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Another Glock killer - Czech gun vz. Xnumx

Since the appearance of Glock pistols, only the lazy has not released his version weapons with a similar design. Especially noticeable are the efforts of designers of various weapons companies in recent times. However, so far none of the pistols have received such distribution as the Austrian Glock. Despite complaints about the reliability of individual weapons, the loss of interchangeability of individual nodes between different generations of pistols and characteristics that are not unique at the moment, the army of fans of these weapons does not become less.

A smaller number of people consider Czech weapons to be the standard of reliability and quality. Indeed, the Czech, and earlier Czechoslovak handguns, often boast reliability and quality, with rare exceptions, and some models have become “classics” in general. This year, a new pistol from the Czech Republic has appeared, although it is possible to call it Glock-like with a big stretch, however, it has already been dubbed “Glock’s killer”. We will try to get acquainted with this gun in more detail and assess its real competitiveness in the modern weapons market.

Gun Fashion Gun vz. Xnumx

In fact, it is surprising why the Czech gunsmiths have not yet tried to win a place in the market for short-barreled weapons with a new pistol with shock trigger with dovzvod and plastic frame. Looking at what other weapons companies produce, it seems that people simply do not want to buy pistols with a different design. Indeed, without demand, there will be no supply, and judging by the number of new pistols that have appeared recently, the demand is very high.

It is noteworthy in such a general interest in pistols with a percussion trigger that almost all pistols are identical in their design, except that small details introduce some sort of diversity. And if earlier designers tried to surpass the competitors in unique solutions that provided higher weapon characteristics, now all unique solutions are reduced only to the maximum reduction in price of the structure, if possible without negative impact on performance and loss of durability with reliability. Apparently it is implied that the consumer himself must decide what he needs: a cheap pistol, which will spend most of the time in repair shops or weapons at a price of one and a half to two times more expensive, but on the other hand, it has been working for more than one year without complaints. Interestingly, such decisions can sometimes be made as part of the products of a single weapons company, and many buyers do choose cheaper options.

Thus, we can conclude that the current work of gunsmiths lies in the balance between quality and price with a margin in one direction or another. The designers of the arms company Czech Small Arms also decided to balance and developed a new gun, in accordance with all the latest trends in weapon fashion.

The first to see new weapons in Nuremberg, which is somewhat strange, since the main market for handguns is the United States. CzechPoint, which exports Czech weapons to the United States, has demonstrated a new pistol vz. 15 at IWA OutdoorClassics 2017, at the same time and starting the sale of new weapons.

Despite the not very high cost, equal to 400 US dollars, for which it is proposed to purchase the weapon itself, the 2 store and cleaning kit, not everyone liked the new gun. Moreover, the appearance of the weapon was criticized, not its characteristics or particular design features.

Appearance and ergonomics of the gun vz. Xnumx

The appearance of the pistol is really somewhat strange. Some disproportionality can be observed between the handle and the shutter casing. This is explained quite simply - the weapon has a barrel whose axis is placed as low as possible to the pistol grip, but the designers did not fill the empty space above the barrel, which not only positively affects the mass of the pistol, but also its price.

A lot of complaints are caused by the tilt angle of the handle of the weapon, to many it seems too small, which should have a negative effect if necessary, quickly and accurately target and shoot immediately after removing the pistol. If you impose a silhouette of a gun vz. 15 on most other modern models of pistols, it can be seen that they have the same angle of inclination of the handle, that is, there is a simple optical illusion due to all the same disproportion between the handle and the shutter casing. So the inconvenient handle of a weapon is rather an artificial problem, although it should be noted that the ergonomics of the weapon is an individual concept and the fact that it will be convenient for one arrow to cause discomfort in another.

Since we touched upon the question of fitting the gun to the specific parameters of the shooter, it is impossible to bypass such a moment as the absence of even elementary replaceable linings on the back side of the handle of the weapon. That is, you will have to be content only with the size of the handle, which is originally, and you will not be able to adjust the size of a hand or a gloved hand to your size. It is striking that the front part of the handle has only small protrusions, although a small groove at least under the middle finger would make the grip more reliable and confident, leaving the usability of the weapon the same for the shooter with small hand size and large palm.

