Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. As we revealed another cunning plan of Putin

Greetings to you, dear readers, from all my relatives and all of ours!

This I carried out a very serious indication of the Cockroach. Official. They greet me and say hello to me, but I’m kind of ill-mannered, I don’t pay any attention ...

I am very pleased that my brief cases from your human stories commented and expanded by connoisseurs. You understand that I write them not so much for my own memories, as for yours. Tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it ... So, I read your discussions on the forum about the history of our people. Our common story.

Honestly, I did not expect. That's why I decided to reconcile you all. And Russophobes and Ukrainophobes. Have you ever thought about ancient history? Not about mammoths, but much closer. But also "BC"? Just to warm up the brain before serious reflections?

Here is a question for you. Why do we know the years of the life of the Greek heroes and the Roman generals "approximately", and the years of the life of the Slavic princes exactly? You say that the Slavs are younger? Maybe, maybe ... Only now, in the Slavic chronology ... 7621 year. And the Slavs did not count the years according to any lunar calendar. Year modern and Slavic year are the same. Think about the "wild field" and "wild forest people" ...

We have started a new interesting campaign. While it is not particularly advertise, but the "first signs" are. Do not believe it, but we thought about the need or harm ... Ukrainization. Yes Yes. Do you know how in Odessa “Privozve” two “Ukrainians” were talking about fat? - Abram, and eat fat kosher or not kosher? - Was the boar cut off or not? - Yes, he was neutered. Is this circumcision or not?

Approximately such conversations went in our "cultural layer of the population." Remember our Maidan star? Well, the one who sometimes forgets to put on her underwear? Who has forgotten, I am about the People’s Artist of Ukraine Ruslana Lyzhichko. For you, the name does not mean anything, you know it only by name. But for the sake of justice, she also has a surname.

So, this very Ruslana in one of the Freedom of Speech programs said: “I spoke in Kramatorsk, people went there with a blue and yellow flag. I have no illusions or stereotypes that something needs to be Ukrainianized. I’m against the words Ukrainization. Once upon a time there was Russification, and a culture was imposed on us. Ukraine is too strong to stifle it. "

Think it came to her? And it seems to me that everything is much more prosaic. As in the song ABBA: mani, mani. Ukrainians must love everything Ukrainian. But good songs are not always written on the move. More precisely, it is rarely written in Move. “All people are now striving to get a new image of Ukraine in order to identify themselves not only with embroidery. I lack a cultural revolution. Let's remove our bloomers.”

About bloomers, she's great bent. Straight into the eye. Our old men. I talked yesterday with one well-deserved retiree. Two Soviet orders with him. And it lives just like most chess players start the game. Е2-Е2. The pension, so that you can understand, translated into gasoline, is equal to 40 liters of this very fuel.

With age, the sores of different povylazili old man. Diabetes heart squeaks. Well, you know, "wear mechanics." In the "workshop" is necessary. I mean, to the clinic or hospital. I went ... And there reform. The doctor prescribed him medicine for ... one day. Not free of course, but at a lower price. And then he himself grandfather cool. With this diabetes ...

You often reproach us for your inaction with your comments. You know, you're right! We "acted" so many times that we even got tired. There is one old truth. When something in this world goes wrong, you can either do nothing or do at least something. Only here, from all these "at least something" life in our country only gets worse.

Do you think that we do not understand the actions of our friends in the subcategory ... sidekick from the USA and the EU? We understand. But the people will not rise on the Maidan. I remember a case from our family life at the beginning of the journey. I sit, solve a crossword puzzle. - Honey, do you know the killer of Lermontov? - Do not hold me for a fool! Lermontov is a poet, not a murderer! And it is logical. Just like us now. We would pay for drugs and communal, and not about the killers of Lermontov remember ...

On the day of the celebration of our revolution, November 21, some especially guides decided to put up tents on the Maidan in the old memory. From the category of "at least something." Well, the classic tires are already set on fire. At the monument of Independence. So what?

The guys came in uniform. They sounded the activists on their horns and put out the "fire of freedom". And at the same time tents demolished. Quickly we now have a revolution. Yes, and the authorities need to think about installing stationary tents and chafing ovens for burning tires. Announce SMS collection for this business and all. The revolution in the "stationary" version. You can even equip warm places for the police. Some people in a stationary tent make a revolution, while others in order with TV sets guard the order. Europe we are. I, in secret, know why the revolution did not take place. To us from Europe anticyclone came. Coldly.

