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Situation in Syria

The SSA destroyed the 32 terrorist in Dar'a, the 20 civilians of Deir-ez-Zor suffered at the IG minefield, reports FAN with reference to Syrian sources.

In Eastern Ghouta, opposition continued throughout the day between the Syrian Arab Army (CAA) and the radical opposition factions. Artillery of government forces fired on militant areas in the settlement of Haza, Jobar and Ain Tarme. In addition, clashes between the army of Bashar al-Assad and the militants of the radical opposition were recorded in the vicinity of the settlement of Misrab.

The Syrian army took control of the settlements of Mazraha and Azizat Abesan, located southeast of Hanassera (Aleppo Province). Government troops occupied the settlements after lengthy battles with the Dzhebhat an-Nusra group (banned in the Russian Federation). At the end of the day, it became known that the CAA, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Force, took control of the city of Ramla.

Syrian law enforcement agencies have prevented a double terrorist attack in the administrative center of the province of Homs: the terrorists with suicide belts were arrested near the building of the headquarters of the Al-Baath party and near the city's cultural center. Belts were seized from detainees with three kilograms of explosive and mobile phones as detonators.

More than 20 civilians in the province of Deir ez-Zor suffered during a crossing over a minefield left by terrorists of the IG (banned in the Russian Federation) during the retreat from the settlement of Abu Hashab in the north-west of the region. The militants of the IG, meanwhile, are preparing to transfer their detachments from the Abu Hammam and Khadzhin populated areas on the left bank of the Euphrates to Abu Hardub and Abu Hassan on the right. The purpose of the redeployment is to counter government forces in the Meyadin and Abu Kemal areas. Also, military experts believe that the IS will strengthen its ranks with terrorists who infiltrated into Syria from the territory of Iraq.

The Russian Aerospace Forces, together with the Syrian Air Force, launched a series of attacks on the Al-Nusra terrorist deployment zones in the area of ​​Al-Musheirif settlement in the south of Idlib province. Also Russian aviation attacked the Islamist fortified areas near the settlement of Abu Dali in the southeastern part of the region.

In the eastern part of the province of Hama, clashes between the IG and the coalition controlled by "al-Nusre" continued. As a result of the fighting in the area of ​​the settlement of Al-Mwaleh, the militants of An-Nusra killed nine IG terrorists. Earlier, igilovtsy ousted Islamist coalitions from more than a dozen settlements in the east of the region. However, over the past 24 hours, the En-Nusra militants launched a counter-offensive and began to return populated areas to their control.

As a result of prolonged fighting in the Yarmuk River Basin (Dar'a Province), the Syrian Free Army (SSA) destroyed 32 IS terrorists and several pieces of military equipment. In addition, the location of the IG underwent a drone attack.
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  1. Jedi
    Jedi 30 November 2017 09: 46
    Clashes between the Islamic State and the al-Nusra-controlled coalition continued in the eastern part of Hama province. As a result of the fighting in the area of ​​Al-Mvaleh settlement, Al-Nusra militants killed nine IS terrorists.

    There would be more news about the squabble of barmaley among themselves. yes
    1. newcomer
      newcomer 30 November 2017 10: 07
      yes song! still give dem. Kurds to “educate” the Turks, it was very good. (Well, they would understand that it’s better to live in peace in a prosperous state. rather than swallow dust and gnaw stones for centuries).
      1. Jedi
        Jedi 30 November 2017 10: 14
        Kurds have already begun to realize that the tale of Independent Kurdistan, which the United States bought them for, will remain a fairy tale.
        1. newcomer
          newcomer 30 November 2017 10: 24
          so I really hope that they’ve got their brains and a statement that they agree and want to live in peaceful Syria (“thanks to America for the weapons, we enter the SAA, the Americans must leave Syria”) God forbid, what would it be their principled position. and then, after all, the videoconferencing system does not sleep. very indicative of the Kurds, our support for Syria, they compared them with the support of the Yankees and wept. read an article on this subject in the military. mat. “The Russians do not abandon their own.”
          1. Jedi
            Jedi 30 November 2017 10: 26
            So I hope that the Kurds have realized everything, and not wag poop on the orders of the United States.
            1. Going
              Going 30 November 2017 11: 29
              Everything is complicated there, we don’t know much until the United States cleans up the world.
              1. Jedi
                Jedi 30 November 2017 11: 30
                Quote: Going
                Everything is complicated there, we don’t know much

                Quote: Going
                until the USA cleans up there will be no peace

                Another fact.
        2. pvv113
          pvv113 30 November 2017 10: 35
          Kurds realized that American fairy tales have no happy ending wink
          1. Going
            Going 30 November 2017 11: 30
            Good afternoon, Vladimir! hi , it painfully sweetly lures, and then just throw, after solving their problems.
            1. pvv113
              pvv113 30 November 2017 11: 49
              Good day, Victor! As the saying goes: softly laid, but hard to sleep wink
        3. Paranoid50
          Paranoid50 30 November 2017 11: 56
          Quote: Jedi
          It will remain a fairy tale.

          Kurdish future Kurds, their dark side absorbs .. laughing
          1. Jedi
            Jedi 30 November 2017 11: 59
            I also feel the bright side of the Force in them. lol
            1. Paranoid50
              Paranoid50 30 November 2017 15: 34
              Quote: Jedi
              I also feel the bright side of the Force in them

              hi They must expel the mattresses of treacherous ... yes
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 30 November 2017 10: 44
    In general, it calms down there. If money and weapons are not sent, then it will quiet down. But the mattresses will not hold.
  3. mitrich
    mitrich 30 November 2017 10: 51
    Is the boiler closed? It would be time already, so that at least before the Euphrates the barmaleis were not alive.
    1. Fedya2017
      Fedya2017 30 November 2017 23: 12
      Quote: mitrich
      Is the boiler closed? It’s time, already, that at least before the Euphrates the barmels were not alive

      What kind of cauldron? ... The Assyrians on the way from Mayadin to Abu Kemal along Efrat were defeated and retreated to Mayadin. Only four consecutive days of bombing of our Long-Range Aviation saved from the complete defeat of the Asadites ... Bad news from Abu Kemal too. There, the Syrian-Iraqi group was driven out of the city to the outskirts and went on its own to defend against the Ishilovites. The section of Efrat from Mayadin to the Iraqi border is again in the hands of the Islamic State.