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Qatar intends to buy another 12 fighter Rafale

Qatar turned to Paris with a request to prolong the option to purchase 12 fighters Dassault Rafale, which has recently expired, reports bmpd with reference to the newspaper La Tribune.

According to the newspaper, the company Dassault Aviation went to meet the customer and offered a deal for 6,3 billion euros (including weapons manufactured by MBDA and Safran) under a contract signed in May 2015, when Doha purchased the 24 French fighter.

As the newspaper writes, referring to its sources, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, intends to announce this deal during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, scheduled for December 7.

"The visit of Macron to Qatar will also be the reason for signing a contract in the interests of Nexter Systems for the sale of VBCI wheeled armored personnel carriers that had previously attracted Qatar," the newspaper writes.

Sources of the publication note that “this is not excluded,” since the French concern took part in a tender for the purchase of 300 wheeled armored personnel carriers in the amount of 2 billion euros to equip Qatari ground forces.
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  1. Logall
    Logall 27 November 2017 13: 02
    As far as I remember, Qatar is a rogue country for the Western world. Recently! Or where there is no money principles?
    Paris, the Yankees are scolding!
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 27 November 2017 13: 40
      Qatar is one of the leading countries in terms of GDP per capita. With a 50 degree heat, besides dates, little grows there. Therefore, it depends on 90% of food supplies. But there are clearly not enough 12 “rafals” per king. But where to fly them on a small peninsula?
      1. just exp
        just exp 27 November 2017 14: 06
        this is not 12 rafals, this is ANOTHER 12 rafals. since 24 pieces were previously ordered and this is still a trifle. since there have recently been signed contracts for the supply of 36 and 72 F-15.
        it’s not sickly, then more than a hundred F-15s alone. and this is a country with an area of ​​11 km², that is, if you take it as a square, then the whole of Qatar is 586 by 100 km. and besides f-115 and rafals there are also mirages there.
        in the course of the number of modern aircraft per square kilometer, Qatar is the record holder on the entire planet.
  2. Gardamir
    Gardamir 27 November 2017 13: 05
    For the fact that Russia has shared its oil with Qatar, Qatar will buy NATO aircraft. Tell us again about the patriotic position of the Kremlin leadership.
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 27 November 2017 13: 12
      Maybe it's a knight's move
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 27 November 2017 13: 17
        Then a camel lol
        1. Dezinto
          Dezinto 27 November 2017 13: 25
          Then a camel

          Generally a joker, he is a checkpoint in any situation .... lol

          Well, in general, "let’s live like it’s heated ......
    2. just exp
      just exp 27 November 2017 14: 14
      and for the fact that the mattresses shared their democracy with the Saudis, the Saudis will buy Russian air defense systems. tell us again that the trump is not ours.
      how many times to write that everyone, and especially the key Arabs, all arms purchases are political bribes.
      Qatar is trying to buy support in the EU. just like the Saudis are trying to leave a small path to reconciliation with Russia.
  3. KEX
    KEX 27 November 2017 13: 07
    Yeah, besides they buy everything havno ....
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 27 November 2017 13: 12
      "all havno ...."
      Rafal is a wonderful airplane!
  4. viktorch
    viktorch 27 November 2017 15: 43
    will they wet again?
    1. polpot
      polpot 28 November 2017 00: 06
      those im so mumble mom don't cry
  5. polpot
    polpot 28 November 2017 00: 06
    That sellers are warriors that buyers are one of the others in this case, the corruption component is interesting