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Project "ZZ". Russian way: more weapons and less democracy

Vladimir Putin will force Russian plants to produce weapon and ammunition. Obviously, strikes are planned in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries. With democracy, Russia will finally say good-bye in 2024. Six years later, the Tsar will rule the Russians. True, Putin to the idea of ​​a monarchy is cool.

V. Putin with binoculars

German tabloid "Bild" beside himself with indignation: it turns out, Comrade Putin demanded that the economy be transferred to his military rails in his country!

The President of Russia made a statement at a meeting on the military-industrial complex, so his words are not accidental. Putin intends to prepare the state's economy for war. And therefore, Russian enterprises, both public and private, should be ready to move to the aforementioned "war rails".

Where did such rhetoric come from the master of the Kremlin? Maybe because Putin talked to his colleague, the “dictator Assad” the other day?

And one more question interests the publication: against whom are the Russians arming, to whom did they decide to move their forces? The journalists have the answer: Putin wants his message “to be heard by the neighboring Baltic countries, Ukraine and Poland.”

As for Russian factories, then, according to the German tabloid, this means one thing: if the president of the Russian Federation plans a war, enterprises will have to “cooperate” with the president.

Among the military "operations" that were "carried out" by Russia earlier, the German edition points to the last two: in 2014, Putin "annexed Crimea", and then "organized the supply" of weapons to "pro-Russian separatists" in the Ukrainian East. Putin engaged Russian enterprises in both “military operations”.

And not without reason, the border countries express fears: the Ukrainian scenario may be repeated in their territories.

In addition to Ukraine, in recent years, Putin has waged war in Syria, indicates the publication. The Kremlin supports the "dictator Assad", who "without Russian help would have lost the war."

The Kremlin is fighting on another front, the information one. Fortunately, here the West has something to say: money. Jennifer Rankin tells about it in the influential British newspaper «The Guardian».

The special anti-propaganda unit of the EU, called the East Stratcom taskforce (Operational Task Force on Strategic Communications), will receive 1 million euros annually to counter “Russian fake news", Said the publication. The Stratcom group will be financed from the EU budget, since the threat of “cyber attacks and fake news” has been revealed.

For the first time after the establishment of East Stratcom in 2015, the European Union decided to intensify the campaign against misinformation and Russian infofiles, allocating considerable funds for this. East Stratcom Group will receive money directly from the EU budget. According to a source familiar with the work of this team, the anti-propaganda unit will receive about 1,1 million euros each year.

New funding was opened after the announcement of Donald Tusk at the summit of EU leaders. According to the President of the European Council, one of the real problems of Europe is "cyber attacks, fake news, hybrid war." Ban Tusk believes that Europeans should "exercise" caution and vigilance, because there is a threat within the EU. Tusk referred to Teresa May's speech, which recently accused Russia of interfering in elections and publishing fakes in the media in an attempt to unleash an information war and sow discord in the West.

The decision on the financing of a million counter-propaganda units is even linked to the situation in Catalonia, where a referendum on independence recently took place. (Read more about the "world conspiracy" Russian read on "IN" here.)

How do Russians react to these statements and these countermeasures? Laughing!

Teresa May, for example, got into the spotlight of the state Russian TV. The host of the program "News of the Week" D. Kiselev sneering at the appearance of T. May and hinted that she would soon become a topless activist "Femen".

Is the East Stratcom taskforce able to defeat Russian propaganda? Jennifer Rankin reminds us that the entire 14 team is working in this team in Brussels. Politicians and activists in Eastern Europe argue that the unit simply does not have the resources.

Will this group save a million euros? So far it is difficult to judge anything. It is only known that the group is now "developing plans" about the "expansion of monitoring" of the EU "in relation to the Russian media."

While in the European Union they begin to struggle with Russian propaganda, the Russians end up with democracy. Completely do away with it to the 2024 year: by this time the country will be ruled by an autocrat. But they say that V. V. Putin treats such an idea with coolness.

Simon Cruz in the newspaper "Berlingske" (translation source from Danish - "InoSMI") told about the coming revival of the monarchy in Russia. This can happen because the monarchists use the thesis: "Democracy is the worst form of government."

The correspondent of "Berlingske" visited the same school, where the Russians are trying to grow a new monarchist elite.

Konstantin Malofeev was bred as the central figure of the report. Pupils in school uniform "watch him look." He walks, “and from the walls look Russian monarchs, such as Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible, dressed in golden frames.” Then Mr. Malofeev stops under the portrait of Nicholas II.

