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Ruthenium harvest is not an obstacle? Greenpeace writes to the prosecutor!

The Chelyabinsk grain, safe and of high quality, will not be shipped abroad at all due to ruthenium emissions, which terrible things are told in the yellow and yellow press. Grain decided not to deliver due to unprofitable transportation. This solution is not related to ruthenium-106 emissions. In addition, the source of the emission has not yet been detected, and its establishment will take a long time. Meanwhile, the Russian branch of Greenpeace is going to write to the prosecutors. It’s no joke: “tens of millions of people have been affected”!

The noise in the world press and in the environment of legal and environmental advocates began with a statement by the German Department of Radiation Protection (Federal Center for Radiation Protection of Germany, BfS). This institution informed Europe of the elevated levels of ruthenium-106 in the air. The period of estimated emissions was also announced: September 29 - October 3. However, the concentration of the substance, noted in BfS, was “extremely low”, and therefore did not pose a threat to health. In addition, German experts believe that the cause of the increased content in the air "one hundred and sixth" is not a nuclear accident.

Specialized site "Geoenergy" quoted a paragraph from the report of the German Federal Radiation Protection Center:

“Observation stations across the continent recorded an increase in the content of 106Ru, an analysis to identify its source is presumably located in 1000 km from Germany, in Eastern Europe. Since only the content of this radioactive isotope is recorded, an accident at a nuclear power plant as a reason for its appearance is excluded. With a fixed concentration of Ru106 in the air, the danger to human health is excluded. "

The sensational version was born at the French Institute for Radiation Protection (IRSN):

“The IRSN calculations based on concentration levels measured in several European countries and on the meteorological conditions of the last few days seem to indicate that air could be formed from the southern regions of the Urals or close to them. IRSN is continuing its research to try to confirm the origin of this air pollution. ”

And then the ruthenium scandal stepped into the press and acquired the look of a typically “Russian” phenomenon in Europe!

It probably happened because in the West they also know that in 1986, General Secretary Gorbachev at first preferred to hide the Chernobyl disaster, and about the Mayak enterprise. Out of habit in the West, Russia is blamed for all sins: they say, the ruthenium-106 trace stretches to the clean European Union right from the dirty Chelyabinsk region. Ruthenia and Russia are one and the same, and therefore everything is clear: the Russians are to blame!

The thing is that a specific source of pollution has not yet been identified. And the Chelyabinsk grain, which will not be exported because all of it is supposedly contaminated with the radioactive isotope of ruthenium, turned out to be in fact clean and safe. It will not go to the expert simply because the transportation will be very expensive. Corn checked: it is safe.

But let's take a look at the Russian site of the famous Greenpeace and look at the arguments of the philanthropists and environmentalists.

Site Greenpeace informs: the largest concentrations of ruthenium-106 "were detected by Roshydromet in the southern Urals near the Mayak plant owned by Rosatom.

The alarm was sounded by the IAEA: according to the organization, at the end of September and the beginning of October 2017, ruthenium-106 was detected in the atmosphere of several European countries. The German Radiation Protection Authority concluded: “with a high probability”, the source of the emission is located in the Southern Urals. However, Rosatom called such claims untenable. The state corporation said that, according to Rosgidromet, in aerosols samples from September 25 to October October XNUM, ruthenium-7 was not found anywhere in Russia except at the measurement point in St. Petersburg. Meanwhile, Greenpeace continues, the report of Rosgidromet for September states that the most significant concentrations of ruthenium-106 were found in settlements near the Mayak plant. Roshydromet also acknowledged, Greenpeace adds, that in late September and early October conditions arose for the active transfer of pollutants from the territory of the Southern Urals to the Mediterranean region and to northern Europe. "Roshydromet" described the "Ru-106 content in aerosol and precipitation samples in September-October 106 of the year" as "extremely high pollution" and "high pollution", emphasize the Greenpeace. And comment:

"Even given that the observed concentration over Europe is low, tens of millions of people were affected, and some of them would have health problems."

