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Syria can connect the UN to negotiate a settlement

Syria can connect the UN to negotiate a settlement

Simultaneously with the victory of government troops in the war against terrorist groups in Syria, before which there are a few weeks left, the process of a political settlement of the crisis will begin in the country. At the moment, active preparations are being made for negotiations on a post-war structure, and also the composition of their participants is being determined, including from a number of international organizations.

In particular, the other day, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it does not object to the UN participation in the discussion and decision-making on the future of the Arab Republic. However, the Foreign Ministry stressed that at the same time they demand from the organization “to respect the sovereignty and the right of peoples to self-determination proclaimed by the UN Charter, and not to interfere in internal affairs”.

In general, the position of the official Damascus in relation to the UN may seem rather tough, but this is only at first glance. In fact, the longstanding conflict has demonstrated that such an approach to the activities of an international body is not devoid of meaning and, often, completely justified.

The fact is that in recent years, an organization with its headquarters in New York has less and less fulfilled its responsibilities in creating the functions of maintaining and strengthening peace and security, as well as developing cooperation between states. On the contrary, since the end of the 20 century, it looks more like a platform for upholding by a certain group of countries, primarily Western, own interests, without reacting to the threats to global security that regularly arise in the world. It is enough to recall how, in response to NATO’s military invasion, first to Yugoslavia, and then to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the UN actually distanced itself from directly participating in the process of resolving the above-mentioned crises, preferring to take a conciliatory stance with the actions of the interventionists and criticize the doomed to destruction, but however, legitimate governments.

Since the beginning of the protests in Syria and the creation there, with the assistance of foreign intelligence services, of illegal armed formations of the so-called moderate opposition, the organization’s activities, in fact, were carried out according to the same patterns as before. From the international rostrum, foreign politicians groundlessly accused the official Syrian authorities of crimes against their own population, and relevant resolutions were passed on to the Security Council for review. The key topic, which for a long time caused special excitement and activity of the opponents of Damascus in New York, was their attempt to accuse the leadership of the Arab Republic of a chemical attack in Khan-Sheikhun in April of this year, the apogee of which was an early vote on the extension of the mandate of the joint UN and OPCW mission, which, however, failed. This commission, we recall, for several months conducted an investigation into the incident, but did not collect the necessary evidence, relying solely on the testimony of representatives of the armed opposition and data from the Internet. As a result, the military SAR were named guilty of the tragedy, and representatives of Western countries demanded the immediate punishment of President Bashar al-Assad.

Naturally, such cases, along with the already tarnished reputation of the main international body, increasingly force one or another political force to resolve its problems without its mediation. As for the fading Syrian crisis, Russia, Turkey and Iran, participating in its settlement, have a real influence on the situation in the Middle East region and are able to lay the foundation that will allow a war-torn state to get on its feet as soon as possible. The UN in this situation is kept to a minimum.

Nevertheless, Damascus is ready to provide the organization with the opportunity to join the process of the post-war state formation, which means the unwillingness of the Syrian leadership to completely bury the nominal guarantor of world security. For the UN, this invitation will become a kind of exam that will show whether it is ready to be reformatted and perform the functions assigned to it. If so, then the current system of global security in its current form still has prospects. If the UN, as in previous years, tries to lobby outside interests that infringe the rights of other participants in the political debate, then finally turn into a relic of time that does not meet modern requirements.
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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 28 November 2017 06: 06
    Syria can connect the UN to negotiate a settlement
    why do you need this rotten office, with the tacit consent of which the countries are falling apart?
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 28 November 2017 06: 45
      Grandfather Today, 06:06 New ... why do you need this rotten office, with the tacit consent of which the countries are falling apart?

      ... apparently it will be less costly to legally formalize post-war relations in the SAR, and yet to attract this office is the United Nations, although I agree with you, rotten through and through ...
    2. solzh
      solzh 28 November 2017 09: 19
      Totally agree with you. The UN will help nothing, it will only drag out the conflict for a long period of time. As a result, nothing remains of Syria.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 28 November 2017 11: 15
      You have to do your own UN. bully
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 November 2017 06: 42
    In particular, the other day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria stated that it does not object to the participation of the UN in the discussion and development of decisions on the future of the Arab Republic.

    ... I believe that without this sharaga-UN, you still can not do ...
  3. Nix1986
    Nix1986 28 November 2017 07: 02
    In general, without the UN, of course, nowhere, but this puppet theater is where the US puppeteer is, what can be expected from him positively?
  4. prior
    prior 28 November 2017 08: 48
    Damascus has long had time to raise with the UN the question of the illegal presence of American military units in the territory of an independent sovereign state.
    And Russia will support.
    Without Americans, peace on Syrian soil will come much earlier.
  5. gorenina91
    gorenina91 28 November 2017 14: 04
    -If the UN also connects ... then all our "Russian affairs" in Syria will go down the drain ...