Taking into account the general modularity, so to speak, in this case, it is possible that with a sufficiently high demand for weapons there will be various options for plastic frames that will differ not only in color. In the meantime, the gun is offered only in this form.

What really can be attributed to a serious lack of appearance of weapons, so it is the quality of plastic molding. Perhaps in serial samples the situation will change for the better, but there are significant flaws on the pistol that was presented at the exhibition. Questions are most likely not caused by the casting itself, but by subsequent processing. So on the back of the handle you can observe the trace from the junction of the form, the holes for the pins holding the mechanisms of the weapon in the plastic frame, as if picking with a knife. Not the most aesthetic view can boast and the holes through which the control circuit breaker. Most of these moments could be eliminated directly on the knee with a stationery knife and fine-grained sandpaper, but for some reason they did not, which greatly spoils the general impression about the weapon.

The weapon is fully bilateral, all controls are initially duplicated left and right, in particular, this is a shutter delay key and a magazine eject button. There is no fuse switch, the only element ensuring the safe handling of the weapon is the automatic safety key on the trigger. Judging by the shape of the housing-bolt, it is unlikely that the fuse switch will appear in subsequent versions of the weapon, and if it is included in the design, it will be located on the frame of the gun.

Himself casing shutter made in the best traditions of the “Glock” - all at right angles. However, the pistol has its own unique feature, thanks to which it is easy to identify among dozens of other modern pistols. In addition to the standard notches in the front and back of the housing, there are deep samples. This detail not only makes the appearance of the weapon recognizable, but also has a practical purpose. In case the hands of the shooter are protected with warm gloves or the weapon is wet and dirty, it becomes much easier to pull off the cover-slide with this addition.

The sights of the pistol are represented entirely removable and the front sight, on the standard version of the pistol there are points of light-accumulating paint that will facilitate aiming in low light conditions. It is interesting that the ejector is located at the top, it also serves as an indicator of the cartridge in the chamber, that is, it is possible to determine the presence of a cartridge in the chamber when aiming without paying attention to any particular elements. Additionally, a flashlight or laser pointer can be installed under the barrel of the weapon.

The design of the gun vz. Xnumx

Trigger mechanism pistol vz. 15 drumnik, with dovzvodom drummer when you press the trigger. The basis of the weapon is the system of automation with a short stroke of the barrel with locking protrusion above the chamber for a window for ejection of spent cartridges. The opening of the barrel is due to the reduction of the breech of the weapon when it is moving back during reloading. A pin passes through the figure cutout in the projection under the cartridge chamber, interacting with these parts moving the breech breech down, as the bolt group moves backward and the trunk, as it moves forward.

Despite the general similarity with other pistols, automatic vz. 15 has some differences from common samples. Or rather, not automatics, but some moments in the implementation of some nodes. Since the pistol has a barrel set very low relative to the handle for holding, it is restricted in its movement in the breech. Accordingly, the tide under the chamber and the cutout in it is much smaller than can be observed in other pistols with a similar design. Since the movement of the breech breech vz. 15 is limited, the protrusion above the chamber, due to which the barrel bore is locked, is minimal.

As a result of this decision, the gun practically does not lead up from the aiming line when firing, the recoil itself is perceived much softer. But every decision, no matter how successful it would be at first glance, has its consequences. Reducing the size of the protrusion above the chamber causes a negative effect on the life of the pistol as a whole and limits its ability to use powerful cartridges, even those that are among the 9x19. Increased wear of the locking surfaces will sooner or later cause the barrel bore to stop locking securely or to stop locking altogether. This will lead, for example, to rupture of the sleeves when firing, followed by their jamming during extraction. And if you do not pay attention to the problem, then later the integrity of the design of the gun itself may suffer, and it’s good if the shooter does not suffer.

Characteristics of the gun vz.15

The gun with its length in 198 millimeters and the length of the barrel 116 millimeters has a very modest weight - 570 grams without cartridges. At this point one could say that the weapon would not be the most convenient when firing, however, since the gun vz. While 15 exists in the version only for 9x19 cartridges and has a very low-set barrel, the weapon is much more pleasant when fired compared to its competitors than vice versa.

It feeds a pistol from two-row stores with a capacity of 17 cartridges. It is interesting that the stores themselves are completely identical to those of a Springfield Armory XD pistol and are interchangeable.