Without further ado, Greenpeace directly indicates the source of infection. “The emergency release of ruthenium-106 at the Mayak plant,” the site says, “may be related to the vitrification of spent nuclear fuel. It is also possible for material containing ruthenium-106 to enter the furnace for the smelting of metals. ”

It is also indicated that Greenpeace will undertake this issue. Quote:

"Greenpeace Russia will send a letter to the prosecutor's office with a request to check the possible concealment of a radiation accident and information about the state of the environment, as well as the readiness of the monitoring system of radionuclides in the atmosphere for new accidents."

So, hurried Greenpeace knows everything. However, other specialists will not agree with this environmental organization. We give the word to them.

First, scientists believe that the results of the estimation of emissions can be obtained no earlier than six months.

The first results of the work of the Atomic Scientists Commission, which establishes the source of ruthenium-106, will appear no sooner than six months later. Attention, this is not a yellow press and not speculation of leisure bloggers! Told about it TASS Ilya Yarmoshenko, Deputy Director for Science, Institute of Industrial Ecology, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Created by the commission, according to the scientist, "you need to analyze the full set of data." And this is “a lot of work.” The expert stressed that such a long work will take “at best half a year”. (Note: at best.) “The conclusions made by the commission will make it possible to exclude the possibility that similar emissions of ruthenium-106 will occur regularly,” commented the situation to Yarmoshenko.

And most importantly: according to the scientist, the commission will firstly determine the sources of ruthenium-106 production in Russia and Europe and analyze logistic schemes. Then the group members will check how exactly this ruthenium is used. It is necessary and once again to study the pollution of industrial facilities, the environment and compare the data with meteorological reports at the time of release, the direction and strength of the wind.

Secondly, the deputy governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Oleg Klimov, refuted the statements of European experts that the region's enterprises could have become the source of ruthenium-106 in Europe.

Thirdly, the press service of the Mayak Production Association, which is among the Rosatom sites, reported that the company did not produce ruthenium-2017 sources in the 106 year, and the local radiation background was normal. To this, it was added that work on the isolation of ruthenium-106 from spent nuclear fuel and the manufacture on its basis of ionizing radiation sources has not been carried out at the plant for many years.

As for the Rosgidromet report mentioned above, it reports, according to TASS, that the decay products of ruthenium-106 were recorded not only in the Chelyabinsk region. 26 and 27 of September, they were recorded in Tatarstan, 27 and 28 of September - in Rostov-on-Don and in Volgograd. And the IAEA notes that ruthenium-106 was discovered in Romania, Italy, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

Fourthly, there are also accurate data on the level of substance content. Rosgidromet analyzed samples from the Argayash and Novogorny observation points in the Chelyabinsk region from 25 in September through 1 in October. According to the ministry, the content of ruthenium was thousands of 76,1 and thousands of 52,3 microblockers. E.Savchenko, the Minister of Public Safety, stated that this level of pollution is not dangerous: “The concentrations of ruthenium-106 recorded in the Chelyabinsk Region were at the level of the registered indicators in other regions of Russia and Europe. They with a large margin did not exceed the established standard, do not pose a danger to the environment, life and health of the population. " Safety for human concentrations of ruthenium-106 was also announced by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Rospotrebnadzor.

Fifth, the situation with the export of “contaminated” grain, about which the yellow press composed stories, was clarified. Like, Chelyabinsk region due to emissions of ruthenium-106 refused to export!

Here is a statement about this from the spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture of the region Natalia Tverdokhlebova. She explained the situation to the publication "".

According to her, the Chelyabinsk region will not export the grown grain due to the unprofitability of its transportation. With the release of ruthenium-106, the decision to refuse to supply abroad is not connected. All grain was harvested before the time of the expected release.

