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Large-caliber sniper rifle XADO Snipex 14.5 (Ukraine)

Category so-called antimaterial rifles are traditionally very popular among experts and lovers of small weapons. Separate samples of this class regularly become the subject of discussions and disputes. A few weeks ago, the public received a new reason to discuss the latest developments of foreign gunsmiths. Ukrainian company XADO presented a mock-up of a promising large-caliber rifle Snipex 14.5.

The venue for the first show of the rifle was the exhibition “Zbroya that security 2017”, held in mid-October in Kiev. As part of this event, Ukrainian defense enterprises showed both already well-known samples and completely new developments. So, the Kharkov company XADO at its booth demonstrated several sniper rifles of the Snipex family. At the same time, along with the already known rifles, a mockup of a completely new weapon was delivered to the exhibition.

General view of the rifle Snipex 14.5. Photo XADO /

Private company XADO was founded in the early nineties and for many years engaged in the production of motor oils and other products for cars. She later mastered the production of lubricants for small arms. Only a few years ago, the company engaged in the development and production of small arms. At the same time, it immediately decided to develop a niche that was not yet occupied by Ukrainian enterprises. Under the Snipex brand, large-caliber sniper rifles were launched on the market. In the recent past, two systems of the 12,7 caliber were presented for patrons of the Soviet and American designs. The next project provides for an increase in caliber and a corresponding increase in firing characteristics.

According to known data, the new project Snipex 14.5 is being developed by order of the armed forces of Ukraine. Armed with the Ukrainian army now there are no rifles of a caliber larger than 12,7, and the troops want to receive such weapons. It can be assumed that such interest is directly related to the current situation in the Donbas. T.N. antimatter rifles have sufficient firepower, but they are not subject to existing agreements. As a result, they prove to be a very convenient means for attacks and organizing provocations.

In addition, a rifle caliber 14,5 mm may be of particular interest to foreign customers. Some armies also show interest in small arms with the highest possible characteristics, which leads to the emergence of new and new designs. The product Snipex 14.5 - with the successful completion of ongoing work - is quite capable of interest of the foreign buyer and will soon become the subject of a contract.

As follows from the available information, the Snipex 14.5 project is still in its early stages. A part of the design work has already been completed, and some tests have been carried out. A representative of the company XADO during a recent exhibition said that experts have already checked the trunnion group in their work. Full tests of the entire rifle assembly, however, until delayed. To carry them out, you must obtain permission from the military department and access to one of the landfills. When this happens - not specified.

The main goal of the Snipex 14.5 project was to maximize the firepower of the weapon without unacceptable production complexity. For this reason, it was decided to use the Soviet large-caliber cartridge 14,5x114 mm. This ammunition surpasses all existing products of caliber 12,7 mm in its characteristics. In addition, there is a fairly wide range of cartridges with bullets of different types, providing solutions to various combat missions. It should be noted that there are already several sniper rifles for such a cartridge and they, in general, show the required characteristics.

According to the developer, the Snipex 14.5 rifle is a self-loading large-caliber system designed for high-precision long-range shooting. In connection with the use of a powerful cartridge and a long barrel, several specific ideas were used to reduce the size of the weapon and reduce the negative impact on the shooter. Thus, the rifle is built according to the “bullpup” scheme with the forward control of the fire control, and part of the recoil is compensated by the so-called. carriage layout.

Externally, the new Ukrainian rifle resembles some other samples of its class, but it has characteristic features. About half the length of the product takes a large trunk. It is movably fixed in the receiver and on the front holding device of the extended box. The back of the receiver is designed to accommodate the bolt group and the trigger mechanism. Applied layout led to the fact that the trigger was noticeably pronounced in front of the main details of trigger.

According to official data, the Snipex 14.5 rifle is equipped with an 14,5-mm rifled barrel with a length of 1320 mm (91 caliber). There is reason to believe that, in order to simplify production, they decided to equip the rifle with a finished barrel from a CPV machine gun, created in the middle of the last century. This assumption is also favored by a characteristic conical shaped barrel-mounted device resembling a flame arrester of a serial machine gun. Ukraine probably does not have the technology to produce such barrels, and for this reason the new rifle received a borrowed part.

The receiver and the box are made in the form of a single unit assembled from several large metal parts. The lower part of this unit is a long device with a polygonal cross-section, gradually increasing in the direction of the butt pad. The top cover of the receiver covers only the back of the lower unit and has a large window for ammunition. In front of the lid there is a large trunk mounting block. An interesting feature of the Snipex 14.5 rifle was a separate platform for mounting the sight. It has its own support and is located above the breech breech.

