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Syria: "Friends" met again

I. Career takeoff of Burkhan Galyun

On April 1, the second conference of the Friends of Syria was held in Istanbul. The date of the meeting coincided with the opening of the Turkish holiday season, and with the day of all the liars.

Iran was not invited to the meeting because it is wrongly friendly with Syria, but also interested in how the atom works, and they did not call Syria either, because it does not know how to be friends with world democracy. Russia and China were invited to the forum, and Hillary Clinton even disapprovingly responded to Mitte Romney, the US presidential candidate who recently blurted out something about “enemy number one,” entrenched in the Kremlin and who must have covert plans for annexing Michigan to favor of Siberia, - but Moscow and Beijing referred to employment and did not spend travel expenses on friendship with those who usually pretend to be good, but think about warheads.

Syria: "Friends" met again

The “Meeting of Friends” started against the background of a truly democratic situation in Turkey:

“Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened the second conference of the“ Friends of Syria ”, which in recent months has become the main advocate of the Syrian opposition. “For Turkey, any settlement plan is unacceptable if it implies keeping a regime in Syria that oppresses its own people,” he set the tone for the whole event. At this time, the Istanbul police, using tear gas and rubber truncheons, dispersed supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who organized a rally outside the building where the conference was held. At least 50 people chanted “Down with the USA!”, “Allah, Syria, Bashar!” And waving portraits of the Syrian leader, flags of Russia and China ... ”(source: “Kommersant”, A. Reutov).

Approximately seventy countries (according to some sources - a little more than sixty, according to others, mainly in the US, 83) and ten international organizations participated in the “Meeting”. The protagonists of the Istanbul conference, in addition to the omnipresent Hillary Clinton, were Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, head of the League of Arab States Nabil al-Arabi and, of course, the leader of the Syrian National Council Burkhan Galyun.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “If the UN Security Council does not use it again historical the opportunity, the international community will have no choice but to support the right to legal protection of the Syrian people, who became the victim of massacres by the regime’s armed forces ”(source: Interfax). According to the head of the Arab League, Nabil al-Arabi, the participants of the meeting "should unanimously urge the UN Security Council to take measures to curb violence in Syria" (the same source).

But Hillary Clinton said: “The international community will increase the pressure on the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian President is mistaken if he believes that he can defeat the opposition. As I understand it, the opposition is only getting stronger, and we will give it support ”("First channel"); “Almost a week has passed [since Annan’s plan was approved by Damascus], and we have to make a conclusion - the Syrian regime continues to replenish the list of unfulfilled promises” (Kyiv Telegraph); “Our message should be clear to those who give orders and to those who carry them out: stop killing your citizens, or you will face serious consequences” (Rosbalt); “A lot of work has been done to help those Syrians who are now feeling the cruelty of the Assad regime. And the Syrian National Council has done a lot to unite the Syrians for the common cause. Therefore, we will continue to support it, it will be humanitarian assistance. I think everything said at this meeting should put pressure on the Assad regime ”("").

In Assad, according to Clinton, the words disagree with the case: the regime of the Syrian president, as she said, “is leading a new attack on the Syrian cities and settlements. Instead of giving the population access to humanitarian aid, the security services are tightening control over Homs and other settlements. Instead of starting a political dialogue, the government disperses peaceful demonstrations ”(RBC).

At the “Meeting of Friends,” the US Secretary of State announced a twofold increase in assistance to the Syrian opposition — another $ 12 million. America also plans to supply communications to the insurgents — probably to remotely control the coming coup d'état, which, as the State Department has long hoped, will finally be implemented by the SNA.

Burkhan Galyun, French sociologist of Syrian origin, author of the book “Manifesto for Democracy” (1978), and since August 2011, Chairman of the Syrian National Council, asked Friends not to be greedy and increase help to fighters for Syrian democracy: “We demand serious action. The regime in Syria will inevitably fall. Do not extend the disaster. The opposition has already united, the time has come for everyone to unite and support the Syrian opposition ”(RBC). He also made a promise: “The Syrian National Council will pay a fixed salary to officers, soldiers and other members of the Free Syrian Army” (same source).

