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Russian experts joined the search for the Argentine submarine

Argentine Corvette Robinson with Russian experts on board went to the search area for the missing submarine "San Juan", reports RIA News.

The ship went out to sea from the port of Comodoro-Rivadavia port.

The group included the commander and operators of the underwater vehicle "Panther plus", deep-sea divers and a diving doctor. The squad was headed by the head of the Scientific Research Institute for Rescue and Underwater Technologies of the Military Training and Scientific Center of the Navy, Sergey Bashmakov,
reports the agency from the scene.

Norwegian ship Sophie Siem also went on the search for a submarine.

Recall, the Argentine diesel-electric submarine San Juan stopped communicating on November 15 at the transition from the Ushuaia naval base to Mar del Plata. At the time of the last communication session, the 44 man was on board. Earlier, the representative of the Navy Enrique Balbi said a single explosion, which may be associated with the disappearance of the submarine.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 November 2017 10: 01
    ... maybe they will find a boat ... there are no longer alive ...
    1. 1331M
      1331M 28 November 2017 10: 04
      Well, at least the Sailors will be returned to their families, so as to be buried according to their custom ....
      1. Dashout
        Dashout 28 November 2017 10: 35
        Our try to find ... Condolences ....
    2. MoJloT
      MoJloT 28 November 2017 10: 35
      Late help was accepted, reached out as if there was some kind of secrecy.
  2. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 28 November 2017 10: 16
    a panther under water - they called it a crucian or perch galleries. eternal memory to sailors
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 28 November 2017 10: 30
      Good reason to marketers to advertise our "Patner".
  3. Zubr
    Zubr 28 November 2017 10: 33
    Well, good luck, take care! I think ours will find this needle in a haystack ...
  4. Sergey53
    Sergey53 28 November 2017 11: 06
    In all cases, our search engines will get great training at this event. Sailors from the submarine, of course, are a pity.
  5. Berkut154
    Berkut154 28 November 2017 12: 18
    Panther is not a search engine. It serves for examination and work already on the discovered object.
  6. iaroslav.mudryi
    iaroslav.mudryi 28 November 2017 14: 10
    Worker TPA "Panther Plus"

    Work TPA "Panther Plus" - is designed to perform complex underwater operations in strong currents at depths up to 1000 meters.
    Features of the model is the use of more powerful propulsors,
    providing increased stability and controllability of the underwater vehicle, as well as the ability to carry a payload of up to 105 kg. The underwater vehicle can be equipped at the same time with a wide range of additional devices, including 2 hydraulic manipulators, a multi-beam echo sounder, a track-finding complex and a pipeline inspection complex.

    The main model of use: the implementation of complex underwater operations.
    To date, the world uses 24 underwater vehicles of this type.

    The underwater vehicle is specifically designed to do everything
    range of underwater technical works (PTR), including without the use of divers, in the construction and maintenance of drilling and production platforms, pipeline construction.
  7. iaroslav.mudryi
    iaroslav.mudryi 28 November 2017 14: 15
    Mobile complex "Panther Plus"

    The complex is designed to provide mobile use of the Panther Plus telecontrolled underwater vehicle (RTPA) during emergency rescue operations from its own power source.

    Mobility is ensured by the auto and air transportability of the complex by aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Russian Federation IL-76 (An-124).
    Combining the production experience of the British company CIA Marine and the operation of TPA by the Navy, the specialists of TETIS PRO created a new unique mobile complex based on the Panther Plus RTPA, which combines:

    • Enhanced functionality through the use of new technical and design solutions
    • Simplification and optimization of the storage, transportation, deployment, use and maintenance process
    • Increased reliability by duplicating all systems and installing a backup power system.

    The composition of the complex:
    • Remote-controlled working underwater vehicle complete with a lifting device (GPU), a winch with a load-carrying cable and a deep-sea diving device (UGP);
    • Container control room;
    • Work container with an autonomous power source (75 kW diesel generator), workshop and add. equipment;
    • Auto chassis KAMAZ-53212 (8х4)
    • Chassis trailer NEFAZ-8332;
    • Truck crane KS-3574 (URAL-5557 chassis);
    • Minibus cargo-passenger GAZ-3221 - 2 units

    RTPA Panther Plus

    panteraplus3.jpgWorking remote-controlled underwater vehicle (RTPA) is intended for additional search and examination of emergency and sunken objects, a wide range of underwater technical work, both independently and together with divers and (or) inhabited underwater vehicles at depths up to 1000м.

    During the underwater operations, the RTPA provides:
    • detection of underwater objects with the help of a circular scanning sonar at a distance of up to 300m;
    • transmission of the sonar image of the object to the carrier vessel with its registration on magnetic media;

    • detection and inspection of underwater objects of color and black and white video cameras of increased photosensitivity;
    • transmission of color or black-and-white video images to the carrier vessel with its registration on magnetic media;
    • rescue operations on an emergency submarine lying on the ground (connecting the ventilation hoses of the compartments and supplying the VVD, transferring emergency cases to the submarine via torpedo tubes);
    • delivery to the ground and lifting to the surface of goods up to 105 kg.
    1. Veteran
      Veteran 28 November 2017 21: 43
      The device is not suitable for a large-scale search, only for additional search (GL to 300 m), i.e. it is only useful if they discover an underwater object similar to a boat. They are surprised by the marine carriers allocated to them by the Argentines - the corvette (PVI 1800 t), which came out with difficulty, but especially the second - the stotonnik patrol boat. How will they use Panther from it? There is a storm in the search area.