Pros and cons of the gun vz. Xnumx

The main advantage of the new Czech gun vz. 15 is its trunk location. With such a low location, with proper skill, with this weapon, it will be possible to shoot with a very high rate of fire, and, importantly, hit the target.

In sum with the fact that the weapon practically does not lead away from the line of aiming when shooting, a very small weight of the weapon is also a plus. With such a length of the trunk, the mass is a little more than half a pound is clearly the painstaking work of the designers, who facilitated everything that was possible.

An interesting, but not new, positive solution is the location of the indicator of the presence of a cartridge in the chamber between the whole front sight. It is doubtful that in the event of a critical situation this will somehow affect the final outcome, but it is definitely useful to know that the gun does not shoot before it starts shooting.

The weapons are much bigger than the minuses. The main disadvantage of the gun vz. 15 is his low-set his trunk, or rather those changes in the design of the automation system to which he led. Reducing overall reliability and durability when using relatively powerful cartridges is only one side of the coin. Such features in the design make the subsequent expansion of the model range on the basis of this gun problematic. If, with variations in size and mass, the manufacturer can still do something, then the use of more powerful cartridges in comparison with the 9x19 will require substantial revision of the weapon.

The remaining flaws of the weapon are not so critical, and they can only be called flaws because of the comparison with other modern pistols. This may include the lack of regulation of the thickness of the pistol grip, flaws in the processing of the frame of the weapon and other unpleasant, but not critical little things.


From all the above written, we can conclude that the gun vz. 15 is undoubtedly an interesting weapon with its unique appearance, its particular strengths and weaknesses, but it is not “Glock killer”, as it was called in absentia.

The new Czech pistol cannot block off the whole variety of Glokov, not only in terms of weight and size, but also in terms of the variety of ammunition used. Of course, you can further develop these weapons, but this will require serious processing of individual components of the gun, which is actually comparable to the creation of a new weapon. If we compare this gun with the similar 17 Glock, then the Czech will undoubtedly win in all respects, only the Glock was developed in the 1982 year.
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  1. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 28 November 2017 17: 48
    The main advantage of the new Czech pistol vz. 15 is its trunk location

    And right away ..)
    The main drawback of the vz pistol. 15 is his low-set trunk,