Having heard the fiery speeches of the French fighter for Syrian justice, the overseas Friends of Syria made a quite predictable political decision: they declared the SNA the legal representative of the Syrian people and vowed to support the Council morally and financially. Quote: "... the conference of the group" Friends of Syria "recognized the opposition Syrian National Council (SNS) as the" sole (legitimate) representative of the Syrian people "and decided to create a working group to work out sanctions against the Assad regime, as well as a fund to support the Syrian opposition" (Rosbalt). And Bashar Assad's "friends" threatened with increased sanctions and the introduction of new ones.

In order not to appear unfounded, the gentlemen of the April Fools Day, whose imagination regarding sanctions dried up on banning Assad from attending the London Summer Olympics, decided to create a special working group. It is up to the invention of additional sanctions. The group will compile their list in Paris. Here is what French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said: “It is planned to create a working group on the preparation of sanctions, it will meet in Paris” (Interfax). The place of elaboration of the list of sanctions is hardly accidental: Paris in general is the cradle of emigrant-opposition thought, and, moreover, Burkhan Galjun is the current all-opposition leader who is ready to pay his armed supporters, including bearded soldiers from the Syrian Free Army, the Western allowance in money.

However, speeches, speeches and promises of promises, but for now the strategic initiative in Syria belongs to Bashar Assad. "March 31 representative of the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that government troops will not leave the Syrian cities until the situation in them stabilizes" (""). And one more thing: “The presence of the Syrian army in the cities serves defensive purposes and the protection of civilians,” explained the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad MacDhisi. “As soon as peace and security come, the army will be withdrawn” (“Kommersant”, A. Reutov). All this does not please those who trust in the "Annan plan." Peace and tranquility, which are necessary for the implementation of this very plan, they, apparently, are of little interest. It is also interesting that the strategy of the SNS, appointed by the legal representative of the Syrian people, is not consistent with the plan of Annan, which H. Clinton rests on in his incendiary speeches.

Here it is, the plan of the UN Special Representative and the League of Arab States: “On March 28, Annan’s proposed plan for a peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria was published. The plan provides for: the development of an internal Syrian political solution that takes into account the aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people; stopping, under UN supervision, armed violence in any form by all parties to the conflict to protect the population. In addition, all parties to the conflict must ensure access for humanitarian aid to all areas of the country covered by armed clashes and maintain a daily two-hour humanitarian pause ”(Rosbalt).

The SNA categorically insists on the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power, and the Annan plan does not speak about Al-Asad’s departure. Democratic doublethink, and nothing more. However, it is difficult to find such an oppositionist among the oppositionists who would not insist on Assad’s departure.

At the same time, the SSA, which is now likely to be subordinated to the SNS, is not going to carry out the Annan plan until Bashar Assad fulfills it: “... representatives of the opposing rebel“ Free Syrian Army ”(FSA) said they were ready to cease fire only government troops will be withdrawn from the territories occupied by the opposition "(Moscow News). Vicious circle. But the West only criticizes Assad.

As for the democratic Syrian warriors, who are waiting for the Western monetary allowance, some of them resemble comedic characters: “In Syria, the government forces managed to detain a militant group. To hide, they changed into women's dresses. But this did not help them - they gave out mustaches and beards ”(""; you can watch the video here).

The results of the “friends” conference can be considered declarative rather than political. Quote:

“In the declaration of the Istanbul conference, consisting of 27 points and officially distributed after the meeting, it is noted that its participants supported the people of Syria in its“ right case ”and called for him to decide his fate.

"The friends of Syria stressed that they would be on the side of the Syrian people until the fulfillment of their legitimate and fair rights," the document says. At the same time, as noted, "the meeting participants pointed to the need to preserve the independence, sovereignty, political unity and territorial integrity of Syria."

The document also stresses that the “friends of Syria” are in favor of the complete and rigorous implementation of the “Annan plan” by the Assad regime, which is characterized as “a chance, but not an endless process” (RIA News").