I would like to tell you about another peremog. I think you have already heard about this, but ... Remember how much time we are talking about the supply of modern weapons to the APU? To smash in the Donbas everyone and everything. All of these Almaty, T-90 and others. So, the supply of anti-tank complexes are already in full swing! And small arms with ammunition also comes! Scared?

Do not be afraid. It is Ukraine! The most samista country in the world! The Americans do supply us with anti-tank com ... no, weapons. Straight from Texas! AirTronic USA! Beautiful weapon. Glamorous You will not even recognize an old acquaintance behind all these plastic covers. There's even a butt there! Fold back! The only thing I did not find was a place to store condoms and install a bottle of pepsi-cola.

Of course, Americans are able to pack goods. With such weapons, our army in parades will look like hoo. True, in battle, all these plastic linings will only harm. And who said that we are going to fight? We have a hybrid war. He waved his fist from afar and won.

Okay, I will not intrigue you. A new US anti-tank weapon is ... hidden in a plastic and glamorous decorated RPG-7 grenade launcher.

Here we need to learn from the Americans. And you, by the way, too. We buy embroidery in China! Salo in Poland! Soviet RPGs in the USA! Believe it or not, we buy sunflower seeds in the EU! If this goes on like this, we will soon start buying sunflower oil, corn and pork from the Americans. Progress is leaps and bounds. It all began with Slovak gas and coal from South Africa.

Oh yes. I also wrote to you about small arms. Most modern. European. We Baltic automaton and ammunition to them put! And the mortar! There are many. Almost two million euros will deliver! Enjoy!

True, this weapon is from the Soviet warehouses. Kalashnikov assault rifles, cartridges for them. New, I guess. What has passed since the collapse of the USSR? Fi, for a story, a moment ...

It will sound strange to you, but the revolution is still going on. Remember, I wrote about the disruption of the concert Raikin in Odessa? What's this? This is a democracy! Here is another example of the same democracy. A group of activists decided to restore order in the streets of Kiev. More precisely, on the street Shcherbakivsky. There were stalls selling lotteries. And such vile stalls. Separs win, but patriots basically do not. Well, of course, quilted jackets.

Activists and decided to bring them to clean water. And stalls at the same time crush. And then the police. Detained 15 people! Zrada. Kremlin police bribed! And this will not tolerate this Svidomo. In 9 hours of the evening, the patriots were detained, and at ten the attack of the hotbed of pro-Kremlin separatists began.

Activists of the Shevchenko Police Department went on the attack. True, the machines did not use. Only firecrackers and tear gas. A couple of separatists in shoulder straps piled great. But "their" 8 people got serious. Yes, and overfished "onizhedetey." And in jail. In the dungeons! And the activists of this just for 14-18 years. Fiends!

In short, the children were released at half past eleven. Tell me, how can we relate to these separatists in the form? Half past eleven o'clock the 14-18 boys go on the street alone some years? And if the offender? Or what kind of doggie will walk quilted jacket? The boys can be beaten ...

I understand that in order to learn everything about modern Ukraine, it is enough to read the previous passage. Night mayhem in the capital. Two policemen injured, attack on police station. And a piece of bacon on the loaf - "the detainees were allowed to go home."

It becomes terrible at the thought that we ourselves have created this. This is the "Red Guy" Ukrainian bottling. And no one will protect us from them. Neither the authorities nor the police. Under the "ridges" and "schenevmerlu" they almost put Ukraine on its knees. And they will derban our country for as long as there is nothing left in it that can be stolen, appropriated, destroyed. Ukrainian children against Ukrainian fathers and grandfathers.

Something today I am all about us and about us. And you kind of white and fluffy. It’s as if you don’t fool around against the peaceful Ukrainian people Well, I do not. The truth is always "find a hole." In fact, this expression, my grandfather, used a little bit in another form: “Drink your granddaughters! The water will find a hole!”. Yes, and your "goat" is not about water, but about another branded "Russian" liquid. This is how we treat Russia after this?

