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As the militia, the Ukrainian army "Cheburashka" frightened

The Ukrainian military has repeatedly spoken about the presence of the Buratino heavy flame-thrower systems in the Donbas militias. The first information about TOC appeared in the summer of 2014. He writes about it Messenger of Mordovia.

P R ° P »Рѕ РѕРїСЂР ° РІРґР ° ть РєР ° РєРёРј-то РѕР ± СЂР ° Р · РѕРј СЃРІРѕРё СЃРѕРєСЂСѓС € ител СЊРЅС ‹Рµ РїРѕСЂР °РµР. Р “РѕРІРѕСЂРёР” Рё РЅРµ тоДько Рѕ В“ Р'СѓСЂР ° тино ”, РЅРѕ Рё Рѕ В“ Р ° С‚РѕРјРЅС ‹С ... В” РЅВ »Рё РґСЂСѓРіРѕРј смертоносном weapons.

The speaker of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Andrey Lysenko, looked very comical. He renamed a heavy flamethrower to “Cheburashka” on live television, causing a flurry of ridicule turning into bullying.

“Knowing about the panic fear of the Ukrainian army in front of this, in fact, extremely deadly system, the ingenious Donbass militiamen decided to play this trump card to its fullest. Not having a real car, they took the usual T-72B, turned the turret into the stern and hoisted the launcher mock-up on it. From a long distance or from the air, the “modernized” seventy-two warfare looked like a real TOC, ”says material author Dmitry Lemeshko.

The militias achieved their goal - they brought panic into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian "experts" later claimed that "this installation burns everything out under pressure, a salvo of such weapons equal everything to the ground, and the area of ​​its destruction is up to 40 square kilometers."

Coming up with stories about the mythical Russian threat, Kiev propagandists, first of all, intimidated their soldiers to death, who, during the period of active hostilities, quite easily surrendered to captivity, just not to die under the blows of “ruthless Buratino”.
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  1. Scoun
    Scoun 29 November 2017 14: 43
    Ha ha ha !!! Ukrovoins wrote for a long time that Armata was cardboard and which they knocked out in batches in the Donbass and they themselves really managed from a real plywood Cheburashka! laughing

    A group of experts from the Kharkov Armored Plant, together with specialists from the Swedish company Bofors and the Dutch IKEA, completed work on the description and analysis of the damage Russia lost in the battles against the Armed Forces in 2014-2016. the latest Armata tanks.

    The group’s prepared report indicates that a total of 160 Armat were involved in the clashes, in modifications of Block-1 (40 units), Block-2 (75 units) and Block-3 (45 units), of which 157 vehicles were irretrievably lost ( all survivors are related to Block3 modification
    1. volodya
      volodya 29 November 2017 14: 49
      If you put plywood rockets there, the whole Ukrainian army will scatter!
      1. Scoun
        Scoun 29 November 2017 15: 03
        This is how to brainwash the people, that they put on colanders from zombies, believe in the destroyed divisions of the Airborne Forces, Armata, and so on.
        They are really well characterized by the word - raguli.
        1. hrych
          hrych 29 November 2017 18: 35
          Quote: Scoun
          This is brainwashing

    2. vovanpain
      vovanpain 29 November 2017 15: 28
      The speaker of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko looked very comical, who renamed the heavy flamethrower in Cheburashka on live television

      That you, that you are right, Chebureshka is a terrible beast. fellow
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 29 November 2017 17: 02
        renamed the heavy flamethrower into "Cheburashka", which caused a flurry of ridicule, turning into bullying.
  2. 210ox
    210ox 29 November 2017 14: 45
    It was necessary to really show them ... "Cheburashka" .. Who in the subject-understand ... wassatAlthough behind this, to Leningradka ... There is the main export commodity ..
    1. izya top
      izya top 29 November 2017 14: 51
      Quote: 210ox
      It was necessary to really show them ... "Cheburashka" ..wassat
      I in the 90s, so as not to pay for viewing the “Cheburashka”, looked after a nearby brick in advance, and after seeing this “beast” I grabbed a stone and said that there was no money recourse
      and so the chebureshka is a terrible beast
    2. IL-18
      IL-18 29 November 2017 20: 44
      Quote: 210ox
      It was necessary to really show them ... "Cheburashka" .. Who in the subject-understand ... wassatAlthough behind this, to Leningradka ... There is the main export commodity ..

