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The resulting data suggests the involvement of the IG to the terrorist attack on Sinai

A preliminary investigation of the terrorist act committed last Friday in the north of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt confirms the involvement of the terrorist group IG (banned in the Russian Federation) to it, reports TASS Post Al Masry Al Youm.

A preliminary investigation shows that the IS terrorists are behind this attack. The attack on the praying civilians was made after (security forces) thwarted the hostile plans of the militants to attack the location of the security forces,
writes the publication with reference to a source in the power structures of Egypt.

On Friday, during prayer, a terrorist attack was committed in a Sufi mosque in the village of Bir al-Abd. At about 30, the bandits first staged an explosion inside the mosque, and then opened indiscriminately firing machine guns at people who were trying to panic to leave the scene. The victims were 305 people, including 27 children. Another 128 man was injured.

As the portal notes, the Egyptian army together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not stop the search operation for the third day and neutralize the extremists involved in the attack.

It is reported that "the operation takes place in three main areas: first of all, through intelligence, special services and criminal investigation, which collect information about the militants and their possible location in the desert areas of Sinai." Active assistance is provided by local tribes.

Earlier this work has already led to the destruction of several terrorists and their transshipment bases. In the operation, in addition to the army special forces, the Egyptian air force is also involved.

In addition, "security measures have been strengthened in all parts of the peninsula, personnel have been brought to a state of maximum alert, the number of stationary and mobile patrols has been increased, ambushes have been arranged, and vehicles and people have been thoroughly searched," the report said.
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  1. Sergey53
    Sergey53 27 November 2017 13: 31
    So here and guessing is not necessary. Muslims only they blow up.
  2. Slovak
    Slovak 27 November 2017 14: 54
    First and foremost, the United States. Their brainchild, they save ISIS from destruction
  3. protoss
    protoss 27 November 2017 17: 00
    Well, finally, the igil loves to boast about his attacks, but on the contrary writes that it’s not them. so for now it’s not clear whose work it’s, although it’s very convenient to write everything off to a needle.
  4. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 27 November 2017 20: 40
    Let them buy weapons from the FSA further, more ISIS of all kinds will appear.
  5. zenion
    zenion 28 November 2017 18: 56
    Here you still need a little eraser to go around and find out who their patron is?