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Why does the United States support foreign mercenaries in the Kurdish armed groups?

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi gave an interview to the Russian media, talking about his thoughts on the development of the situation in Syria. According to Giraldi, the US military presence in Syria does not stop, despite the virtually complete destruction of the ISIL group (* banned in the Russian Federation) in this country. The main goal of Washington in Syria, according to the ex-employee of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, is to support the Kurdish armed forces. Kurdish whether? ..

This support is very peculiar. On the one hand, the United States for a long time armed Syrian Kurds, on the other hand, the United States did everything to prevent the Kurds from gaining autonomy within Syria. For the US, the Kurds are only interesting as a tool for a possible confrontation with the Syrian government forces. However, the Kurds themselves strongly oppose such a confrontation. It is the Kurds.

Syrian journalist Riyad Farid Hijab focuses on this. According to him, Kurdish troops refuse to engage in hostilities against the CAA and allies, but foreign mercenaries as part of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces are willing to go to Damascus for funding from Washington. In the current situation, it is on foreign VTS mercenaries, who are up to 40%, today American intelligence agencies are making their stakes.

Maintaining a presence in Syria will allow the United States to be in any negotiations that will take place to end the civil war.

Why does the United States support foreign mercenaries in the Kurdish armed groups?

However, it is the continuation of the war in Syria that is extremely beneficial to the United States. Mainly, to continue the implementation of attempts to dismiss (or liquidate) the current President Bashar al-Assad. If Kurdish troops are not ready to go for this, then the United States began to support foreign mercenaries in detachments with predominantly Kurdish personnel. This will allow the United States also to give foreign mercenaries for the Kurds, who allegedly seek to "liberate Syria from the bloody tyrant Assad." Around the same scenario, the United States acted at a time when, in fact, supported the terrorist groups in the UAR.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 1 December 2017 06: 04
    The fenders will support the fire of war as long as in Saigon they will have to flee from Syria .. I hope that I will see how they will crush each other when boarding a helicopter.
    1. dSK
      dSK 1 December 2017 06: 34
      Why does the United States support foreign mercenaries in the Kurdish armed groups?
      A strange question, after Vietnam, the States took into account its "lessons" and only in Iraq did they introduce a small amount of ground forces. Mostly aviation, cruise missiles, instructors, PMCs, mercenaries of all stripes. The population of the United States calmly refers to the constant overseas showdowns.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 1 December 2017 06: 39
      It is reported that the Turks began slaughtering Kurds in northern Syria, and Iraq is clearing IS from its Syrian border, and this area is also called its last stronghold.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 December 2017 06: 57
    Kurds themselves oppose such confrontation
    Which finally began to realize that the Americans for the supply of weapons simply use them as cannon fodder and are actively preparing for a confrontation with the Syrian army. Of course, the United States of its "good" will not get out of Syria. They invested too much there, and oh, how losers you don’t want to feel.
  3. Herculesic
    Herculesic 1 December 2017 07: 01
    So it’s clear that the planet’s superparasite, once climbed up, will not voluntarily go back. Therefore, against the American military in Syria, as well as in Iraq, the most effective way to combat them is the mass destruction of the staff of the usa!
  4. Sergey53
    Sergey53 1 December 2017 08: 09
    Support comes because there is no need to answer for them anywhere, not in front of anyone.
  5. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 1 December 2017 10: 05
    Something this Riyad Farid, already quite pickled cranberries is broadcasting ... mercenaries in the ranks of the Kurds who are fighting with the SAA, and the Kurds aside, autonomy, which for some reason prevented the Yankees - delirium ... the meaning is that the Kurds are good, they are for Assad, but the Yankees are bad, do not let them rush into the arms of their beloved leader wassat
    1. protoss
      protoss 1 December 2017 14: 53
      I agree, this pepper constantly gives out some kind of misinformation. in the SDS, 40% of foreign mercenaries are members of an RPK of Turkish origin, they are 90 percent Kurds, and 10 percent any leftist rabble. there is a certain number of “spiritualized” Europeans, a certain number of employed igiloids, but the basis is the Kurds. so that the Kurds and be responsible for all actions of the SDS.