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NATO needs this, and how will the CSTO respond?

NATO needs this, and how will the CSTO respond?In early November, the defense ministers of the NATO member countries discussed the reorganization of the military administration of the North Atlantic bloc, after which they announced plans to create new command structures. We are talking about the Atlantic Command, which will take over the management of the protection of sea routes and communications to supply Europe in the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, as well as the command of NATO logistics, which will focus on faster movement of forces and assets in Europe.

It was noted that there is the possibility of creating one of these command structures for the European region in Poland.

In addition, it became known that Warsaw, within the framework of the aforementioned reform of the Union’s command structures, proposed to reorganize the headquarters of the Northeast Army Corps in Szczecin, Poland, into the command of the NATO Army. Currently, in the structure of the Alliance forces there is no such association as the army, the largest are rapid deployment corps.

And, if you believe the information about the proposed deployment in Poland of the army command, it becomes obvious that the reform of the structure of the military administration of the North Atlantic bloc will not be limited to the formation of the two structures announced and you can only try to predict the scope of the upcoming reorganization.

So, if Warsaw manages to achieve the formation of an army headquarters in Szczecin, the Polish general can become the commander of NATO's operational association in the region, and Poland can thus gain access to the process of planning, organizing and leading the operations of the Alliance.

Polish National Defense Minister A.Matserevich called Szczecin a potential and most suitable place for the new NATO command. However, it should be recalled that the Elblгg garrison was small for the headquarters of the Northeast division and the headquarters of the 16-th mechanized division of the Polish ground forces, and therefore the latter moves closer to the Polish capital in Bialobrzegi.

Military experts point out that this situation may repeat. Although it is necessary to take into account the option of creating an army command based on the corps.

Whether these plans are real - will be known in mid-December, when the Supreme Commander of the US Army in Europe and NATO Commander-in-Chief in Europe, General C. Skaparrotti will present the Alliance military command reform project. In mid-January, these issues will be assessed by the NATO Military Committee, and in February, the defense ministers of the member countries of the bloc will approve the meeting at a meeting in Brussels.

It is not difficult to notice that the leadership of the North Atlantic bloc (USA), taking into account changes in the situation, is aware of the need to reorganize and improve its structure, for which it takes the necessary measures. Moreover, at present, the situation in Eastern Europe, and indeed all over the world, can hardly be called stable. Washington unreasonably and in fact single-handedly determines ways to solve the problems facing the world community (only for entourage attracting other countries or allowing these countries to act independently only in those cases when it helps promote American interests).

Maintaining security requires international cooperation, and with the efforts of, above all, the states of the region themselves. Reputable international organizations can and should play an important role in this process. True, it must be admitted that in their efforts to maintain security in Eastern Europe today there are more plans and expectations than achievements.

For example, the UN passively watches NATO’s progress to the East, the development of hotbeds of tension in various regions of the world. Speaking of regional international organizations, we should highlight the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty, which are major and significant players.

The OSCE is the world's largest security organization. It brings together 57 countries located in North America, Europe and Central Asia, but what is the real "weight" of the organization show its actions and role in Ukraine.

The main task of the CSTO, in turn, is to ensure the security of the participating countries, to protect their sovereignty and territorial integrity. In this context, the CSTO, as a military-political organization, is one of the most important international structures, with the goal of strengthening military security in the region. However, it should be noted that the Organization is not actively demonstrating its ability to ensure the security of the participating countries, so it is necessary to update its activities.

By the way, the session of the Collective Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in Minsk will take place the other day. The summit will sum up the results of the Belarusian chairmanship of the CSTO in 2017. Belarus set goals to strengthen the organization’s influence in the international arena, increase the operational readiness of the Collective Forces, ensure the economic security of the member states, and implement a set of additional measures to counter international terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal migration in the collective security regions.

It is expected that following the summit, a number of decisions will be finally taken on various areas of the CSTO activities, including the priorities of the Belarusian chairmanship, including an agreement on cooperation between countries in the field of information security.
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  1. solzh
    solzh 30 November 2017 15: 54
    Following the summit, a number of decisions will finally be made in various areas of the CSTO’s activities, including the priorities of the Belarusian chairmanship, including an agreement on cooperation between countries in the field of information security.

    And on the other security issues, they won’t accept anything? Then it turns out that the CSTO will not respond with anything. There is no one to answer except Russia.
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 30 November 2017 15: 56
      Our "friends from that side of the puddle" are right in one thing. Creating any war crime in any part of the world, they put together a formal coalition, even if there are two cooks from the countries of the allies. I understand that the CSTO was created for other tasks, but why not one of our ally countries, at least it did not send us a platoon of builders or janitors to help us in Syria.
      1. d ^ Amir
        d ^ Amir 30 November 2017 18: 40
        this is still serious trouble did not start !!!! soyuznichki .... not a single problem .... but what really there .... Crimea, one of them recognized ????? like South Ossetia at the time .... and yes .. on those events .... on the war 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX ... one of them condemned Georgia as an aggressor ??? there is a gang of parasites ... no allies ....
  2. helmi8
    helmi8 30 November 2017 18: 34
    The OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization.

    She does not deal with security issues - she deals only with surveillance. And even then, under the motto "I see nothing, I hear nothing, I will not say anything to anyone." A striking example is the OSCE in / in Ukraine ...