Military Review

The latest A-235 PRO system is already a reality!

Faster, higher, stronger! This Olympic motto is followed by a new Russian anti-missile missile being developed for the A-235 PRO system. Its launch at the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan conducted a combat crew of the 1 Army of Air Defense. The upgraded interceptor missile will significantly expand the capabilities of the national missile defense.

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  1. Dargavs
    Dargavs 26 November 2017 22: 58 New
    I had to see earlier how rockets take off, but judging by the frames, this missile takes off very quickly. If she also hits, then this is probably a breakthrough. With equipment having such speeds, you can not worry about the country's defense shield.
    1. tezey
      tezey 27 November 2017 00: 01 New
      Judging by the container, it seems that this is a variant of the 5Zh60 anti-missile. The flight speed was 5,5 km / s, now it is possible and more. The American THAD has 2,5 km / s.
  2. Dargavs
    Dargavs 27 November 2017 00: 19 New
    Acceleration to a speed> 4 max is not news, its acceleration is indicative, that it left the START so!