In order to reduce the recoil momentum acting on the shooter, the authors of the project proposed using a slipway with “recoil devices”. Apparently, inside the box or receiver are return springs, mechanically connected with the barrel group. When fired, a barrel that does not have a rigid attachment should retreat, compressing the return springs. Next, the barrel returns to its original position.

The rifle uses a butterfly valve with five pairs of lugs. Inside the gate are placed a movable drummer and a liner extractor. As follows from the available materials, the bolt group can move along its own guides of the receiver. Managing its movement is carried out manually.

The rifle at the exhibition "Zbroy that security 2017". Photo

Trigger mechanism provides ignition primer in the production of the shot. The main details of this device are located in the rear of the receiver, at the level of the gate. In the same place - on the right wall of a box - the movable lever of a safety lock, differing in the big sizes is mounted. Fire control is carried out using the trigger of a traditional design. Pistol grip, trigger and safety guard are brought forward and are located at the level of the chamber. The hook and trigger are probably connected by a longitudinal rod.

There are some questions about the means of ammunition. According to XADO, the Snipex 14.5 rifle has a built-in magazine fitted through a window to eject sleeves when the shutter is open. At the same time the capacity of the store is not specified. It can be assumed that the available volumes do not allow large ammunition to be placed inside the rifle. However, the available photos do not allow us to unequivocally talk about the presence of the store. It is possible that the shooter will have to feed the cartridges manually before each shot.

Before each shot, the cartridge is fed from the magazine or manually onto the discharging line. Extraction should be carried out with the decoupling of the barrel and bolt. The use of a detachable magazine is not provided for and, apparently, is excluded by certain design features of the rifle.

Large and heavy rifle comes with a set of supports. On the front section of the box-box, a folding bipod is fixed, which takes over the weight of the trunk. Also, for more convenience, the arrow under the receiver, performing the functions of the butt, an additional support is installed.

Part of the recoil pulse remaining after the action of the monitor system, should be absorbed by a soft polymer backplate. This part has a movable base that allows the shooter to adjust the weapon for themselves.

With rifle can be used sights of different models. To install such equipment, it is proposed to use the standard Picatinny rail located above the breech. The bar is raised to a certain height using a platform with four supports fixed to the bed.

Probably, the presence of a rolling barrel provides the possibility of self-reloading weapons. Rolling back, the receiver group should cock the trigger. At the rearmost position, the valve is locked, after which the barrel goes forward and releases the empty cartridge case. After that, the bolt also begins to move forward, captures and sends the cartridge, and also locks the barrel.

According to the developer, the Snipex 14.5 rifle with the mounted muzzle device has a total length of 1870 mm. The weight of the product with a bipod but without sight reaches 30 kg. The long barrel accelerates the bullet to speeds of the order of 1000 m / s. The effective range of fire, according to the calculations of designers, should reach 5 km. Maximum firing range - up to 7 km. Accuracy and accuracy of fire, however, are not specified. Given the specific "origin" of the trunk, as well as the absence of rigid fixings for it, it can be assumed that these parameters are far from ideal.

It is argued that the used recoil damping systems led to the desired results. Despite the high initial speed of a heavy bullet and the muzzle energy of more than 30 kJ, a new rifle, as the representatives of the developer company say, beats an arrow no stronger than an 12 rifle caliber.

At the time of the first show of a promising large-caliber rifle, which took place in mid-October, the project was at the stage of preliminary testing. It was alleged that by this time some checks had passed the barrel group. The rifle assembly, as follows from the words of representatives of the company-developer, has not yet been tested. Inspections of these weapons were to begin in the foreseeable future - after gaining access to a suitable landfill. Only after conducting full-fledged tests will it be possible to talk about the real characteristics of the sample presented.

At the moment, only the estimated and estimated characteristics of the new Ukrainian rifle are known. This information already allows us to estimate the prospects of the Snipex 14.5 product in the domestic and international market. Obviously, such a weapon is quite capable of interest to potential customers, but one should not expect much commercial success from it.

Large-caliber sniper rifle XADO Snipex 14.5 (Ukraine)
View of the open shutter. Photo

According to reports, the company XADO began developing a new anti-material rifle, based on the wishes of the Ukrainian army. At the disposal of the armed forces of Ukraine at the moment there is no modern weapons of this class. In the recent past, a number of anti-tank rifles from the times of the Great Patriotic War were removed from storage, but they were far from fully satisfied with the operators.