Here’s how the Summit of Friends summed up, for example, Moroccan Foreign Minister Saad al-Din al-Osmani: “The greater number of participants, compared to the first conference in February in Tunisia, is a message from the international community, meaning that support to the Syrian people on a global scale will increase ”(""). Morocco knows a lot not only in oranges, but also in democracy.

Marat Musin, deputy head of the Russian solidarity committee with the people of Syria and Libya, told the press about the economic background of the “Syrian friends” activity, in particular, the United States, who believes that the USSR was destroyed by the price oil dumping of Saudi Arabia (by order of the USA). True, Russia still has gas - but now, on the orders of the United States, some people, namely Qatar, can also create the mechanism of an economic gas diversion against Russia, using some kind of “buffer zone” in Syria.


“... In the face of Qatar's ExxonMobil controlled by Qatar, its richest gas condensate field, gas liquefaction industry and price dumping strategy, we got a dangerous competitor to Gazprom, and not only in Europe. Qatar has already declared a price war to Gazprom, especially since the latter does not depend on gas transit countries. But its splendid 54 fleet of special gas carrier vessels of the South Korean Q-max class (270 thousand tons of LNG) and Q-flex (166), as well as the risks of Iran blocking the Strait of Hormuz with Iran do not allow Gazprom to replace Europe in Europe. For this, it is necessary to lay a gas pipeline at least to the Mediterranean Sea, and at the most - through Turkey and further to Europe. This is possible only through the territory of Syria, which Iran’s strategic ally will not go to (the Severny deposit is located on the border of Qatar and Iran, where it is called South Pars). Therefore, in the US anti-crisis strategy 2011-2012. the important task is to change the regime and create “buffer zones” in Syria, a subsequent coup in Algeria, which is part of the gas club, where they are already importing Qatar’s money weapon. This allows the Saudis to bring down oil prices at the right moment, and through Qatar - to gas prices.

Qatar’s main partner in the gas sector is Exxon Mobil (USA) and British Petroleum (UK) with their advanced gas liquefaction technologies. With a soft-bodied emir, there is a tough prime minister - a big businessman with headquarters in London. His personal fortune is estimated at $ 3-4 billion, not counting $ 90 billion from the Qatar Investment Management Fund, which is in his trust. Qatar successfully leads the gas OPEC and Russia by the nose, making our further stay there meaningless. On the instructions of the Prime Minister, corrupt Bin Jassen, an end was put to 5 large billionth projects with Russia, including Yamal LNG, and 18 projects worth several hundred million dollars, the Russian ambassador to Qatar was pointedly beaten, etc. ”(source: Moskovsky Komsomolets, Renat Abdullin).

As a buffer zone, which Dr. Musin speaks of, the States could well use the “humanitarian corridors” that the US and the most zealous “friends” of Syria are taking care of in the framework of Kofi Annan's plan.

Marat Mussin’s economic and political predictions are eerie: his scenarios begin with Mother Europe being dependent on the US oil and gas satellites, and ending with a military clash between China and Russia. However, according to Musin, the Russian Federation will not allow the grim geopolitical scenario to materialize: it will be firmly friends with the Germans, supplying mineral raw materials in exchange for high technologies, strengthen the strategic axis “Syria - Iran - China - India - Russia”, and take care of creating a system of financial calculations that is independent of the States so that the ruble and the yuan will not be shaken, but, on the contrary, strengthened. (Probably, Musin is referring to the exclusion of the American dollar from international payments in the eastern region).

I think that if geopolitics didn’t have habitual demagogy as the main component, as well as what the writers call “blackout,” in a frank American edition, the points of Kofi Annan’s plan would look something like this: developing an external Syrian political solution that takes into account aspirations and concerns The United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other satellites of the world democratic hegemon; stopping, under UN supervision, armed violence in any form by the army of Bashar al-Assad and the latter’s withdrawal from the political scene forever; the provision of a new democratic government of Syria for the creation of buffer zones in which the rapid construction of a mineral-raw materials democracy will begin, about the celebration of which then sociologist Burkhan Galjun will write a book.