“The founder of the school, overseeing the work of his hands. Twice a month, a religious oligarch invites senior students to an hour-long spiritual consultation. Today we are talking about modesty, although all of them, like Malofeyev himself, are very rich, ”the Danish edition narrates with irony.

Malofeyev, the newspaper reminds, stands “behind the largest Orthodox Christian Christian media conglomerate in Russia.” This man "fell under the sanctions of Western countries on charges of financing the leaders of the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, torn by war." And he “cultivated the idea of ​​the largest monarchical school in Russia, which is now housed in neoclassical buildings in the western suburbs of Moscow.” The concept of "monarchical" must be interpreted in the literal sense: Mr. Malofeev wants to return to an unlimited monarchy with the king at the head, which was in Russia before the 1917 revolution. “The oligarch loyal to the Kremlin is one of the most active supporters of the need to drop the masks and recognize the monarchical coloration of the current government,” writes Simon Cruz.

Such is the clear message of “his Orthodox channel” and the new monarchist association, which was formed last week. And the same line is being promoted in this private school, where 350 students aged from 7 to 16 are studying today.

The monarchy is more effective, says Zurab Chavchavadze, the leader of the teacher board. “The president has to think about how to maintain his power. It takes a lot of time and energy. The monarch can devote all his strength to serving the people, ”the newspaper quotes him. At the same time, the monarchy assumes a God-fearing population. And this school should educate a new elite that will serve the future monarchy of Russia, Chavchavadze says. By the way, part of the curriculum is taken from the school system of the time of Nicholas II.

St. Petersburg. Festival dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the Russian revolution and National Unity Day

Representative democracy is a false illusion used by thieves and oligarchs, as it was in Russia of the 1990s. “Such a democracy does not live long,” says Zurab Chavchavadze. “Our democracy is nearing its end.”

By the way, teaching a child in this school costs 560 thousand rubles a year. But the number of her students is growing: 350 pairs of wealthy parents, including politicians and TV stars, decided that their children should be brought up with prayer and a monarchical program.

In the ruling party of Russia, too, it is now fashionable to respond well to royal rule. For example, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov expressed full support for the proposal to introduce a monarchy in Russia. The monarchy would create "unity" in times of increasing external threat. However, a spokesman for Vladimir Putin said that Putin reacted to the proposal "extremely cold."

On the other hand, in Russia today monuments to monarchs are being erected. Recently, the Minister of Culture presented the statue of Tsar Ivan III in Kaluga. Last year, the president himself unveiled a monument to Prince Vladimir. Mention edition and other monuments.

V. Putin at the opening of the monument to Tsar Alexander III

Democracy is the “worst form of government,” says Konstantin Malofeev in an interview with Berlingske. “If you take the countries with the highest GDP per capita, you will see that there are monarchies among the richest countries,” he says.

Is it necessary to make a monarch Putin? Malofeev does not want to answer such a question. But he hopes that the presidential election in 2018 will be the last in Russia. “But we very much hope that the elections in the 2024 year will not happen and that Russia will again become a monarchy,” says Malofeev.

* * *

However, monarchical ideas in Russia, if, of course, according to polls, are not very popular. At least not popular.

Most people do not support the return of the monarchy - this is noted among others and the above-mentioned newspaper "Berlingske". Surveys conducted this year show that 68% of Russians are opposed to monarchical rule.

At the same time, we must not forget that the number of supporters of the monarchy is slowly growing. Another survey showed that 28% of the population "to some extent" supports the idea of ​​introducing monarchy. Ten years ago, 22% had such supporters — six percentage points less.

