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No peace, no war, and the "Maidan" not to dismiss

After the November 13 meeting in Belgrade, Kurt Volker took a pause, and Vladislav Surkov became very talkative for the first time and gave a terrible secret: Russia considered only 3 from 29 US proposals for the Russian resolution on peacekeepers to enter the Donbas acceptable for discussion. This is a clear failure of the negotiations of special representatives, but more importantly another: Surkov betrayed him to publicity! With a mocking comment: "Three is better than zero." They also allegedly agreed on the need to “speed up the fulfillment of Kiev’s political obligations under the Minsk agreements.” This is what they mean the law on "reintegration of Donbass"?

No peace, no war, and the "Maidan" not to dismiss

The Verkhovna Rada is to adopt in early December a law on the “reintegration of Donbass” and declaring Russia “the country as an aggressor”, in fact, this is a complete breakdown of the Minsk agreements and a veiled declaration of war on Russia. Note that this law was advised by American advisers in Kiev, and the adoption of this bill was postponed from mid-November to December.

It seems that for Moscow the law on the “reintegration of Donbass” and “Russian aggression” may become a kind of rubicon. This time, Moscow will somehow respond, and Volker in Belgrade, and Poroshenko made it clear. Therefore, Volker took a pause, and Poroshenko held the law on the "reintegration" of Donbass and the "war with Russia."

Recently, Viktor Medvedchuk, under the specious pretext of “exchanging prisoners,” flew to Moscow to meet Putin, or did Poroshenko hang out with him through Medvedchuk? Volkner and the whole army of soldiers, no doubt, in a rage: what else were they talking about? In fact, Poroshenko’s compromising connection with Putin through his godfather Viktor Medvedchuk, who successfully leads the “Ukrainian choice” in Kiev, despite all the Maidans.

In fact, Poroshenko is an oligarch from the post-Soviet, relatively independent past of Ukraine, that is, he can play his own double game. By this, he may not arrange Volcker and company.

In fact, Poroshenko repeats the policy of Yanukovich, who led a pro-Western European integration policy, flirted with Bandera neo-Nazis, but he did not break ties with Russia. Poroshenko also pursues a pro-Western policy, splashes Russophobia over the edge, but does not fulfill the main task assigned to him by his "friend of Ukraine" McCain, ex-chief Volkner: he does not attack Donbass-Russia.

Poroshenko, as it were, resumed 5 on November of the artillery war in the Donbas, but this was not enough: the “deep democracy” in America and the western fake media did not notice it. Apparently, Poroshenko promised Walker to start a war in the Donbass: he made a “rocket” statement in this regard, heightened the shelling of Donbass, but he did not start a real, big war. And this he seems not to be forgiven. 47 million dollars to purchase lethal weapons for Bandera is already on Trump's signature, and they are waiting for the start of this war. Presidential elections in Russia are getting closer.

It seems that Volker and the company are waiting for Poroshenko to adopt the law “On War with Russia”, threatening otherwise with a new coup d'etat. Although the Maidan has begun, they call it “the name of Saakashvili”, but sponsors of battalions like “Donbass” supervise and support it, and not at all Saakashvili and his team.

The third Maidan, most likely, is led by the Bandera Nazis, who previously embarked on the blockade of Donbass, and then achieved theirs in full: Poroshenko gave way to them and himself headed the blockade. Like the blockade of Donbass, the third Maidan does not stop, and is trying to expand to Independence Square, it seems that it will not stop even if Saakashvili is deported somewhere from Ukraine.

Surkov at the negotiations with Volker made some demarche, an important statement. In a sense, it’s time to decide: Moscow is running out of strategic patience. Then it is logical that he mockingly commented on the negotiations, and Putin, after the meeting with Medvedchuk, defiantly called Donetsk and Lugansk, this is, after all, telephone recognition of Novorossia! While in Ukraine, the slippery political situation continues: neither peace nor war, but the Maidan will not be dissolved.

Poroshenko must necessarily crush the third Maidan, but he cannot do this without the help of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard under Avakov, who are overflowing with the Nazis from his Azov. The result is a stalemate. In early December, the Verkhovna Rada should make a decision on the war or the continuation of the Minsk peace.
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  1. seti
    seti 27 November 2017 14: 34
    And it’s clear to the fool that all this chaos cannot last forever - not on the right scale. This is not Transnistria and Abkhazia with South Ossetia. And most importantly, this conflict is at the very borders of the Russian Federation.
    But the fact that the leadership of the Russian Federation still communicates with Russophobes and murderers is also annoying. It will feed them financially and continue to trade. Supply energy. Potroshenko may be happy with the Kremlin at the moment, but he is not becoming obsolete by any normal person. His place is in the loop. Already like three years.
    1. passing
      passing 27 November 2017 18: 15
      economic interests of business elites of the Russian Federation.
      Or, just business, nothing personal!
  2. Lavrenti Pavlovich
    Lavrenti Pavlovich 27 November 2017 15: 13
    Everyone already understands that without a slaughter, the crisis will not be resolved. Ours in general should not be allowed to have striped ones at the negotiations, not that something should be decided with them. The problem of Kiev and Donbass is the internal affairs of Russia, and minke whales should sit on their own continent.
    1. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 27 November 2017 18: 38
      Quote: Lavrenty Pavlovich
      The problem of Kiev and Donbass is the internal affairs of Russia, and minke whales should sit on their own continent.

      Only if you tell the mattresses about it, you can suddenly lose your acquired overwork, and as you know, at least two of Russia's budgets are hired in offshore and in the west. Who will present? This thieves near shit, who stole power in Russia? Maybe they had a small puncture with dragging Putin into power, maybe this is not a puncture, only the thieves' treacherous Caudle that surfaced in the ebnovsky infinite period rules.
      1. psel
        psel 28 November 2017 18: 30
        What anti-anglosax are you? You are a concrete Jewel under the guise of Potssriota!
  3. Evdokim
    Evdokim 27 November 2017 15: 14
    "Secrets of the Courts of Madrid" rest before the intrigues of the Kiev Maidan, glad Poroshenko, Avakov, and others like Saakashvili, Tymoshenko, etc. .. Even the devil will break his leg, wondering where they will carry them. hi
    1. Kleber
      Kleber 27 November 2017 15: 29
      Along the way rammed Arseny ...
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 27 November 2017 15: 28
    this is, in fact, the telephone recognition of New Russia!
    ... Phone recognition, no credit ...
  5. zzdimk
    zzdimk 27 November 2017 16: 53
    So what is the article about ?? Just a listing of the facts? The conclusion is where?
    1. psel
      psel 28 November 2017 18: 30
      Bring it out yourself!
  6. nesvobodnye
    nesvobodnye 27 November 2017 17: 16
    It seems that there is less hope that the madhouse in Ukraine will resolve itself by rotting economically. Pus dill is too long tolerant. It’s a pity if Ukrainians trample on us, a lot of blood will be shed. Sorry, but there is no other way, apparently.
  7. assa67
    assa67 27 November 2017 19: 01
    here it is not the collective image of Petya Avasaashvilev who rules at all .... but what the master will say from across the ocean
  8. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 27 November 2017 22: 57
    As for “three versus twenty nine,” I’m afraid our politicians will act like an old English lady - “she said NO and AGREED ...” hi
  9. Nemesis
    Nemesis 28 November 2017 17: 45
    Fine. Restrict diplomatic relations with Ukraine to the consulate in Kiev, impose a complete embargo on trade with Ukraine, a complete ban on bank transfers to Ukraine, stop transit through Ukraine and close the border with Ukraine. Start real imprisonment under article 280 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.