And now let's see what the Western preachers of peace and non-violence and their opponents think about the Istanbul decisions.

Ii. "Wet Cracker"

Istanbul Khaled Jacob Oweiss Report, Reuters (Chicago Tribune 1 of April), entitled: "Friends of Syria" convince Annan to set a timetable. "

From the report it becomes clear what the “Western and Arab countries” were doing in Istanbul. On Sunday, they "convinced the peace envoy Kofi Annan to set a timeline" for the implementation of the points of his plan.

“The regime will be judged by deeds, not promises,” said a group from 83 countries. ”

The group gathered in Istanbul, the journalist notes, did not mention “support or arming rebels from the Free Syrian Army, as recommended by some Gulf countries, but stated that it would“ continue to be affected by additional appropriate measures to protect Syrian citizens. ”

The reporter notes that Western countries "are afraid of military intervention in Syria, but Davutoglu (Turkish Foreign Minister O. Ch.) Expressed concern by comparing the situation there with the plight of Bosnia in 1990's.

“In the case of Bosnia, the international community was too slow ... so we lost a lot of people,” he said. - In Syria, the international community should not be late, as it happened in Bosnia. We must act without delay. ”

We talked about human rights at the meeting: “Friends of Syria” stressed the need to preserve the sovereignty of Syria, independence, political unity and territorial integrity, criticizing “widespread and systematic violations by the government of the rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens”.

In the Beirut report of Dominic Evans (“Reuters”) “Friends of Syria” warn Assad: the time for the end of the bloodshed is running out ”(Chicago Tribune, 1 April 2012 g.) We are also talking about the "schedule", according to which Annan points must be fulfilled. The material, in particular, refers to such an initiative of "friends": "Annan should inform the UN Security Council on Monday if he noticed any progress in the implementation of his proposals adopted by Damascus, but not yet implemented." Regarding the conference’s thesis of “continuing exposure with additional appropriate measures to protect Syrian citizens,” the journalist notes: “The uncompromisingly-minded countries of the Persian Gulf are likely to interpret this phrase as a license for funding, if not for the supply of weapons, the SSA, while the United States and others will see permission here to supply non-lethal equipment of a poorly organized armed opposition opposing Assad. ”

The reporter notes that “despite Annan’s mediation,” violence is raging in Syria. On Sunday, in Syria, according to human rights activists, 70 people were killed.

Dominic Evans cites the opinion of Chris Phillips, an expert on the Middle East from the University of London, who said that "the meeting in Istanbul has done little."

“This is another wet clapper of the international community, reflecting the fact that their hands are tied,” he said, citing disagreements over the weapons of the insurgents that exist between the West and such belligerent representatives of the Arab League, like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

“They have a very limited amount of leverage to influence the Assad regime,” added Phillips, noting that the group’s endorsement of the Annan plan had the effect of losing the previous Arab and Western Assad care requirements.

From the report it becomes clear that the group of "friends" agreed to return the Annan plan to the UN Security Council - in case its points are not fulfilled. Further, it is assumed on the basis of the new decision of the Security Council "to increase the pressure on the allies of Assad - Russia and China ..."

A report from Istanbul by Stephen Lee Myers, published in "New York Times" 1 April, is called: "The United States joins efforts to equip and finance the rebels in Syria."

Among other things, Myers reports the sum of one hundred million dollars that will be spent on financing the rebels. This money will be allocated by interested Arab countries - firstly, to pay opposition soldiers, and secondly, to pay the Obama administration, which agreed to supply satellite communications equipment to the rebels.


“Molham al-Drobi, a member of the Syrian National Council, said that the opposition gave bails in the amount of 176 million dollars in humanitarian aid and 100 million dollars in money allowances - more than three months for soldiers in Syria. Some money, he said, has already been handed over to soldiers, including 500000 dollars last week, aimed at “a way that I cannot reveal now.”

