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Data on exports of US weapons

Director of the United States Defense Cooperation and Security Agency Charles Hooper told the media how much the United States had sold this year. weapon (abroad). The head of DSCA (the aforementioned agency) reported that, according to the results of the 2017 tax year, arms worth a total of 42 billion were sold outside the United States.

According to Charles Hooper, this is about 10 billion dollars more than the US sold for the 2016 tax year. However, there is a certain nuance.

Data on exports of US weapons

This amount includes not only direct arms shipments to foreign countries, but also military assistance programs paid by the US Department of Defense and the State Department. Thus, the Pentagon and the US State Department funded the allocation of military-technical assistance totaling more than 9 billion. As is known, the United States was engaged in and engaged in active armament of militant groups in the Middle East, sending weapons to Kurdish armed groups, are considering the issue of the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine.

The reports suggest that the United States retains the position of the main arms exporter. During his Middle and Far Eastern tour, the US president negotiated the sale of weapons and military equipment to a number of states for an astronomical sum of several hundred billion dollars over the medium term.
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 30 November 2017 06: 02
    We need around the world how the Chinese aggressively squeeze the United States in all arms markets! There is no purely American market — there is a market where for some reason we are still out! It is necessary to bring the service at least 70 percent to the American one, and firmly crush entire regions for yourself!
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 30 November 2017 09: 21
      The Yankees have NATO and NATO standards, so it’s easier for them ... when the Warsaw Pact was, the whole of Eastern Europe was armed with our weapon
  2. Ankipelgygyrgyn
    Ankipelgygyrgyn 30 November 2017 06: 03
    Frauds with statistics - the standard of living of amers.
  3. Theodore
    Theodore 30 November 2017 06: 04
    Let them announce the amount of bribes paid to the right people!
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 30 November 2017 06: 09
    Out of 42 larzes, “net” sales are 33, the rest are deliveries within the framework of “assistance”. Anyway, twice as high as Russia. It’s a good thing to set fire to local wars around the world ...
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 November 2017 06: 18
    42 billion dollars.

    I wonder how many of this amount of kickbacks? Corruption in the United States on arms sales is booming, but no one pays attention to it and keeps silent for fear of offending the "superpower." The attack on Russia is in particular due to attempts to oust it from the arms markets.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 30 November 2017 08: 59
      Quote: rotmistr60
      I wonder how many of this amount of kickbacks?

      Little. Here's another, they will pay for the fact that they bought "the best weapon in the world" (c)
      Everything is simpler, they link such deliveries with various kinds of political assistance, they madly lend on very favorable terms, they, in the end, pay instead of the customer themselves, spending it all through "assistance programs" like the Middle East (Israel, Egypt, Jordan)
      Bribes are needed to break into difficult markets like the Japanese. But with such the United States, local competitors have long pushed
  6. pvv113
    pvv113 30 November 2017 10: 16
    US engaged and active in arming militant groups in the Middle East

    I believe that the concept of “a group of militants in the Middle East” also includes ISIS terrorists and other related Basmachi gangs