Wanting to get large-caliber rifles of increased power, the official Kiev can organize the purchase of new Snipex 14.5. The volume of such an order, however, is difficult to predict. At the same time, it is clear where and for what purpose serial weapons will be used. Most likely, the new rifles shortly after the transfer to the customer will go to the Donbass, for use in the "anti-terrorist operation." It is hardly worth reminding once again which tasks will be solved with the help of new rifles.

Prospects for Snipex 14.5 in the international market look ambiguous. Indeed, a mass of armies shows interest in such weapons and even orders already existing models. However, the market for rifles chambered for 14,5х114 mm is not too large, and besides, it is already divided among foreign manufacturers. An attempt by Ukrainian gunsmiths to win their share in an interesting sector can fail.

However, it is too early to talk about the commercial prospects of the new weapon. In order to fully enter the market, the new rifle must cope with the tests, undergo, if necessary, the process of refining, and then confirm all the main characteristics. The grounding tests of the XADO Snipex 14.5 rifle were to take place shortly, but information about their conduct has not yet been received. This suggests that the rifle has not yet passed all the necessary checks and is not yet ready for sales.

The new Ukrainian project of a large-caliber sniper rifle is of particular interest in terms of technology. The Snipex 14.5 product combines a number of interesting solutions, and the result of this design approach attracts attention. Nevertheless, the project has not advanced further than preliminary tests of the main weapons assemblies, and therefore cannot fully justify such an interest. In addition, now there is reason to doubt the commercial prospects of weapons. Obviously, the real results of the new project will become known only in the future, but already now there are grounds for refusing optimistic assessments.

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  1. Lganhi
    Lganhi 29 November 2017 07: 10
    As usual, saucepans tear the Soviet legacy, creating "weapons" from spare barrels for the KPVT. Damn, even the muzzle brake is not able to install. And the matter, of course, will be limited to a single issue for display.
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 29 November 2017 12: 37
      Quote: Lgankhi
      business, of course, will be limited to a single issue for display.

      Not a fact ... they can produce some quantity ...
      1. Lganhi
        Lganhi 29 November 2017 21: 39
        10 pieces? wassat And even that is too optimistic. How many dill were produced by Navoztsev?
        1. Nikolaevich I
          Nikolaevich I 30 November 2017 06: 59
          And where does the “Navozets” when it comes to the rifle? And the Ukrainians, at least some, at least in some quantity, but "rivet" ...
          1. vkl.47
            vkl.47 30 November 2017 09: 05
            Could immediately confuse 30mm. They have plenty of BMP trunks
          2. Lganhi
            Lganhi 30 November 2017 14: 42
            They cannot even produce cartridges. What weapons are we talking about?
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 29 November 2017 07: 14
    Actually, there is nothing special to comment on. The KPV / KPVT is taken, the barrel is removed, the automation is removed, the pistol grip and trigger rods are attached, everything is beautifully painted in an economical color and is presented as a new weapon. Grandmas are spinning, the budget is muddying, the cut is going according to plan.
    How many such "masterpieces" on the basis of "mosinki" and AK have already given birth to a gloomy, hidden genius - and you won’t count.
    It would be better if the guys would continue to deal with oils, they, I remember, had good additives.
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 5 December 2017 19: 44
      Quote: inkass_98
      How many such "masterpieces" on the basis of "mosinki" and AK have already given birth to a gloomy, hidden genius - and you won’t count.

      Yes, and here shy of the caliber! They would have taken a shell from the “forty-five” right away! And they would have no equal!
  3. tchoni
    tchoni 29 November 2017 08: 09
    A weight of 30 kilograms without a sight - as it scares. I remember something around that weighed an anti-tank rifle soloturn, but that, firstly in the caliber of 20 mm, and secondly - it is still automatic)))
    1. the47th
      the47th 6 December 2017 11: 09
      This is a normal mass for a rifle under 14,5x114. NTW-20 in the same caliber weighs a kilo less, and in the 20 mm version it is even lighter. So it does not depend much on caliber. And Solothurn weighed 40-50 kg.
  4. Fedorov
    Fedorov 29 November 2017 08: 13
    According to the developer, the Snipex 14.5 rifle with a mounted muzzle device has a total length of 1870 mm. The mass of the product with a bipod, but without a sight, reaches 30 kg.

