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Jacob Kedmi told what actually happened in Yugoslavia

An Israeli political expert told about the events that took place in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. The expert told what caused the division of the country and shared his vision of the events of those times. Kedmi spoke about the terrible episodes of the war, not only in Yugoslavia itself, but also abroad.

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  1. solzh
    solzh 25 November 2017 13: 35
    Croats killed the Serbs along with Jews and Gypsies, killed 1000000 people. Kedmi says it right.
    MOSKVITYANIN 25 November 2017 15: 06
    Again, the Russian Federation is accused of all mortal sins that they still could not save some orphans when they themselves were on the edge of the grave, when everything was fine in Yugoslavia, they looked at Soviet citizens coming to them as if they were poor relatives ...
  3. Ihrek
    Ihrek 25 November 2017 21: 16
    Boris Nadezhdin acts as a defender of the Nazis and mattresses.
    1. Nikolai Grek
      Nikolai Grek 26 November 2017 01: 19
      Quote: Ihrek
      Boris Nadezhdin acts as a defender of the Nazis and mattresses.

      finally it’s strange that they didn’t give out a fragment, where this * udak brought Kedmi to tears !!! negative negative negative vile personality this nadezhdin !!!!
  4. valerei
    valerei 25 November 2017 23: 04
    Cedmie, maybe, told everything right and the information from him, perhaps, is correct. I just want to draw attention to the fact that when someone is feeling bad, they are running to Russia for help, and when Russia is feeling bad, they betray her, as they say, "with a whistle." Kedmi said that if then there were Russia as it is now, then Yugoslavia would be whole, at least Serbia would not be bombed by NATO led by the United States. But Russia then was itself in a half-collapse thanks to Yeltsin and his gang, not before then, not before. Well, Yeltsin, thank God, and the rest are still thriving, one Chubais is worth it!
  5. Russian bear
    Russian bear 25 November 2017 23: 06
    strongly, boldly, in the case. respect Jacob. and yes, I agree, now Yugoslavia would not be torn. but unfortunately "would" ...