least 40 km. The software supports all existing and future communications standards.

The equipment room is mounted on the basis of a KAMAZ-53501 vehicle of the Mustang family with the wheel formula 6х6.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. maxim947
    maxim947 30 November 2017 14: 51
    This is most likely a multichannel communication complex, the P index is a confirmation of this, and another station should, according to the idea, "close" it. "Zyablintsev" will come correct if that))) All the equipment is new, there are no AZURs, 327th are not, the switches are all new. Nice to see, nostalgia takes ...)))
    1. Hagalaz
      Hagalaz 30 November 2017 14: 59
      And the name is in our style))
    2. ul_vitalii
      ul_vitalii 30 November 2017 15: 03
      That's right, channel-forming communications equipment used to be a three hundredth series.
    3. Finches
      Finches 30 November 2017 15: 05
      The P-240 is KAS - an integrated hardware communications system, only fully digital, who knows the subject of the P-240, 241, N-18 .... and there is ... everything you need, including the new ZAS equipment generation! Now I’m more about the fact that the chief of this equipment room was a warrant officer with experience in training and military service, but now they need more basic knowledge, but even then they were given, even in training, the Kotelnikov – Shannon theorem, but now they need specialists to just do not ditch expensive equipment in one awkward motion! For proper exploitation, you need knowledgeable guys and just good young men, after grades 8-9, they will not work here, but you also need a contractor with a connected magistracy of a civilian university or, at worst, an applied bachelor's degree, with a lieutenant it’s clear - now YOU, but the UVC at civilian universities will be tightened up and release heroes of thought and deed ... And it’s like in a joke: “They sent two dogs and a Chukchi to space. They call from Earth: - Squirrel! - Woof! - Press the red button. - Arrow! - Woof! - Press the blue button. "Chukchi! - Woof! - Don't bark. Feed the dogs and don't touch anything!" laughing
      1. maxim947
        maxim947 30 November 2017 15: 08
        I said, he’ll come correct)) Only by the presence of the AAS is it doubtful, maybe they just transmit the channels?
        1. Finches
          Finches 30 November 2017 16: 08
          Do not doubt. hi
      2. ul_vitalii
        ul_vitalii 30 November 2017 17: 00
        He captured the P-242,244 with the T-217, then went on the Interiors chip.
        1. Finches
          Finches 30 November 2017 17: 25
          T-217 - Elbrus, God forbid, then T-219 - Yacht ... Flywheel, Corner for TLG, Interior .... remember in the right direction, but you don’t need to do this again publicly ... hi
          1. Finches
            Finches 30 November 2017 18: 16
            And you didn’t list CAS, but hardware TLFs!
            1. ul_vitalii
              ul_vitalii 30 November 2017 19: 53
              Understood you, yes telephony. hi