    Plus ammunition, bronik, helmet - it turns out a mobile saboteur ... a la terminator. Well, or a squire is needed wink
  5. andrewkor
    andrewkor 29 November 2017 08: 27
    In Syria and the Donbas, the use of PTRD and PTRS with optical sights is seen as just “anti-material” (well, they came up with a catch, I really thought with fear that they would use annihilation). Data for firing at declared distances will probably get from drones as It is driven by its own latest development, which has no analogues in the world!
    1. alex-cn
      alex-cn 29 November 2017 10: 29
      Let's say that they didn’t come up with “anti-material” as the name, but the Americans back in the 80s, if not earlier. And as for the squires ... So in Chechnya, the spirits fired together from homemade products on the basis of the KPVT, they didn’t keep one return, even the articles about it were in Kalashnikov, in my opinion ... As far as I remember, from 14,5 they’re muddied now Azerbaijan, and something was planned for us.
      1. kotdavin4i
        kotdavin4i 29 November 2017 13: 08
        Good afternoon, but ours has already been muddied for a long time, the characteristics are more modest - only 3 km, but we already have the results - we use it.
        1. Bersaglieri
          Bersaglieri 29 November 2017 21: 45
          Ahead :) I just remembered the desired rifle.
  6. spech
    spech 29 November 2017 08: 30
    The return of salobatyrs does not torment?am
    1. Bormanxnumx
      Bormanxnumx 29 November 2017 11: 33
      Do not worry, it doesn’t bother))) There was no noticeable “tormented” shooting from lighter PTRD and PTRS after WWII and everything will be fine here. Interestingly, and whether it was a Russian development, did the same genuine concern for the arrow appear in kamenty? wink
      1. BAI
        BAI 29 November 2017 13: 01
        And it is probably unnecessary, because in particular:
        the V-94 rifle, having a length of 1700 millimeters in marching condition, has a length of only 1100 millimeters. Such compact dimensions are achieved by breaking the weapon at the receiver to the right, which not only positively affects the ease of transportation of the SWR, but also significantly reduces the preparation time for weapons, which is especially important in combat conditions. The weight of the weapon without ammunition is 11,7 kilograms, so the B-94 can easily be transported by one person.

        But in general - the weight of Russian 12,7 mm rifles (and there are many) does not exceed 12 kg.
        1. Bormanxnumx
          Bormanxnumx 29 November 2017 14: 40
          Sorry, but where does the rifle in caliber 12,7mm? We kind of talk about rifles chambered for 14,5mm - take for example the IST-14,5 Istiglal, there the weight is also about 30kg.
      2. spech
        spech 29 November 2017 14: 24

        BORMAN82 Today, 11:33 ↑ New
        Do not worry, it doesn’t bother))) There was no noticeable “tormented” shooting from lighter PTRD and PTRS after WWII and everything will be fine here.

        So there was a muzzle brake, and here only a flash suppressor laughing
        ps although the "terminators" do not care about the return.
        1. Bormanxnumx
          Bormanxnumx 29 November 2017 14: 35
          Quote: spech
          So there was a muzzle brake, and here only a flash suppressor

          In this case, the lack of DT (regarding the perception of recoil by the shooter) is leveled by the mass of weapons, so I see no reason for a funny emoticon - or is your physicist different from the generally accepted one?
          1. Lganhi
            Lganhi 29 November 2017 21: 43
            Quote: BORMAN82
            In this case, the lack of DT (regarding the perception of recoil by the shooter) is leveled by the mass of weapons

            Well, just brilliant! So make a machine under the .223 cartridge weighing 30 kg, the return will not be felt at all! And make a 122 mm howitzer weighing 15 tons - there will also be no return!
            Are you all so smart at 404?
          2. Bersaglieri
            Bersaglieri 29 November 2017 21: 46
            Not leveled at all. Count the recoil momentum. And the "carriage" also will not save the collarbone of the "terminator" from fractures.
            1. Bormanxnumx
              Bormanxnumx 30 November 2017 15: 57
              Quote: Bersaglieri
              Not leveled at all. Count the recoil momentum

