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Russian sappers received a complex of engineering intelligence "Dragonfly"

Russian sappers received a compact robotic engineering intelligence complex "Dragonfly", equipped with a non-linear radar, video camera and GPS-module, according to News.

The drone is designed to remotely search for mines and improvised explosive devices and has already been tested in Syria. The drone is able to quickly survey a large area and identify sources of danger.

“The task of" Dragonflies "is to replace the sapper with a mine detector, especially in the open-field through fire. The BLAH starts from the armored vehicle, in which the operator remains, and automatically scans the area methodically. Upon detection of the explosive device "Dragonfly" determines its coordinates and in real time transmits them to the control panel, "- said in the material.

The mass of the device is 12 kg, it can be airborne for up to 40 minutes and carry around 2-kg payload. The speed of the flight of the UAV during reconnaissance is up to 20 km / h.

Dragonfly carries a non-linear radar, HP-900K Korshun, designed to search for controlled mine-blasting devices and other technical equipment containing semiconductor components, both in the on and off state. During the tests, the complex found explosive devices from a height of 30 m.

Using the camera mounted on the drone, the operator can inspect a suspicious object. According to experts, the use of such UAVs significantly reduces the risks to the life of sappers and accelerates the clearance of the area.

Militants are very insidious, which led to a massive lack of fear among the military personnel of government troops (Syria). Russian sappers play a very important role there, so the enemy comes up with sophisticated traps. Often in Syria, the militants installed powerful land mines covered with clay and disguised as stones in an open area, and then detonated them through a radio channel. Also for the sappers working in the city, the snipers of terrorists were dangerous
Oleg Zheltonozhko, a military expert, told the newspaper.
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  1. Primoos
    Primoos 27 November 2017 12: 03
    The development trend of the drone is, on the one hand, to decrease (reconnaissance), and on the other hand, to increase (means of delivery of ammunition).
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 27 November 2017 12: 07
      “The task of the Dragonfly is to replace a sapper with a mine detector, especially in a shot open area.

      how I like that they began to look for ways for the safe performance of drugs. You see, and conflicts of low intensity in general will lead to minimal losses.
      1. 210ox
        210ox 27 November 2017 12: 13
        It is a pity that he will not find a primitive extension or a mine with a simple spring fuse .. Then other physical principles apply ..
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 27 November 2017 12: 18
          Dmitry, welcome! hi In any case, this UAV is a good help for those who are already risking beyond measure.
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 27 November 2017 13: 27
            Any technique for remote detection and clearance of mines will come in handy.
            But why so scary? Why eight engines where you can put four larger (though larger can be cheaper).
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 27 November 2017 13: 45
              It would be necessary to ask the developer. But I suspect that there is a safety net in case of an engine or several failures when fired from the gunner.
            2. Genry
              Genry 27 November 2017 14: 54
              Quote: Shurik70
              Why eight engines where you can put four larger (though larger can be cheaper).

              Such a scheme is much more stable in crosswinds, especially in gusts.
  2. Lena Petrova
    Lena Petrova 27 November 2017 14: 57
    Black, what would they find faster?
    1. minus
      minus 27 November 2017 15: 54
      The manufacturer is a private company, and this model is ordered not only by the Ministry of Defense. They have a huge line of non-linear locators. This is only a special case. Another thing is that the components are not Russian. Both engines and batteries are 100% China.