“Chelyabinsk manufacturers could export for export surplus to 150-200 thousands of tons of food grade 3 wheat,” she said. - But minus all transportation costs, they will have approximately from 4 thousand to 5 thousand rubles per ton. This is below cost. And we ourselves consume almost all of the feed grain: it goes to the poultry farms and pig farms. If there was any release, it had no effect on the grain, because it had already been removed. In addition, the bulk of the grain is grown in hundreds of kilometers in the south of the region. ”

The regional administration of the Rosselkhoznadzor reported that "grain is under state control." A spokeswoman for the South Ural Directorate of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Tatiana Nachtigal, reported to the publication: The Center for Safety and Quality Assessment of Grain and its Processing Products is constantly conducting laboratory studies of grain for safety and quality indicators and can confirm that the Russian grain is in full compliance with the most stringent the requirements of both Russian legislation and the legislation of importing countries in all quality and safety indicators ”. Finally, the vice-governor Sergey Sushkov said that there are no problems with the export of grain, meat and other products of South Ural producers: "All products are checked and fully comply with safety requirements."

By the way, earlier сообщалосьthat the grain harvest in the Chelyabinsk region amounted to 2,4 mln. tons and by 24% more than last year. And after reports of ruthenium-106 emissions in the southern Urals, wheat prices on the American Commodity Exchange rose!

Sixth, representatives of Rosatom spoke with the press. They stated that there were no accidents at the enterprises of the state corporation, which could lead to an increase in the level of ruthenium-106 in the air.

"The data on ruthenium-106 isotope pollution published by Roshydromet allow us to conclude that the dose that a person could receive was 20 thousand times less than the permissible annual dose and does not represent any danger to the health and life of people," "Rosatom" correspondent - Atmospheric pollution by the ruthenium-106 isotope, indicated in the Roshydromet report, is not related to the activities of FSUE Mayak PA.

Seventh, the international level. Site "Geoenergy" quotes the IAEA document received from the source: “Based on the monitoring data and information provided by the IAEA member states, no specific event or specific location of 106Ru was released into the atmosphere. At present, the IAEA cannot draw conclusions with respect to determining the location of a leak without actual reporting from the state in which the leak occurred. ”

The circle is closed. Now we should wait for a response from the Russian scientists, and they ask for it for at least six months. Until then, do not draw any conclusions.

As for the release source version, here are the most popular ones.

Since ruthenium-106 is used to treat cancer diseases, it is likely that we should be talking about the incident in the medical industry. "Ruthenium is used in medicine for the treatment of eye cancer," said "Spark" Alexander Uvarov, chief editor of the portal - The version about the satellite also appeared. And it can be believable. Of course, the half-life of ruthenium-106 is about a year, which means that the device will work only during this period, and it is unprofitable to launch it ... But perhaps it’s about the fall of the reconnaissance satellite - no one will admit it. ”

As a result, we will note that the IAEA's assessment, and the comments of Russian scientists and specialists in the field, and the initial, cautious report of the German department prove: those who want to inflate the scandal from scratch and blacken Russia in every way, attributing to it almost the new Chernobyl cause will certainly find. And in this "occasion" any truth can drown.

It’s ridiculous, of course, but Rosatom actually has to justify itself to the yellow press! And at the same time, and before Greenpeace, which is ready to scribble letters to the prosecutor's office. But what about: “tens of millions of people were affected”! Not otherwise, the Russians staged a radiation attack on Europe.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 29 November 2017 07: 20
    The Germans calm down ... it’s better to keep an eye on UKRAINE ... it’s not even an hour that they will blow up the pots. Any nuclear station will be bad for everyone.
    1. jjj
      jjj 29 November 2017 11: 40
      There is one significant remark:
      "And after reports of the release of ruthenium-106 in the South Urals, wheat quotes on the US Commodity Exchange have grown!"
      This year, the Americans had problems with the sale of crops, while Russia, on the contrary, is increasing grain supplies abroad. It has now been culturally announced that Russian wheat is poisonous. Everybody Follows American
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 1 December 2017 20: 51
      Are Russian corrupt Greenpeace officers suggesting Chaika to confess to them? belay
  2. klaus16
    klaus16 29 November 2017 07: 27
    Yes there is some kind of aunt, a native of Ozyorsk, brewed all the porridge, or she was told to brew. Right now she lives in France. You see, they are pursuing her. She is the organizer and participant of a bunch of pro-protection organizations that are recognized as in.agents.
  3. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 29 November 2017 07: 28
    ... Meanwhile, the Russian branch of Greenpeace was about to write to prosecutors. Is it a joke: “tens of millions of people have been exposed”! ...