              Counted), it is the same as that of the PTRD, -C and is 65kg / s
              We consider the recoil energy (this is what should "break the collarbone"):
              weight PTRD 17,2 kg DT efficiency we will take 50% we will receive 63,8j. For Snipex 14.5, the weight took 32kg and it turned out 68,1J. If you find inaccuracies in the calculations, I will gladly listen to your arguments.
      3. robo spirit
        robo spirit 12 December 2017 20: 27
        Yes, it would manifest itself, and even how. It’s just that it wasn’t open for the ukrorazrabotchikam the entire KPVT barrel and slide group for display. And considering what kind of reciprocating spring there is ... By the way, I could have overlooked the text of the article, but how was the issue with the drummer resolved? Or does the shot come from the rear sear? Given the spring, which only very strong people in my memory alone shoved into place, and the carelessly turned back plate of the KPVT could even shoot and break an rib to an inadvertent person when the spring was lowered to the front position, can you imagine how the rifle is being chopped when fired from the rear whisper? There, if the bullet flies approximately forward, and not back - already a sniper shot)))
  7. san4es
    san4es 29 November 2017 10: 39
    XADO Snipex 14.5
    1. beeper
      beeper 29 November 2017 21: 10
      Dear San4es, thank you for a very, very informative video good - I looked and everything became clear to me (not without reason they say "it is better to see once than to hear 100 times (read) yes ", and not only in the design of this" wunderwaffe "!
      This is, for the most part, advanced advertising of branded weapons care products, and the weapon itself is secondarily yes, is used as a lure (this is also noticeable in the photo for the article, in the center of the frame all the same advertisements "having caught sight of zbroyu")! But after all, such a wretched, scholarly design cannot be primary winked smile !
      1. san4es
        san4es 30 November 2017 15: 23
        Quote: pishchak
        "better to see once than hear 100 times (read) yes ", and not only in the design of this" wunderwaffe "! hi

        hi ... Barrel, pipe and bolt - .Karamultuk is ready! laughing
        ... 50 BMG - The Beginning of the "End" fellow

        1. Bersaglieri
          Bersaglieri 8 December 2017 02: 48
          Oh damn ... sorry for the obscene, but otherwise, no way :)
  8. polpot
    polpot 29 November 2017 10: 52
    Lovely little thing, especially for the one who will carry it, the main thing is not to stop there; there are still 23 and 37 millimeters for cyborgs just right
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 29 November 2017 21: 47
      ... 57 is the caliber :)
      1. polpot
        polpot 29 November 2017 23: 32
        I agree and 10 cyborgs in harness calculation
        1. Bersaglieri
          Bersaglieri 8 December 2017 02: 47
          .... in exoskeletons, in order to pay off the return :)
    BLADFROST 29 November 2017 11: 19
    Xado oil should be banned in Russia! These tricks still give profit, and they kill people in the Donbass. Roshen was banned.
  10. Boris63
    Boris63 29 November 2017 11: 28
    Honestly ... A company producing XADost ... Yes, and on the screw, weight 30 kilos, well, ammunition, but they didn’t mention the scope ... it should be at least 20X at such a range, and the weight of such a sight and "durability" .... Maybe after 100 shots it will fall apart ...
  11. Egor-dis
    Egor-dis 29 November 2017 12: 05
    Movable barrel, the sight is mounted on the body. Claimed range is 5km, max - 7km. I wonder for what purpose? On tanks set "on the ass"?
    1. novel66
      novel66 29 November 2017 14: 22
      poor pastor Schlag ....
  12. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 29 November 2017 14: 22
    In fact, in my opinion, the “multi-caliber” constructions are more interesting ... for example, Mechem NTW-20, Anzio 20-50 Rifle .... They are relatively few in the world. And about weapons "talents" ukrov .... how a message appeared that in Ukraine they had developed a rifle ... for some reason, under the rare cartridge 13,2 mm Hotchkiss. If you look at Wikipedia, you can get the info that neither weapons nor cartridges of this caliber are being produced now .... but I didn’t dream of this message about ukro-crazy people!?
  13. bootlegger
    bootlegger 29 November 2017 15: 19
    What is the accuracy of this unit? I do not remember in the nomenclature of the 14,5 mm caliber version of the sniper cartridge. Surely they are being produced by someone, but I doubt something that they were even made by the cartridge factory that remained in the Donbass.
    And without a sniper cartridge, accuracy will be similar to that of PTRS, PTRD.