"As part of operations in the territory of one of the villages of the Kiev region, a warehouse was found belonging to one of the enterprises where alcoholic beverages of Russian production were illegally imported into Ukraine from the Russian Federation."
"... 26 240 liters of Hawthorn tincture of Russian production, packaged in plastic bags and bottles of various capacities, with an estimated cost of almost 4 million UAH, was stored in the warehouse."

Some irresponsible hulk did not understand that this is, in fact, a disruption of the operation of our SBU to solder the Russians! We wanted to send this Hawthorn to Russia. So you were all drunk there. After all, any Ukrainian will tell you that all Russians simply adore this very hawthorn. They drink it only in Russia, and keep it with us!

True, there is another version of this event. The SBU disclosed and failed Putin’s hellish plan to solicit the Ukrainian Armed Forces and activists. Just want to get up and SUGSnut three times. And then schenevmerlu bark.

You, dear readers, do not believe in Putin’s plan? Your president is generally a cunning person. Old hardening of the KGB of the USSR! And I have irrefutable facts from the report of our shpygunov! You can check.

Remember the recent talks between Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani in Sochi? Well, Russia, Turkey and Iran? So, after the joint performance of the leaders of the countries for the press, these same leaders got up to go to the banquet, probably. And here, the cunning Putin showed his essence.

Imagine, he was shaking Erdogan’s palm with one hand, and with the other he cleaned his chair. Probably in the hope that the Turkish president will sit down again. But Providence or the Turkish special services intervened. The chair itself fell! With a crash. Erdogan looked at the chair with satisfaction, and Putin, as if nothing had happened, turned to Rouhani!

Of course, now there are people who say that nothing terrible happened. A chair caught the leg of the carpet or something. Yeah, tell us tales. And how will Moscow then explain that a man in civilian clothes quickly approached the chair and installed it in its place? And everything is simple. This is the machinations of the Russian special services. Now, if a general or a colonel had raised a chair, it would be clear that Shoigu was building intrigues.

It was not me who went straight to the back. This, if someone does not understand, I quote our media.

I hope you understand the degree of marasmus of the information with which we are stuffed. But here is a personal observation and observations of friends from other cities. Earlier, when a person entered the room and shouted "glory to Ukraine" from all sides, even from the neighboring rooms it was heard: "Glory to the heroes". Today, such a slogan is often sent "to ..." or "to ...". This is just an observation.

And in order to give you an incentive to remember the story, I will reveal to you one terrible secret. Well, not terrible, just a secret that our overseas pans do not like to talk about.

There was in ancient Greece the goddess of moonlight. And her name was Hecate. The goddess was quite normal. But there were all there Aphrodite, Diana, Athens ... In short, this goddess began to lead the underworld, magic of all, witchcraft ... Such a horror of the night. A pale woman with black hair who comes out of the kingdom of Hades at night accompanied by hell-hounds on the hunt.

So, to improve your mood, I suggest you look at this goddess. No, do not walk around the streets at night. There you will not see it. This I authoritatively declare. Just see the statues that are in museums. Then much will become clear to you. Who is who in this world? Not only our "pitchforks" from the Khazar tamga personify something. The remaining symbols of other states also appear for a reason ...

At this, let me take my leave. Moreover, I have already "won" Tarakanushka. He said that I was leaving for the ATO zone for the material. The cry was ... And I, with a courageous face, "left." Even went out the door! And then he came back. "You're lucky! It's cold outside." Now we have peace and harmony. And most importantly - dumplings! What and all of you I wish. See you soon! Svidomo slippers are not enough for us!