Without a doubt, the activities of the respective schools to one degree or another popularize monarchical ideas in the country. It is also noteworthy that other school teachers are already hinting at the close end of democracy in Russia. This can happen in a little over six years, in the 2024 year. In this case, the election 2018 year will be the last.
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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 27 November 2017 09: 57
    A lot of things are happening in the world, both interesting and strange, terrible, however identity.
    It’s fun to hear from Western experts. that the west can boast of victory in the information space, too! And what else?
    For the Tsar for the priest, what to say is the passed stage, however ... let them talk what they want, no return is expected.
    And for our, small-town kings ... so they have rich businessmen, that our one horseradish plant, the people of Shaw with those, Shaw with others, as it were necessary to survive.
    1. 23rus
      23rus 27 November 2017 10: 20
      Alas. The informational offensive of the propaganda of the Western way of life is many times greater and makes the young generation implicitly believe them. And our excuses are miserable and the betrayal of the elites is a living example.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 27 November 2017 11: 31
        That's right ... one such "it" already fit somewhat lower ... the victim of propaganda and the USE of course, where can one get from him.
        For that same exam, the GDP estimate is minus ... a very large minus, plus many others, and minus minus, it will never be a plus.
        1. turbris
          turbris 27 November 2017 12: 30
          Well, are you all clinging to this exam? Now it has changed significantly, various moronic questions have been removed from it, but it really allows you to remove corruption, both at school and when entering a university, I made sure on my grandson that he scored a sufficient number of points and entered the budget of the university, where now studying successfully. And if there was no exam, then what did the people do? It was necessary to give teachers at school to get a high average mark of a school certificate, then they had to hire a tutor who would prepare them for exam tickets at a university, then they had to find someone and give them the person involved in the examination committee, and only then one could hope for admission. Of course, this was not so for everyone, but for the majority. And you yourself know all this, so what do you dislike about the Unified State Examination, have you seen enough of the TV?
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 27 November 2017 12: 56
            TV is not our topic, knowledge and truth from there stop so beautiful pictures, we can rejoice for nature, where I myself have not been ... drove through.
            Unified State Examination removes / kills normal education.
            When we introduced the electronic delivery system of copies. on safety and health, a complete card analogue of the exam, the staff ceased to know these subjects at all !!! And this is security, a LIFELY NECESSARY object !!! We have to arrange an additional check, "live", otherwise people will cease to know something.
            And the Soviet school, university identity could "get out" an idiot !!! But it was necessary to try! And this is not a fantasy from TV, it was so ... and now, try to communicate with the victims of the exam, they are flawed and often through one.
          2. Varyag_0711
            Varyag_0711 27 November 2017 14: 02
            turbris Today, 12:30 ↑
            Well, are you all clinging to this exam? Now it has changed significantly, various moronic questions have been removed from it, but it really allows you to remove corruption, both at school and when entering a university, I made sure on my grandson that he scored a sufficient number of points and entered the budget of the university, where now studying successfully.
            And what prevented your grandson from passing normal exams at school, according to the Soviet system? What prevented me from passing the university exam and studying, how did thousands of students in the USSR study, including me?
            I entered the university after the army and the criterion was one, do not fail the entrance exams. All you need to do is pass the exam, Carl. No one demanded any bribes from me. Given that after the army I had a privilege for admission, it was enough for me to score a ball no lower than average.
