Military Review

Russian military police. Revival

The military police of Russia, in its modern form, is only six years old. But even in this short period, she demonstrated her flawless professional training not only within Russia, but also abroad. Already 2, this law enforcement structure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation serves in Syria. However, the duties of the military police are much wider.

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    MOSKVITYANIN 26 November 2017 19: 18
    The activities of the EaP are regulated by the Decree of the President and the Charter of the EaP. Those. for 6 years did not bother to develop the Law on EaP.
    We don’t have special forces of nature in nature, it’s just that the author calls it when I posted an article here about the special forces of the military; they ridiculed me, although in the same Ukraine special forces in the military police (Military Law Enforcement Service) have existed for a long time .....
  2. Belarus is Russia
    Belarus is Russia 28 November 2017 03: 12
    I love the "Military Acceptance" and its interesting host. Which is very interesting in leading the program. It’s like you’re there yourself. And you either go in the tank or fly on an airplane or take part in the release of the hostages. It’s like you’re there. the program is so interesting.