    Feels like CZ-75 ..
    1. vkl.47
      vkl.47 30 November 2017 08: 21
      With pl-14 twin brothers
    2. AlexMark
      30 November 2017 20: 35
      The barrel is a plus, it's a minus, depending on what angle you look at)
  2. bouncyhunter
    bouncyhunter 28 November 2017 21: 10
    Mark, thanks for the article. hi The gun is interesting and I hope that it will be brought to mind.
    1. Victor Wolz
      Victor Wolz 28 November 2017 22: 48
      Someone would bring our gun, but the Czechs and the chz-75 are not bad.
      1. Okolotochny
        Okolotochny 28 November 2017 23: 10
        We have an excellent operating time, one of the last creations of the legend - I. Ya. Stechkina, OTs-27 "Berdysh". Plus the ability to use TT cartridges. That would be to upgrade it.
        1. Victor Wolz
          Victor Wolz 29 November 2017 19: 00
          The lack of a civilian market makes it impossible for pistols to develop, Kalash and Aek will be bought by the army and special services. A precise, convenient army pistol is not needed, you need a cheap and preferably reliable. In addition, the army really did not decide on the caliber and cartridge for the 9x18 pistol is weak, the 7.62 TT has a weak stopping power, 9x19 PARA, the army’s body armor also doesn’t penetrate, and 9x21 is more suitable for PP.
          1. Okolotochny
            Okolotochny 29 November 2017 21: 48
            I agree about the stopping action. And penetrating?
            1. Victor Wolz
              Victor Wolz 29 November 2017 23: 26
              Ours claim that the 2-class bulletproof vest holds, but really 3 classes for sure. It’s army 4,5 and higher, so the TT will definitely not break through in battle. Current in the face. In the book a sniper, an American writes that if the 45 gauge doesn’t kill, it will be thrown back and stunned, therefore the ILC prefers them over the Beretta.
      2. PSYCHO_13
        PSYCHO_13 1 December 2017 17: 27
        The problem is that this gun, as well as other strikers, including Glock, is a completely different niche than the 75th, well, it’s incorrect to compare the trigger with the striker ... these are different pistols, that the 75th is not bad, that maybe this ... time will tell.
        1. Victor Wolz
          Victor Wolz 3 December 2017 22: 35
          For sports shooting, the difference is probably visible, but for police and army pistols Glock gives reliability the main thing, but the army still wants to break through class 4 bulletproof vests from at least 10 meters, this is difficult for pistols, only ATP is suitable, but it is heavy and 9x21 ammunition is expensive. And so I would poyuzat the Czech and I would like to compare a storm with a cougar to a Beretta. while Tonfolio’s favorite).
          1. the47th
            the47th 6 December 2017 11: 31
            9x21 is expensive because it is produced only at the KSPZ (and weapons for it are made there). It would be produced in other factories - it would cost as well as the rest. And there should be no problems adapting the same Rook to 9x21 if it is made to the hellish 7H31.
  3. Okolotochny
    Okolotochny 28 November 2017 23: 08
    Whoever does not make the "Glock killers" - both the Germans and ours tried, here are the Czechs there too. And the Austrian is more alive than all the living. Kalashnikov among the pistols.
  4. tracer
    tracer 29 November 2017 00: 33
    Thank you very much Mark. None but you, on the site, are so full of reviews of firearms, and often do not know how. Here is a Kalashnikov Pistol for you))) That's how quietly "without noise and dust" the Czechs did what our "General Managers" have been doing for more than a year. Although I personally, Kalashnikov’s sample made in metal is more like it. I am a supporter of just such a system of "pre-call" when you press the shutter. I have the opportunity to compare in practice pistols of different manufacturers, so I speak on the basis of my personal experience. It’s a pity that GSH 18 can’t finish it in any way. Well, I can’t believe that it’s impossible to correct the descent.
    1. Victor Wolz
      Victor Wolz 29 November 2017 18: 47
      GSh 18 still has problems with the magazine and barrel resource, it is difficult to charge all 18 rounds, but the leader in jambs is PY.
      1. tracer
        tracer 30 November 2017 15: 52
        For PJ, or rather, its adoption into service should generally be initiated. Rare shit. Even Afghans on their knees will do better. It's a shame ....
        1. AlexMark
          30 November 2017 20: 51
          The funny thing is that you can get a middling from the PYa by “filling” method, but the truth is that not all of the old diseases come back after a couple of hundred shots. Conclusion - not a design to blame - execution.
          1. Michael HORNET
            Michael HORNET 7 December 2017 14: 35
            No, the design is to blame
    2. AlexMark
      30 November 2017 20: 35
      Thank you very much, do not just praise, there are enough shoals above the roof, and they need to be fixed))))
  5. madrobot
    madrobot 29 November 2017 14: 17
    At first glance, it seemed that the new product looks like a PL-15, but when I looked closely, I was convinced that there was very little in common in the layout.
  6. gladcu2
    gladcu2 30 November 2017 20: 52
    Glock has one of the problems, this is a light pistol frame, which with a massive metal shutter plays a trick on the ejected sleeve, if the shooter weakly holds the gun. The sleeve can be caught by the bolt during its reverse, return movement.

    It’s hard to judge how this gun will be.

    Regarding the variety of ammunition.
    Firstly, everything depends on the price of these supplies. And the power of cartridges, so it’s not necessary for every pistol or has any sense.

    The basic version of the pistols involves the purchase of advanced modules. At this production receive additional income.

    The gun is clearly for the civilian market and for the police.

    To say that this is an army pistol is difficult. A storm also can not be called tembole.
  7. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 6 December 2017 21: 55
    About the principle of automation forgot to write? Or didn’t I notice?
  8. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 6 December 2017 21: 57
    It would be nice to write about the products of the private company Grand Power from Slovakia. Not about injuries, but about the short barrel, which is quite successfully sold in the United States. I can give personal mail to the designer and owner of the company, Yaroslav Kuratsin
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. jungler
    jungler 10 August 2018 10: 19
    Hmm ... it is very interesting to read such articles ... even more interesting to read comments ... with the complete prohibition in the Russian Federation of the right to own short-bore weapons by CITIZENS ..... with the same success we can discuss the conquest of Mars ..... we live in slaveholding system .... (Japan of the Middle Ages) ..... very sad however .....