            They correctly pointed out to you that the USE is the destruction of the education system, under the beautiful pretext of combating corruption, which, although it really was, was not widespread and all-consuming. Take bribes to teachers and now no one bothers. I will say more, with the introduction of the Unified State Examination, teachers are quite legally engaged in tutoring, namely, not teaching the child at school, but by dragging him to pass the Unified State Examination. So corruption was simply legitimized simply by replacing normal school education with private tutoring.
            I repeat, the exam is the death of the education system in Russia!
            1. turbris
              turbris 27 November 2017 14: 58
              Absolute stupidity! USE - provides an opportunity for young people to enter universities, and not only from the capital regions, it no longer has any effect on the education system. There are no examinations in Universities and students pass sessions in the usual way. The only news is that in some universities, they stopped expelling students for poor progress - you didn’t pass the session, your problem is you can come and take it in a year, just then you will graduate from higher education not in 5, but in more years, but to go through the whole training program anyway I’ll have to, I don’t know whether this is good or bad. And under the Soviet education system there was no tutoring? In the 10th grades, they were also engaged in coaching for passing the final exams, let's communicate honestly - without high-handed words - "USE is the death of education in Russia!" “Do you really believe that?”
              1. Varyag_0711
                Varyag_0711 27 November 2017 16: 05
                turbris Today, 14:58 ↑ New
                Absolute stupidity!
                First, what is this statement based on?
                Secondly, you have not answered my question, what prevented your grandson from studying under the Soviet education system, by the way, the best in the world?
                Thirdly, you either flew from Mars, or you have not looked out the window for a long time. The exam system has led to the complete degradation of the education system. The former troechnik in Soviet times knows more than the modern gold medalist. The level of knowledge among modern youth in comparison with us is at the baseboard level!
                1. turbris
                  turbris 27 November 2017 19: 57
                  I’m answering your first question - the exam in the 10-year school curriculum takes one day to assess the preparedness of graduates and nothing more, therefore it is the exam that is formed on the basis of these educational programs and not the other way around, therefore it cannot ruin the education system in Russia. I’m answering your second question - it prevented my grandson from studying in the Soviet education system that he simply didn’t find it when he went to school this very Soviet education system was gone.
                  I will answer you to the third point - no, I didn’t fly from Mars, the statement that the troechnik in Soviet times knew more than the modern gold medalist is absolutely unfounded, trio in any education system is just trio. You also know nothing about the level of knowledge of modern youth, you are again engaged in populism, read what places this modern youth occupies in international competitions. Therefore, I advise you, stop voting on those things in which you are not in the topic, take up more familiar issues.
                2. Serhiodjan
                  Serhiodjan 28 November 2017 01: 47
                  Well, I know in my opinion you are bending it. Maybe people’s interests just changed and it’s not the exam, but on the Internet? My brother is studying in the 5th grade (I myself studied before the ege) and would not say that they have much less lessons or they are some other - all the same, but in some way there is more load than we had. The fact that the general level of education is falling, I agree, but it depends more on the family and the environment, but there is no ehe not ehe - but it has always been so. And about bribes - it's true: I went to Plekhanovsky, I passed it myself, but before that I went to the EU courses for a year, while many got for the money well and no matter how boom-boom they remained in principle.
              2. leonid-zherebtcov
                leonid-zherebtcov 30 November 2017 14: 03
                The Unified State Exam is a system of transforming normal training into a training of "tuziki", in which, in the course of training, the "bone" turns into a banknote ... alas, this is a fact ...
    2. Hlavaty
      Hlavaty 27 November 2017 12: 21
      Quote: rocket757
      For the Tsar for the priest, what can I say - the passed stage, however ...