    In the furnace - this Russian branch of Greenpeace, it is high time to recognize him as a "foreign agent" and prohibit his activities as wrecking and subversive throughout Russia! negative
    PS We already have someone to protect Russian natural resources, we can do without the instructions of the Western "green"! yes
    laughing laughing laughing
  4. igordok
    igordok 29 November 2017 07: 43
    Do not forget that Ruthenium is named after Russia. Against the background of Russophobia, the mention of Russia even as a chemical element causes rejection in some individuals.
  5. novel66
    novel66 29 November 2017 07: 49
    maybe a Korean footprint?
  6. svp67
    svp67 29 November 2017 08: 23
    For me in this story the questions are not completely clear ...
    1. Why the increased radiation was not recorded at other important facilities in the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions, and there this control is VERY serious. I had, as experience is convinced.
    2. Why is ruthenium concentration the highest in Romania?
    1. igordok
      igordok 29 November 2017 19: 29
      Quote: svp67
      For me in this story the questions are not completely clear ...

      From the point of view of Ruthenium:
  7. SPACE
    SPACE 29 November 2017 10: 44
    And at the same time in front of Greenpeace, which is ready to scribble letters to the prosecutor. But what about: “tens of millions of people have been exposed”!

    It was not Ruthenium, but another no less radioactive element, "Russophobia" called laughing It acts mainly on the remnants of the brain.
  8. izya top
    izya top 29 November 2017 11: 09
    A sensational version was born at the French Institute for Radiation Protection (IRSN)

    a specific source of pollution has not yet been identified.

    Meet the author of "ruthenium panic"
    Nadezhda Lvovna Kutepova. 45 years. Conscientious political emigrant. "Ecologist and human rights activist, sociologist and lawyer." The creator and director of the environmental human rights NGO Planet of Hopes in Ozyorsk, Chelyabinsk Region, recognized as a foreign agent on May 26.05.2015, XNUMX (money from the notorious National Endowment for Democracy, NED).
    For many years, she was a balamut against the Mayak Production Association and the Rosatom State Corporation, and conducted destructive propaganda in the cradle of the domestic nuclear industry. In 2008-09, the defendant in the case of tax evasion. Laureate of the international award "For a nuclear-free future" -2011 in the nomination "Resistance". She was listed as the head of the Public Reception Center for Human Rights of ZATO Ozersk, an adviser to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Chelyabinsk Region.
    In the summer of 2015, after accusations of industrial espionage and high treason voiced on Russia-1 TV channel, she washed off from Ozersk to France, where she was accommodated at the expense of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Amnesty International and the Dutch organization Women of Europe - for a Common Future , asking and receiving political asylum: “I realized that you can’t delay anymore, I wrote to human rights activists, two hours later FIDH sent me tickets, and on the evening of July 6 we left the city. I took all necessary security measures, that is, it did not look like leaving "They all took things out in advance, and just as if they went for a walk. They left the phone at home. We left for Yekaterinburg in a car that had nothing to do with me, and early in the morning we flew to Paris via Istanbul."
    Actively cooperates with the French special services, according to rumors. Has some mental problems ("FIDH gave me a free psychotherapist"). In 2016, in an interview with the BBC, she defined her task as “through international structures to influence the Russian Federation and Rosatom”. She took part in a number of openly anti-Russian events. Participates in "research projects", is engaged in "counseling" and the formation of the social movement Against Nuclear For Justice.
  9. Anyone
    Anyone 29 November 2017 12: 05
    The article has an excess of quoted text, which symbolizes)) But the thing is different. But the fact is that if you just look at the wind rose (I specifically asked my guys to apply a vector layer in QGIS of the intensity of the factor of movement of air masses and the direction of its influence - “wind rose”, in short), then Argayash and Novogorny (where judging by the news, samples were taken) located directly on the lines passing through the Lighthouse. Coincidence? I do not think ©
    Another thing is that for me it’s Ruthenium, that Hexoral)) I don’t understand anything in the isotopes (and most importantly, I don’t want, gee) and therefore I can’t assess the degree of danger. I admit that there is no danger at all. But this does not mean that the author of the article can pull quotes as it suits him, abstract from obvious facts, and generally pull the owl on the globe. If he (the author) wants to passionately join the data that I talked about, then he is ready to send him a vector layer on occasion, on which he can look at the direction of the wind. However, even this is not necessary. You can just go to
    1. ammunition
      ammunition 30 November 2017 00: 18
      Quote: Anyone
      Another thing is that for me that is Ruthenium, that Hexoral)) I do not understand anything in the isotopes (and most importantly, I do not want, gee)