And I will get a materialist from ATO ...
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  1. +4
    November 29, 2017
    Something is not fun, you feel tired of everything that happens. And with Hecate, yes, in the subject
    1. +3
      November 29, 2017
      Yes, not very fun, but still with humor, although not funny!
      1. +9
        November 29, 2017
        So what do you expect - with "every day more and more fun." Do you think it’s in vain that he writes, “here you are Russians snickering, don’t drag the thrown cable right away into scrap metal”? Each sees his own shortcomings better than others, here we are complaining - they raised the price of gasoline, but we can’t evaluate how much medicine, the school, and much more are better. Just the other day, in our city, RosAtom will spend 25 million rubles on the construction of a "street sports cluster", in other words, a bunch of different shells and simulators (street) will be built. And not somewhere in front of the "mayor" or somewhere else, which would then be indicative of making good photos and videos, but simply in a vacant lot surrounded by high-rise buildings. good You won’t even believe that the people living there began to make claims “it will be noisy,” “and how we will walk”, etc. .. Having seen this, the Cockroach and the majority in Ukria will turn a finger at the temple and say “they’ve completely snickered” . lol
        So they have TAM “their holidays” and often this is a rise in prices (immediately by 20-30%) for different communal services, the same gasoline, from which PSE prices are already jumping off.
        But as I here agreed with one statement, “What happened in Ukraine by the hands of the Americans is even good for Russia, because it didn’t appear in them over the past 25 years, they cherished THIS for themselves for centuries and sooner or later in Mandan break through". No. It would be nice if such a snarl occurred before the accession of eastern Ukraine and there would not be as many victims as it is now. But they must "be ill" and receive a "vaccine" from Bandera for centuries. good
        When a person becomes ill, the temperature rises, it only remains to give him antibiotics - which essentially means "start a war in it" to "exterminate hostile organisms." This is precisely what is now happening in Ukraine - the extermination of elements "hostile" to Ukraine (and not to us). There is no other option to “cure” them, if left as is or “driven underground” that they already did after the Second World War - they got what they got “the disease returned”. No matter how cruel or misanthropic this may sound - to save Ukraine you need the complete extermination of Bendera’s geeks (well, or those who share, approve, preach Bendery). am soldier
        1. +6
          November 30, 2017
          for the salvation of Ukraine, the complete extermination of Bendera geeks is needed (well, or those who share, approve, and practice Bendery)

          .... strongly support your point of view. After the Second World War, they were underworked. So we got a "focus of infection", which has matured to our time.
          And about the complete extermination - I am sure that this should be done by the Ukrainians themselves. Then there will be sense. From the outside, only the country will collapse.
          1. +3
            November 30, 2017
            So I wrote about what - it is precisely the "inflammatory process" within Ukraine that Ukrainians themselves must "cure", regardless of nationality. Otherwise, the "organism" will simply die.
            Unfortunately, everything goes to "death" and "organ transplantation" in the "living" Countries. Crimea has already been "resettled", it is likely that New Russia will be transplanted, probably some other areas, and the rest - to sink to the level of Somalia or even lower.
            1. +6
              November 30, 2017
              Let's see what will happen to this Ukraine. The state is a pity, of course .... But as it is ... It is impossible to win back the situation.
              To be honest, I'm only sorry about the gene pool ... There, all the same, white people live there. Slavs. Not so many of them remain.
            2. +1
              November 30, 2017
              ... I also tend to be fatal according to the scenario of Yugoslavia ... unless the curators forget about Ukraine or there is a strong leader who can consolidate everything that remains with the support of Russia. Europe and the United States "helped" Ukraine to take a position that was convenient for them and helped to stay in it.
              1. +3
                November 30, 2017
                There is one difference from Yugoslavia - Russia in the person of leaders (according to rumors) has forbidden even to think about the entry of NATO troops !! am , with the wording "just pop up, we will enter along the very Netherlands." Therefore, I do not expect that Poland, Hungary or anyone else will be "allowed" to chop off at least a piece of Ukraine. Therefore, there will be no cut into pieces and slowly "swallowing" the EU. But Russia will not pay for the "recovery of the patient." They will probably be “pushed” to self-healing from fascism, and then they will somehow restore the economy themselves.
                1. +1
                  December 1 2017
                  ... if so, I am once again very pleased with our captain and God grant the inhabitants of Ukraine health, and patience to us.
            3. 0
              December 1 2017
              Quote: Mih1974
              So Crimea has already been "rebuilt",

              So He (Crimea) never grew. What is there to transplant?. Everything will shrink to the Walk the field ... than it always has been, betray some walk, then with the others ... continue to ride .... in the hole of history
        2. 0
          November 30, 2017
          ... extermination is certainly a method, but there is one caveat ... this situation was created, nurtured, fed, developed and lasted not for more than 20 years, but for several centuries, nobody, for some time, especially hid their plans. After the war, it was not in the trend, and it was simply dangerous ... there the front-line soldiers could calm down very quickly, the authorities were strong, they sympathized and changed their shoes, but the insult remained, but as the authorities died, everything was remembered, the prices climbed uphill , there was no work, corruption got out, it remains only to find the culprits ... here the curators and reminded you that Muscovites ate your fat ... that's all I need, and to the fact that there is a reason and there is a consequence, by the way, I witnessed (in a particular case) of how the mood changed in the year 13 ... from - these oligarchs and corrupt officials got it, to - we never will ... well, you yourself remember ...
  2. 0
    November 29, 2017
    “Honey, do you know Lermontov’s killer?” - Do not hold me for a fool! Lermontov is a poet, not a killer!