He expressed concern over the continued lack of material assistance to stop the attacks of the Syrian security forces. “Our people are being killed on the streets,” he said on the sidelines of the conference. “If the international community chooses not to do it directly, it should at least help us by giving us the green light, giving us a weapon or something else.”

Report from Istanbul Karen DeYang to Washington Post 1 of April is entitled "Arab states agree to pay millions to Syrian opposition soldiers."

The journalist reports that the Arab states at a meeting of "friends" agreed on the monthly provision of several million dollars for a "salary" to opposition soldiers in Syria, which will be undertaken, among other things, with the aim of "encouraging more desertion from the Assad army." It was also about substantial procurement financing for the rebels from the SSA weapons in the black market.

Hillary Clinton, according to the report, promised 12,2 million dollars in humanitarian aid to Syria, bringing the total US aid from the start of the uprising to 25 million dollars.

Among the Arab sponsors of the uprising against Assad, the journalist calls Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Finally: “In a passionate speech, Galyun appealed to all international supporters in order to give the Syrians“ means of protection ”and said that their liberation struggle“ has entered a new phase ”.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. domokl
    domokl April 3 2012 08: 08
    The most important thing in this meeting is the support of bandits at the official level ... These friends didn’t give a damn about sovereignty and other things ... We will give money and go all in .... The noble face of democracy and freedom for other nations ... In I’d say to my childhood - .. Now- a very unproductive solution to a number of countries ...
    1. Inzhengr
      Inzhengr April 3 2012 08: 26
      Very similar to a conference of prostitutes
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        ... secret plans for the annexation of Michigan in favor of Siberia ...

        I am from Novosib, i.e. from Siberia, we have a common opinion that we are simply amers (very easy to say), in the ass we have, how my dear, firstly, here we have at least every third armed and not just a simple fighter, but a hunter and a fisherman, we treat the amers ambiguously, sometimes even categorically against it. So that food, gunpowder, will always find and provide itself and still a crowd of fighters. But I want to say that it will be much cooler than Chechen terrorists, we’re in the taiga and worse, we know not only Buk-M2, there are some cool people among us, engineers with great army experience, and good men are bare hands in the taiga like a citizen, take a snout shortly, not one of 20 thousand meters will suit me, samol and many friends in terms of developers. All be normal men., Break through.
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          laughing Well-crafted Novosibirsk people ... You’re fine, you have your own fleet (that is, the sea, that is, there is a morphlot too), but what should we do? We haven’t completed the hydroelectric facility lol
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            Quote: domokl
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      2. KGB161rus
        KGB161rus April 3 2012 12: 02
        So much for Mr. Obama, at the summit in Seoul he said that he supports the Annan’s mission, and that we have gone a few days, and they already say that they will officially pay the salaries of the militants, etc., Obama is ringing, no, they won’t get off Syria, he’ll come time they will get to Iran, and then to us, we only need time, at least 10-15 years more.
      3. YARY
        YARY April 3 2012 16: 33
        "Madame" also agrees with them (USA)
        The big brothel is what the United States gangster education wants to turn the world into.

    2. esaul
      esaul April 3 2012 08: 28
      In general, the situation in Syria looks very cool like a shitty staged theater of the absurd, for participation in which they are trying to drag everyone, a priori, by recording everyone in the category of idiots. Here it became very clear - who is who. Who are rams and sycophants (and these are all those who either spit saliva, denouncing only (!) Assad, or cowardly and sycophantically keep silent) and there are those who have their own objective, political opinion and are ready to defend it without following the principle - "How all "(Russia, China, Cuba and a number of countries showing tacit solidarity with them). And Russia deserves more and more respect not wanting to play fools in this mediocre performance.
      1. domokl
        domokl April 3 2012 08: 39
        laughing Valera, as a director, I’ll tell the director .. the performance is beautiful .. Only the president in Syria, the bastard, is not afraid and took measures to ensure that the bandits are left without support ... Not loyal units were left without fuel and ammunition ... And the bribed generals ran across without much success ... and the money is invested .. Here and thought included, how to return at least part ...
        1. 755962
          755962 April 4 2012 01: 31
          Maybe not quite in the subject, but came across an interview with Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen: “We will not bomb Iran and Syria.” Fancy reading, I tell you.
  2. Vadim
    Vadim April 3 2012 08: 27
    "Who are the judges"? LAS Democrats, there is nowhere to put the stigma, the United States is a hotbed of democracy and freedom and others like them. The houses would be restored. Where they went, chaos, devastation, blood and poverty are everywhere.
    1. esaul
      esaul April 3 2012 08: 35
      Quote: Vadim
      "Who are the judges"? LAS Democrats, there is nowhere to put the stigma, the United States is a hotbed of democracy and freedom and others like them. The houses would be restored. Where they went, chaos, devastation, blood and poverty are everywhere.

