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Mystery of the liberation of Belgrade

This flight was prepared in the atmosphere of the highest secrecy. Not only the fascist invaders, but also the allies of the USSR should not have known about him. Late in the evening of September 21 1944, the plane landed in Moscow region. A man in a marshal's uniform came down from him and immediately went to the Kremlin, where long negotiations with Stalin awaited him.

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  1. midshipman
    midshipman 25 November 2017 22: 05
    In NII-33, it was a flight squadron in Leningrad, based first in Gatchina, then in Siverskaya. I was admitted to NII-33 in 1963. They started to carry out their work, I had to fly on LI-2. The test pilot with me was a major. Beautiful officer, how many flights have been done to him. He did not carry the Order, although he fought. But when I defended my dissertation, he came to the Scientific Council of the Research Institute in uniform and with orders. Among the orders was the star of the "Hero of Yugoslavia." He received this award when Tito was taken out of his entourage on his plane. Tito was, as he told, only in a tunic. Therefore, upon landing at our airport, the lieutenant had to give him his jacket. With such Heroes, we created a new weapon in the 60s. I have the honor.