    The further .. The more ..
  3. +1
    November 29, 2017
    Quote: Chertt
    Something is not fun, you feel tired of everything that happens. And with Hecate, yes, in the subject

    Yeah ... it’s straight and felt ...
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. +3
    November 29, 2017
    I want to thank the clever Cockroach for his articles, for his irony and fearlessness. With my Kiev relatives, we only talk about health and weather, so as not to damage the nervous systems))) But I really want to know what is happening there from your point of view. Be healthy and write to
    the same spirit.
  6. +1
    November 29, 2017
    Very interesting, however, as always. I wish you further creative success and God bless you from a slipper!
  7. +6
    November 29, 2017
    So, to improve your mood, I suggest you look at this goddess. No, do not pace the streets at night. There you will not see her. This I authoritatively declare to you. Just look at the statues that are in museums. Then much will become clear to you
    Here, in fact, it’s clear why they sculpted the “statue of freedom”
  8. +3
    November 29, 2017
    I read articles of Mr. Tarakan a couple of times .... a double impression ... for me, personally, phone numbers give more information. conversations with relatives from an independent, even from the Crimea called to Ternopil, Taganrog ...... clicks, creaks .. pant
    . sometimes even comments made their way. The SBU is at work .... and here the brave farmer (in our networks) directly cuts the truth and uterus, and even he is not in the peacemaker
    1. +2
      November 29, 2017
      The age of electronics laughing Judging by the fact that Tarakan has already appeared for two years now and according to exclusive photo reports, he probably has his own way of communicating ... the phone would be calculated exactly ... The SBU is not at all stupid.
      1. +3
        November 29, 2017
        lol directly, the Syrian observatory from London ..... "I'm sitting far away, I see everything ...."
        1. +5
          November 29, 2017
          Did the Syrian observatory also post pictures from the scene? Like, from the last Maidan or from Chernobyl? I will not argue about the events in Ukraine. Just was not interested in exactly what it was written about, but what about the photos and videos? There is very little meaning in your comments and a lot of simple trolling.
          I would love to check the facts, but just to fool ... Cockroach more faith
          1. +3
            November 29, 2017
            JI puts out a lot of things ... take an interest, for the sake of interest ... and I do not dispute the reliability of Mr. Tarakan's information ... it's just, personally, my opinion ... and trolling has nothing to do with it hi
    2. +2
      November 30, 2017
      You probably rave or you are being personally monitored, relatives have repeatedly called Ukria and never said anything like that negative . Yes, and “TOR” has not been canceled, but the fact that it’s fools who sit in the SBU is not even discussed. There were the same “lustration” and, of course, left “not the most intelligent, but the most beautiful (Svidomo)”.
      1. +3
        December 1 2017
        everything is okay with delusions))) I go through the CWC annually ... but I can give you a lot of examples. Including how my friend didn’t get his father’s funeral, because of the law-enforcement officers who are not far from customs ..... ... but what you imagine as "personal surveillance" may be so .... and they don’t sit in the SBU at all, the mattresses are drained, technical support is certainly better than ours ... unfortunately
  9. +4
    November 29, 2017
    Thank you, Tarakashenka, for your reviews! Well, I don’t have relatives in Ukraine, I only have a girlfriend, but now she’s not up to me, my mother died ... So your articles are very interesting and important to me.
    Health to you, dear Cockroach and fortress of spirit in addition! Cheer up please love
  10. +1
    November 30, 2017
    It wouldn’t be so fun, if it weren’t so sad, there was a brotherly (Ukrainian) people, but in a certain situation he showed himself so that this people would no longer be brotherly. Traitors are not forgiven, they are destroyed.
  11. +1
    December 1 2017
    Already sick of Ukraine, Kiev, Mova and everything connected with them!

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