      Vadim, welcome. These judges have already lost their sense of proportion and sense of reality to such an extent that trying to shame them is a waste of time. US politicians are. in general, a separate topic! Apparently, we, in the person of Yusov politicians, are reaping the fruits of this very freedom and talerance, which the US society has been great for and is now spilling out such "stars" as McFall, McCain, Hillary and Romney, who can be diagnosed with signs of all mental disorders together taken.
      1. Vadim
        Vadim April 4 2012 09: 41
        And what are Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice just worth, these are generally a masterpiece.
  3. aksakal
    aksakal April 3 2012 08: 58
    As I understand it, Russia needs not only to defend itself (as in Syria), but also to carry out counterattacks. The Saudis have long been asking, and since then, Qatar has been very asking for a special operation to destabize in their countries. Qatar especially makes me angry.
    We need to build up influence in this region. Yes, so what would you remember in Kyrgyzstan? Putin declared the recently ousted president of Kyrgyzstan (I don’t remember his last name) a thief, and exactly one week later he was washed away from the Kyrgyz government to Belarus. And here it is - Putin said something harsh about this Qatar, and that one week it got worse, so much so that the States and Saudis will have to take urgent and costly measures.
    1. esaul
      esaul April 3 2012 09: 16
      Hello, aksakal, Oh, how you want our people not to be limited to solving only their geopolitical problems, but also to "help" the Saudis and Qataris to solve them in the way we need it. Now Qatar is in the role of a dog, whose role, so far, is reduced to barking. But, he is destined for the role of "gas operator" in the Western world scheme and, therefore, he receives increased attention.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal April 3 2012 12: 37
        Greetings, Esaul.
        Quote: esaul
        Now Qatar is in the role of a dog, whose role, so far, is reduced to barking. But, he is destined for the role of "gas operator" in the Western world scheme and, therefore, he receives increased attention.
        - That’s why I’m talking. At first I didn’t suspect, I thought Qatar was just yapping out of obscurity, and when I found out from this article why Qatar was so eager to dump Assad, then in general ... But with the help of oil they overwhelmed the USSR, and with the help of gas they could overwhelm Russia - unfortunately This is a very large source of foreign exchange earnings. Despite the second place in the world, not so much comes from high-tech weapons - 11 billion in total ... As a businessman, I’m saying for sure that if you don’t soak Qatar, it will still wet Syria and gas problems will begin. Yes, and the Saudis would be reckoned for their schools. Both in the USSR they swarmed and later in Russia, financing terrorists - Chechen and Dagestan problems - their work is unequivocal. In short, you need to rearm and start mochilovo, this can not be let go. Even for the edification of everyone else there, who in the future will begin to rise - to all the largest African states and others. What would they think ten times with all kinds of movements - are they stepping on that tail?
  4. Artur09-75
    Artur09-75 April 3 2012 09: 05
    Oleg + for the article. How tired these "democrats" are, they will never get drunk on someone else's blood. They need to let the blood flow themselves so that they know how much. Especially the "friends of Syria" from the Persian Gulf. And it's time for Turkey to remind that the days of the Ottoman Empire are long gone. Assad needs to incite the Kurds against Turkey so that Erdogan has no desire to support terrorists in Syria.
    Assad, continue to wet the reptiles.
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 3 2012 09: 08
    Enemies aren’t needed with such friends. Saudis with a kator remind Zonov’s sixes, they’re the most screaming, and they won’t be extreme when presented. So this is a vobank game.
  6. vorobey
    vorobey April 3 2012 09: 42
    Gentlemen, I apologize for the frivolity. but remembered from an early youth.