    Firing range, m Core strips in height, cm Core strips in width, cm
    100 --------- 21
    200 ------------- 42 ----------- 36
    300 -------- 63 ---------- 55
    400 ------- 84 --------- 73
    500 -------- 105 ---------- 92
    Where the core band is the dispersion band containing 70% of hits [22].
  14. Curious
    Curious 29 November 2017 16: 35
    After reviewing the conclusions of specialists and experts of the VO site, the management of XADO decided to stop further work on rifles in caliber 14,5 mm. The company cannot explain how they took up this work without consulting with such reputable specialists.
    1. cariperpaint
      cariperpaint 30 November 2017 00: 39
      there are many who are familiar with such systems and very tightly. why this sarcasm?
      1. Curious
        Curious 30 November 2017 11: 40
        Yes, what a sarcasm. Quite seriously. According to the comments, it is clear that some specialists.
  15. beeper
    beeper 29 November 2017 21: 23
    Golem rifle (or even a mock ?, however, no difference smile ), the design decisions are primitive (the spring knob vividly reminded me of the "three-inch" ...), completely without fiction and at the level of the beginning of the last century ... but, in principle, this is good ...winked smile !
  16. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 29 November 2017 21: 42
    "I see, I see the barrel from the CPV!" :) Even the flame arrester did not bother to remove it. DT no ... clavicle arrow-kerdyk :)
  17. Dedall
    Dedall 30 November 2017 00: 27
    Gentlemen, comrades, how I laughed when I read at the very beginning of the article about the prospects of selling this garbage abroad !! I don’t understand why Ukrainian rattles are described every day. For example, I was interested to read about a rifle of the same class that is produced in South Africa, and there is still a serious industry. Or let someone write an article about the Finnish 20 mm anti-tank rifle. I saw her in the St. Petersburg Naval Museum, but I could not read anything concrete about her.
    In short, there are a lot of interesting things in the world that our sages did not dream of. And here again jokes about Ukraine! Got it !!!
    Dear author, at least mentioned that there is no sniper ammunition in the “Soviet” .50 caliber anywhere. The men from TsSN themselves order them at the factories where they are sharpened from brass. And it would also be worth mentioning that machine-gun trunks are not suitable for accurate shooting. They do not have the appropriate precision slicing and the desired profile. It would be better if someone wrote about how and where it produces barrels for a .50 caliber rifle, which was shown in one of the series “Guys with Guns”. It was shown there that a carbon fiber shell was wound around a metal barrel. This is really interesting!
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 30 November 2017 02: 33
      Quote: Dedall
      Finnish anti-aircraft rifle in 20 mm

      Well, I don’t find information about such a “rifle” of the 40's, I think. Not a problem (recently, I found). But I recently failed to find the info about the modern Finnish rifle under the ShVAK cartridge (20 * 99) ... for some reason then (earlier, I came across this info)
  18. cariperpaint
    cariperpaint 30 November 2017 00: 37
    my mother is a woman ... this is a mutant ... I don’t even know how to describe it even ...
    1. beeper
      beeper 1 December 2017 00: 44
      You have already (briefly, but capaciously!) Described it yes
  19. zzdimk
    zzdimk 30 November 2017 06: 12
    But do they want to try to make a rifle based on the barrel of an 30mm gun? Or have not thought of it yet?
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 30 November 2017 09: 43
      Quote: zzdimk
      But do they want to try to make a rifle based on the barrel of an 30mm gun? Or have not thought of it yet?

      "Someone" thought of it! There is a certain “muddy” site ... (it described the exploits of the “Kharkov partisans” which “left and right” drenched the “ukro-junta," capturing "the Javelins" (!)). So it was stated on this site that the militia created a "gun" using the barrel of the 30-mm gun and the muzzle "miracle brake" they invented ... wink By the way, among the Chechen home-made items there is "listed" a manual single-shot 30-mm grenade launcher ... why isn’t the 30-mm "shotgun"? what
      1. psiho117
        psiho117 30 November 2017 13: 07
        you can continue to sculpt pseudo snipers from old machine-gun barrels and machine-gun cartridges, but the inexorable logic is that all serious manufacturers of sniper weapons and ammunition have recognized this caliber as unpromising.
        These mega guns, all sorts of "experts" from Bulgaria, Croatia, South Africa, Ukraine, etc. are riveting. In general - third world countries for other third world countries (the same applies to 20mm rifles, etc. garbage).
  20. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 30 November 2017 21: 47
    I think that 12,7 with modern warheads and sniper bullets is enough, the energy of 14,5 rounds is difficult to realize at ranges greater than 12,7 bullets fly ...
  21. hezbola
    hezbola 5 December 2017 02: 58
    the largest factory sniper is 20mm, and the barrel from the 23mm memory was taken and made a screw, but in Russia for some reason no one ever tried to make a screw at 14,5 20 23mm at least on a robot or a drone
  22. Dormidont
    Dormidont 27 December 2017 20: 36
    the brainchild of a gloomy Svidomo genius - a delightful child prodigy
  23. The comment was deleted.