      Ahh ... So this is the growth in trade between Ukraine and Russia.!
    3. Slovak
      Slovak 29 November 2017 22: 51
      Ukrainians know this like no other
  3. Kerensky
    Kerensky 29 November 2017 14: 45
    Well, okay, military savvy.
    1. 210ox
      210ox 29 November 2017 14: 56
      In the early 90s, the Transnistrian militias frightened Moldovan law-makers by firing from "guns" .. A bucket was put on the barrel of an assault rifle.
      Quote: Kerensky
      Well, okay, military savvy.
  4. Spnsr
    Spnsr 29 November 2017 14: 46
    On imitation it was necessary to write "CHEBURASHKA" so that it was more believable
    1. iouris
      iouris 29 November 2017 14: 51
      Cheburator is the new version of Pinocchio. Burns out up to 40 square meters. km By pressure.
    2. Igor V
      Igor V 29 November 2017 22: 11
      In 86th he was at the training camp in the communications battalion. In the neighboring battalion of radioelectronic jamming (REP - then called) there were stations that called Cheburashka for characteristic thick ears. So this name is quite military. smile True, as they really were called, I do not know. Then such names were not advertised.
      1. marder7
        marder7 2 December 2017 21: 44
        in our regiment, the Cheburashka was called a PRP because of 2 "ears" of a night vision device on one side and a laser illumination device on the other.
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 29 November 2017 14: 49
    But sho, in addition to the fighting songs of the "American Indians", such an incentive as TOS identity also showed effectiveness !!!
    How are their leaders going to attack Russia ???
  6. alavrin
    alavrin 29 November 2017 14: 49
    Why destroy the banderlog illusions ... Let them continue to dream that they reflect the multi-million-dollar attacks of GRU special forces, saving the unity of Europe ...))
    1. izya top
      izya top 29 November 2017 15: 23
      Quote: alavrin
      Why destroy the banderlog illusions ... Let them continue to dream that they reflect the multi-million-dollar attacks of GRU special forces, saving the unity of Europe ...))

  7. Herculesic
    Herculesic 29 November 2017 14: 55
    Goal for fiction is cunning! lol Well done, militias! !
  8. zelenii75
    zelenii75 29 November 2017 14: 56
    An occasion to think to our designers: the name is already there, but the object is not .... Disorder! wassat
  9. Sergey53
    Sergey53 29 November 2017 14: 58
    The need for inventions is cunning. What do you say, well done. And you saved yourself and scared downes.
  10. zelenii75
    zelenii75 29 November 2017 15: 02
    Quote: volodya
    If you put plywood rockets there, the whole Ukrainian army will scatter!

    Well, yes ... And then the "World Community" will blame the crime against humanism !!! They (svidomye), though lousy, but all the same people! It’s not possible for a livestock to inflict such emotional injuries! laughing
  11. Vitas
    Vitas 29 November 2017 15: 07
    Quote: 210ox
    It was necessary to really show them ... "Cheburashka" .. Who in the subject-understand ... wassatAlthough behind this, to Leningradka ... There is the main export commodity ..

  12. rocket757
    rocket757 29 November 2017 15: 41
    Suppose that the people's militia of the republics is no longer a mess and the help of the eastern neighbor is not a myth at all!
    What are the leaders hoping for ... for such a distant but close uncle from across the ocean? Geyrope. It seems that the Wehrmacht is not needed at all.
  13. Old military officer
    Old military officer 29 November 2017 16: 13
    If you knew how tired the Ukrainian theme is. This is despite the fact that I really sympathize with Donetsk and Lugansk. The topic allows you to distract attention from our own problems. And their number does not decrease. I understand the information war, and I can even guess why actions are taking place on their territory and are left to their own people.
    1. Sergey53
      Sergey53 29 November 2017 20: 00
      Each carries the cross that he himself has chosen. They have been sitting with them for a long time. When there was a referendum in the USSR on its preservation, they were the only ones who voted for secession from the USSR. And why? To my question WHY? answered: "We thought we would live better."
      1. medvedron
        medvedron 29 November 2017 22: 42
        No need to lie, then in a referendum they voted for an autonomous republic within the USSR.
        1. d.gksueyjd
          d.gksueyjd 1 December 2017 00: 06
          And before that, it was a republic, that is, to lower its status.
          1. medvedron
            medvedron 1 December 2017 12: 21
            Do you understand what you wrote yourself? The Russian Federation also has republics, but there are autonomous republics, so look on the Internet for which of them has more independence, I'm not a teacher of economic geography.
    CAT BAIYUN 29 November 2017 17: 51
    Not .. This is not Cheburashka ... This is a real CHEBURATOR.
    Let them still find in the Donbass a crocodile Gena, Artemon and Donkey Eeyore ... And they are afraid of their health!
  15. Disorder
    Disorder 29 November 2017 17: 52
    "Well America, wait a minute!" (KVN-87)