      This passed stage seems to be one of the options for our future, which has been seriously considered by the West for a long time.
      There is a very interesting novel by Frederick Forsythe, “The Icon,” about how the West “helps” Russia to regain the monarchy. Frederick Forsyth "was" for 20 years an MI-6 agent and he was not familiar with the work of special services. He writes very interestingly and, in spite of minor punctures in the description of Russian realities, paints in very detail the technology of secret political actions. This is cooler than just spying.
      The novel was written in 1996, but still relevant in some ways today. Especially if you recall that a few years ago, the rumored rumors that the English Prince Harry was being prepared for the Russian monarchs were circulated.
      I recommend reading - a well-written book for smart readers.
      1. Baloo
        Baloo 27 November 2017 13: 09
        Quote: Hlavaty
        I recommend reading - a well-written book for smart readers.

        fiction may be a means of influencing the minds of readers, but this does not mean identity with reality. hi
        1. Hlavaty
          Hlavaty 27 November 2017 17: 43
          Well, I said: for smart readers smile
      2. rocket757
        rocket757 27 November 2017 13: 09
        Retirees like to “shine” with the fact that they know more than they have ... well, let him evaluate his work, it must be at least better.
        Shaw there and how it is predicted / planned is it doesn’t matter, life is such a thing that it can be all wrong ... but against.
        I see no reason for the return of the monarchical system of government, not here and not now ... but there, how will it be next? and her whale knows how it happens!
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 27 November 2017 10: 11
    What the Germans write at home is for domestic consumption. Commenting is pointless. They think differently and their story is different. By the way, jokes of the Middle Ages in Europe are still in use, of course adapted to the present, but the continuity of jokes is obvious. So much funnier are the attempts of those who are trying to * integrate * into them, * the western community *.
    By the way, anti-Semitism in Europe is still being cultivated.
  3. solzh
    solzh 27 November 2017 10: 39
    The monarchy ended in February 1917. There is no return to the past.
    1. Plate
      Plate 27 November 2017 16: 03
      And in my opinion it ended with us in 1905. What kind of monarchy is this (I mean absolute) when the Tsar is limited to the constitution and the State Duma?
  4. dvvv
    dvvv 27 November 2017 10: 44
    Puchinka opens a monument to Alexander and wonders: But I look like Alexander, will they put me?
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 27 November 2017 11: 27
      Estimates of him will also be given ... unlike many, from whom only dust will remain.
    2. turbris
      turbris 27 November 2017 12: 38
      Write incorrectly my dear, the Bolsheviks demolished all the monuments of the tsarist period and made us think that before the revolution there was nothing at all. But you can’t get history anywhere, therefore the monuments to the monarchs, who have done a lot for Russia, are being restored. This absolutely does not mean that the monarchy is being restored - the history of the Russian state is being restored and no one will climb into the monarchy anymore, this is a passed stage.
  5. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 27 November 2017 11: 25
    The authorities and others like them are trying in every way to legitimize and legitimize what was illegally acquired by a handful of thieves and crooks, but was created by the whole country and working people. Now our "ilita" has one headache - to prevent repeated expropriation and dispossession, to save the loot by any means for their offspring. That is why the communists and Bolsheviks are harassed, and the tsarist bloody regime is presented as a blessing. All of their cunning twists read like an open book. Even already a hedgehog in a dense forest, it is obvious that the main enemies of Russian statehood and the Russian people are sitting on the territory of the Kremlin.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 27 November 2017 11: 45
      Clarification - there the closest are not friends of the working people, the rest around the perimeter.
    2. turbris
      turbris 27 November 2017 12: 43
      Yes, here’s something the hedgehogs in the forest do not agree with you at all, in the Kremlin there is a power chosen by the very people on whose behalf you are trying to speak out. But no one except YOU wants to expropriate and dispossess again, because - is this a civil war to which you, together with the Communists, are calling for such "revolutionaries" to shed a little blood?
      1. dvvv
        dvvv 27 November 2017 12: 59
        In the Kremlin, the government is sitting on the wall that has swindled its people and serves a handful of oligarchs. If we take away the stolen and not created from the oligarchs then there will be no blood, it does not dispossess peasants.
        1. turbris
          turbris 27 November 2017 15: 07
          But don’t you repeat this nonsense, it’s disgusting to read - “people have been deceived, they’ll take everything from the oligarchs”, and when did the people have something? Under the Union everything belonged to the people? Then specify which of these belonged to you personally? Where did the oligarchs come from? This is the directorate of enterprises, representatives of ministries and departments, to whom it was easiest to privatize - this was the very people who seemed to own everything, they just took their own, that's all.
          1. dvvv
            dvvv 27 November 2017 17: 38
            Nothing belonged to me, but many lost their savings in large quantities. The thing is that now everything belongs to the oligarchs and this is not a director but a swindler. Gusinsky or Usmanov were not directors and Prokhorov did not manage anything. Moreover, all sorts of Deripaska could only steal and build fraudulent schemes, and now this hundred thieves and crooks distributes the aggregate product of society and buys Chelsea or gold toilets on their yachts, and removes capital. Laws are written for them and executed under them, for which curls and exchanges have been created, and the guarantor will not hear what they are writing, they say, they shout everywhere and loudly and everything continues to pump gas and capital over the hill. Like, the guarantor does not change his team just like that and for the next term of the presidency he will do something, well, some championship or a bridge or an olympiad or a temple, and for now, Chubaisyatina, Kudrinyatina will be ruled by order of oligarchs and friends of St. Petersburg. Rotenberg, without any tenders, will receive another super contract and build and cut it. As the Amerian proverb says, if an enterprise works poorly, management is to blame! If management works well, and the company is bad - management is to blame! here in Russia management is to blame.
  6. Cat Marquis
    Cat Marquis 27 November 2017 12: 26
    "Russian way" ...... where? winked
    1. turbris
      turbris 27 November 2017 12: 48
      The Russian way is not something special, it is the construction of a state developed in all respects, with a high material standard of living of the people and independent politics in the international arena. Everything is very simple in formulations, but not just in achieving these goals. We are working on this.
    2. 23rus
      23rus 27 November 2017 13: 51
      The Russian way is not a direction, it is the same pathetic soul.
  7. polpot
    polpot 27 November 2017 19: 51
    Hey com companies give machine guns give batteries to make it more fun
  8. Zloy
    Zloy 28 November 2017 09: 43
    As Niccolo Machiavelli wrote, democracy easily turns into anarchy, the aristocracy into an oligarchy, and the monarchy into tyranny. Therefore, none of these forms is the best. Therefore, a reasonable balance is needed. This was understood in ancient Rome and created one of the most stable models of the state, where the power of the plebs was exercised through the stands, the aristocracy was represented in the Senate, and the monarchical power was exercised by consuls.
  9. The comment was deleted.