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Shukran, Russia: in the south of Syria, another city is returning to peaceful life

Shukran, Russia: in the south of Syria, another city is returning to peaceful life

The village of Al-Mashrafa, which is also called Fleet, is located in 15 km west of En-Nebq in the province of Damascus, near the border with Lebanon.

Six years ago, 18 lived thousands of people, three thousand of them children. In the village there were three schools. The basis of Flit's well-being was agriculture - the local cherry is famous throughout Syria.

But in 2013, the Fleet was captured by the Dzhebhat an-Nusra terrorists. Residents fled to other parts of the country. Fleet was released six months ago. People began to return.

To date, thousands of people have returned to their native village 3. 7 thousands more received permission to return, 5 thousands are waiting for the execution of the relevant documents.

The village has water and electricity, schools will soon be ready to take back their students. God willing, the cherry from Fleet will soon return to the Syrian tables too.

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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 30 November 2017 06: 04
    You need to do something, find such a solution, albeit partially power, to expel the United States from Syria!
    1. Yaroslav
      Yaroslav 30 November 2017 22: 28
      I recently came across a Facebook flashmob, just about expelling the USA from Syria: I hope the guys will manage to complete the job!
      1. Yaroslav
        Yaroslav 30 November 2017 22: 29
        there are such photos from all cities send, not only Russian .. Oh, success to them!
  2. Igor V
    Igor V 30 November 2017 11: 09
    Cool boy in the photo. smile
  3. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 30 November 2017 13: 38
    which Americanos can sprinkle a purgen or yeast in a jerk so that it can be quickly screwed from there
    1. NKVD
      NKVD 30 November 2017 21: 16
      No, it’s our leadership in the Kremlin who needs to pour snowstorm. Sitting on a point, one thinks better, while sitting in the offices they have completely forgotten how to think.