    First episode. "Ugly duck".
    Tired toys sleep, the Micky Mouse sleeps in its mink. The King-Kong monkey, beloved by all children, sleeps. Only the Ugly Duckling Donald is awake. He sold himself in red, and now he is tormented:
    “Have I made a cheap bargain?”

    The Red Dawn is already beginning. In the Hudson Bay, Crocodile Gena silently surfaced. From airfields 38 parrots with a vertical take-off rose up. An armored train from Romashkov entered the New York subway without identification marks. A separate fighter battalion of Cheburashka poured out of a trailed blue carriage. Hiding behind the flag of the Code of Administrative Offenses and sweeping away everything in its path, Cheburashki are connected with the parts of the marine corps of the Crocodile Genes.
    - Gene, and Gene ... And what happens if we take the Pentagon?
    - Cheburashka! If we take the Pentago-o-o-he ... There will be so much scrap !!!

    The second series. "Cats and Mice"
    The streets of quiet provincial Los Angeles cry out:
    - URAAAAA !!!!
    This is Cheburashki. Subsequently, a shuddered America will call them "Eared Death." Cheburashka do not know pity. Rambo, Rocky and Chris Christofferson himself are collecting waste paper at gunpoint. Mickey Mouse manages to escape.

    “King, I suggest you stop drinking.” And save the poor farmers who groan under the yoke of Matroskin.
    - Mickey, there are too many of them ... This is a monkey work.
    The Cat appears, for its cruelty, nicknamed Leopold.
    Mickey tears his claws. There is a shot ... King Kong falls, whistling a hole in the right side.
    - Guys! Let's live in peace! - mocking Leopold.

    The third series. "Don't sleep, babies!"
    Capital Hill, White House. In the corner of the Oval Office is the US President. He is punished. Such orders were brought in the White House by agents of special services, sadists, drug addicts and lecherous Phil and Piggy. They force everyone to wash their hands forcibly, brush their teeth and drink boiled milk. With foam.

    Their boss bursts in, chronically oblique Stepashka. He has just crushed the headquarters of ABC and has not yet cooled down. They inject 3 rubiks into themselves and start watching cartoons. Using this, our Mickey in his direct channel says in plain text:
    - America! I am alive, America! I'm fighting America! America! Do not sleep!!! Freeze !!! You will not fall asleep, America, and in this you will be helped by television films, horror films of the ABC company! Do not sleep, America!
  16. Normal ok
    Normal ok 29 November 2017 20: 54
    Another fake. And, not ashamed?
  17. German Titov
    German Titov 29 November 2017 21: 02
    A bit wrong. There he called this “forever young, forever drunk” 4 times instead of some Cheburashka “Cheburetor” called. Chevrons of the Special Unit “Polite Cheburashki” are sold in stores. On May 9, many children "in red army costumes" went with such chevrons, well, or to whom parents gave "military suits" for the holiday.
  18. LeonidL
    LeonidL 30 November 2017 02: 34
    It is better to have than not to have ... It’s good to scare them with cardboard, but it’s even better to burn the Nazis with real weapons. I think that such weapons actually existed in the warehouses in Artyomovsk and are now part of the DNR-LNR armies.
  19. Bugivugi
    Bugivugi 1 December 2017 20: 00
    Here she is! Cheburashka))