      If you are "not in the tooth," then at least keep quiet. sad
      Although .. sad .. What we have lived up to! What power has gained all slander. And even the owners of technical education .. throw themselves in a panic .. believe the bastards of the CIA hirelings .. as if there are no brains at all.
      What is going on?
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Sedoy
    Sedoy 29 November 2017 14: 44
    Everything as usual...

  13. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 29 November 2017 17: 14
    And that our people are so shy, we need to shout to the whole world that the Romanians are the source of the release.
    1. dzvero
      dzvero 29 November 2017 19: 26
      This version is in the top 3. And if you take into account that the thief shouts the loudest “keep the thief” and the French are somehow involved, then the most likely one.
      Yours do not scream, because there are other versions. For example RITEG from satellite; all points with high concentrations lie on one straight line. There is also a version of provocation / sabotage. Only one thing is clear - the matter is dark. A lot of weirdness, absurdities and obscure body movements.
    2. 1 December 2017 09: 10
      You did not understand! Do Romanians have the first letter in the name of the country? This alone is enough for the accusations ... of Russia. For Russians, the presumption of innocence does not apply. This was what Wada recently announced.
      Relax - inside Russia, Putin is to blame for all the troubles, outside Russia - the Russians are to blame. Good is never unpunished.
      Less needed to build hospitals and schools, and more cuffs to give all sorts of young Europeans. You look and would respect.
  14. zxc15682
    zxc15682 29 November 2017 18: 16
    Ruthenium is an element of the eighth group of the fifth period of the periodic system of chemical elements, atomic number is 44. The simple substance of ruthenium is a transition metal of silver color. Refers to platinum metals. Ruthenium is obtained as a "waste" in the refining of platinum and platinum metals.

    A significant source of ruthenium for its production is its separation from the fission fragments of nuclear materials (plutonium, uranium, thorium), where its content in spent fuel elements reaches 250 grams per ton of “burnt” nuclear fuel.

    A technology has also been developed to produce ruthenium from technetium-99 using neutron irradiation of molybdenum [7]. laughing It’s just that ruthenium itself is safe if you don’t eat it with grams ...
    1. ammunition
      ammunition 30 November 2017 00: 34
      Quote: zxc15682
      It’s just that ruthenium itself is safe if you don’t eat it with grams ...

      Ruthenium is a precious metal of the platinum group. Chemical resistant like gold or platinum. Beautiful and safe. fellow
      There are unstable isotopes of Ruthenium. Duc !! And gold has unstable isotopes! Radioactive during decay.
      That's just gold would not scare anyone. For example, the isotope is 195 gold. Worse than 106's ruthenium .. emits more energetic electrons. sad
  15. Normal ok
    Normal ok 2 December 2017 23: 33
    I remember how, after the Chernobyl explosion, the BBC already gave information about the accident and we pretended that everything was super. Nothing has changed now. The leadership of the Lighthouse never admits a leak, and the government does not need it. The author just works off his bread. It remains to wish that the author and the leadership of Mayak ate bread only from the Chelyabinsk region (((
  16. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 3 December 2017 22: 35
    And to hell with us make excuses. Specify specifically that the accident occurred at a French nuclear power plant, Curie laboratory, or where else ... You need to grind with a drill. On Greenpeace, indicate that the leadership was bribed by Soros and intentionally distorts the situation and so on. And then our snot hung, ears spread ...