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Military topographers use digital maps and geo-information modeling

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is completing the deployment of an automated system of high-precision electronic maps and 3D terrain models, according to News.

The military department allocated more than 900 million rubles for the implementation in the military districts of 23 of software and hardware systems for the Apsheronsk-2015 digital geo-information system of operational collection, processing and updating.

“When creating and updating electronic maps and 3D models, information of optical, infrared, laser and radar sensors is used. They are installed on reconnaissance satellites, combat aircraft, drones and ships. As a result, the officer can see on the screen of a special tablet or laptop a detailed and accurate digital map. 3D-models provide an opportunity to assess the terrain and take into account its features in the conduct of hostilities, "- says the material.

For example, you can determine the most convenient extension directions, possible dangerous directions. It also allows you to direct artillery and Aviation.

The first tests of the system took place during exercises in the Southern Military District in 2012 – 2013.

Former Chief of the Military Topographic Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General of the Stock, Doctor of Military Sciences Valery Filatov:

The system will certainly increase the level, quality and efficiency of management. First of all, this will be connected with the increased speed with which the troops receive the necessary data, their reliability and accuracy. Digital information about the terrain, which is created in the automated system "Apsheronsk-2015", is brought to almost all units of the tactical level.

However, according to him, the new digital technologies will not force traditional paper maps out of the practice of the troops for a long time.

Paper topographic maps along with digital terrain maps have not lost their relevance. They are and will necessarily be on the supply in the troops in the medium and long term. In the course of hostilities, electronic warfare equipment will suppress the work of military equipment, weapons and navigation tools using digital information. We know this from the experience of modern wars and armed conflicts,
said Filatov.
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RIA Novosti / Nikolai Khizhnyak
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  1. Dezinto
    Dezinto 27 November 2017 12: 26
    Great thing, but paper cards should be there too!
    1. Evgeniy667b
      Evgeniy667b 27 November 2017 15: 01
      Now any topographic plan or map is first made in digital form, and then printed on paper or lavsan. There is no highlight in this. Another thing is hybrid maps or plans using fresh photographic materials of different origin (satellite, UAV, ground-based photogrammetry, scanning, etc.). The bottom line is to drive all this into coordinates and lay it out in layers. It turns out synthesis! Well, print it, if necessary. We must have switched on the layer, hidden it. And on paper, a clean plan, they won’t give anything like that.
  2. Primoos
    Primoos 27 November 2017 12: 26
    I hope, with all these hownows, they won’t forget about paper cards? In the old fashioned way, it will be more reliable, or, God forbid, unlearn it on paper. Byaaaaa!
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 27 November 2017 13: 37
      Quote: Primoos
      unlearn on paper. Byaaaaa!

      Come on...
      Paper topographic maps along with digital maps of the area have not lost their relevance. They are and will certainly be on supply in the troops in the medium and long term.
      At least until they introduce a “byaku”, erasing the information from .. paper cards. fellow wassat
  3. siberalt
    siberalt 27 November 2017 12: 36
    If 900 lemons are divided by the cost of one such thing ... How many topographers do our army need? belay The battery is dead or the program freezes, and what can they do in a real battle? belay
    1. Aleksandr69
      Aleksandr69 28 November 2017 08: 32
      Try to give target designation on a paper map of GSh, then with a poo to calculate the sight ... with electronics it takes seconds to do this, and this is life in war. Or at a distance of several hundred km is a miss.
    AVGUST 27 November 2017 12: 38
    I personally use paper cards, for all kinds of trips and rafting, without it, nothing at all, but 3D models, this is of course the future, I would like to use this unit myself, squeaking with delight .....
  5. Sergey53
    Sergey53 27 November 2017 13: 00
    They, cards, do not have to be squeezed out. But it will be like striped. Jeepies is gone and everything instantly stands up. T.K. nobody can use cards.
  6. Piramidon
    Piramidon 27 November 2017 14: 43
    If only we didn’t follow the path of NATO warriors, who cannot use paper cards or even a compass. Zhopies is crap. Map and compass is forever.
  7. Glory1974
    Glory1974 27 November 2017 14: 48
    There is no trouble in paper maps, if only they were updated in a timely manner. And it will turn out like in Chechnya: 1988 cards of the year, and those are black and white, copied on a photocopy.
  8. Whisper
    Whisper 27 November 2017 18: 23
    Quote: siberalt
    If 900 lemons are divided by the cost of one such thing ... How many topographers do our army need? belay The battery is dead or the program freezes, and what can they do in a real battle? belay

    Nine hundred lyamas is an introduction and this is a penny. 15 million dollars in total ... there are klepkeys