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The expert commented on the supply of American missiles to Poland

Director of the World Trade Analysis Center weapons (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko commented on the sale to Poland of American air-to-air missiles and missile-artillery systems. The expert said that the transaction will take place within the framework of the planned renewal of the armed forces of this country.

The expert commented on the supply of American missiles to Poland

Earlier it was reported that the US State Department decided to approve the possible sale to Poland of operational-tactical missile-artillery systems (HIMARS) for approximately 250 million dollars. A similar decision was made to sell Poland the same amount of AIM-120C-7 air-to-air missiles. As emphasized, the Polish government requested the acquisition of 150 such missiles.

The point is that within the framework of the modernization of the Polish armed forces there is a planned upgrade of weapons, including through the supply of modern systems from the United States. This is a scheduled job.
- said Korotchenko.

According to him, the possible supply of rocket-artillery systems and air-to-air missiles is not a charity, since Poland pays considerable funds for this and is also only an element of NATO’s aggressive policy.

For Russia, the threat is not the rearmament of the Polish army, but above all the deployment of American missile defense systems in Poland. The threat is the existence of NATO and the aggressive plans of this alliance. The rearmament of the Polish army is an element of this policy.
- the expert noted, transfers RIA News
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  1. The black
    The black 29 November 2017 11: 19
    Pshenye panas, lovers of beating against birch trees, buy better land-underground rockets ... a new Ukrainian development! laughing
    1. hrych
      hrych 29 November 2017 11: 31
      Quote: Black
      "earth-underground" ... a new Ukrainian development!

      After the fall of Turkey, you need to make up for meat, of course, only Poland can do this in terms of human resources. Our southern front is stronger than ever. The West has a hedgehog in one place, in the form of lands of eastern Prussians, there is a buffer in the form of White Russia, which we are strengthening. The Baltic states remained, but this is such damage and the population is half Russian-speaking. Strategic Pyachal-Byad NATO recourse
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 29 November 2017 12: 01
        hrych Today, 11:31 Strategic Pyachal-Byad NATO recourse

        ... that's why they go into all serious ... bully
        1. hrych
          hrych 29 November 2017 12: 19
          They hastened with Ukraine, well, they were outraged that Yanukovych signed an extension of the lease of our base in Crimea, and not all kinds of associations there. And a three billionth loan was given to him for this. Well, as a result, they lost Crimea forever, and for the heap and Donbass, as a large pantry of raw materials. Also, the hydrocarbon superfield of the Syrian shelf went to Russia. The noose from Iran was removed by Russia, Turkey fell away from NATO and the CA with Egypt ceased to be vassals of the West. So ended the Russian and Arab spring. The West and Israel suffered a crushing defeat.
  2. DPN
    DPN 29 November 2017 12: 03
    The conclusion is very simple, Russia needs to find friends near the US borders or buy them, and not scare them with missiles in Poland. It’s not interesting to me, it’s important for me that in the event of an emergency, the USA would cease to exist, and not the place where their missiles are.
    1. hrych
      hrych 29 November 2017 12: 24
      Quote: DPN
      The United States ceased to exist, not the place where their missiles are.

      One hundred Yars, almost 50 Clubs, as well as around fifty Fifty Voivods and under a hundred rockets of Squid and Dolphins, as a legacy of the USSR - exclusively for cities and the USA laughing
      1. JIaIIoTb
        JIaIIoTb 30 November 2017 22: 06
        What a wealth. And we’ll give it back practically free and even deliver laughing
  3. izya top
    izya top 29 November 2017 13: 47
    the worst thing is that the remnants of Soviet weapons of logs will give (on credit) to horses
  4. earloop
    earloop 30 November 2017 03: 04
    Flirt in the supply of weapons. The supply of such trinkets is limited to their reasonable. critical quantity, the size of which is closely monitored by the neighbors. If exceeding reasonable limits, fraught with their safety, then the neighbors will help with appropriate calibration.