    In the forest, the beast celebrated name day.
    A hare was invited to them,
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    -Mistress Fuck, Mr. Pie,
    horsemeat cutlets
    I fell into my mouth such name day.

    Then a hedgehog intervened in the conversation
    -No bunny, you won’t go anywhere
    I’ll tell everything to the left.
    -And who is your left
    -King of beasts
    -I fell into the mouth of such kings

    - Whom are you going to sleep oblique?
    -Me? Yes I’m like a sandwich, like a fly you .... and in your mouth

    Then the hare dangled a couple of times
    and from the forest such a shobla fell
    and the lion rolled
    that a lion pissed blood for three years,
    and on the fourth he fled to Africa.

    The moral of this fable is that the crowd can gasp a lion.
    1. Vanek
      Vanek April 3 2012 10: 07
      However, you had a funny childhood.
  7. kNow
    kNow April 3 2012 09: 51
    Hypocrisy rules ...
    1. vorobey
      vorobey April 3 2012 10: 04
      A normal guy will not be called a latrine.
  8. Chemist
    Chemist April 3 2012 10: 02
    In the article I did not find anything about H. Clinton's statement at this "meeting of shareholders" that the United States is increasing military aid to SAS from $ 6 million to $ 12. This amount will include individual and combined-arms communications for more coordinated actions.
    At the same time, the United States supports the Anan mission.
    Yes, licorice rules, flourishes, taking on new shapes and colors!
  9. Roman A
    Roman A April 3 2012 10: 08
    This is what I really liked friends pancake
    "Here is how the Meeting of Friends summed up, for example, the Moroccan Foreign Minister Saad al-Din al-Osmani:" More significant than the first conference in February in Tunisia, the number of participants is a message from the international community, meaning that support for the Syrian to the people on a global scale will grow "(" "). Morocco knows a lot not only about oranges, but also about democracy. "
    Hypocrisy nailed Oleg for becoming a plus, and the talking room under which they agreed on the financing of bandits
    Where the world is heading
  10. time112
    time112 April 3 2012 11: 30
    In the case of Syria - I was married without me. And so they all ("friends") there decide for the Syrian leadership what to do. Well, right every barrel plugs. There are no words.
  11. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro April 3 2012 12: 41
    "The latrine is the toilet on the ship."
    It is symbolic that this is the name of the leader of the Syrian opposition FROM FRANCE, who heads the SNC (Syrian National Council), represented by the "friends of Syria", as the leader of the entire revolutionary opposition rabble. Undoubtedly ONLY he can competently disseminate SHIT in Syria, without being embarrassed by the persistent smell of this same shit, which is firmly entrenched in all these multi-colored "crap", the stench from which they are now trying to spread further to the countries unwanted by the West !!!
  12. танк
    танк April 3 2012 13: 04
    and, of course, the leader of the Syrian National Council, Burhan Galyun.

    To avoid copyright infringement, post a hyperlink to the original article:

    Good last name
  13. Narkom
    Narkom April 3 2012 13: 53
    with such "friends" enemies are not needed ...
  14. ward
    ward April 3 2012 14: 00
    There is a saying in the east ... Sit on the river bank ... and the corpse of your enemy will be carried by you ... He didn’t sit ... I looked at an iron bird yesterday, they said as before ... the sea of ​​popular anger is expanding ... The Saudis already have tank battles ... So they fuss ...
  15. maxbrov74
    maxbrov74 April 3 2012 16: 01
    Yeah, Friends of Syria. Enemies are not necessary with such friends. Paraphrasing GDP; To wet a latrine in a latrine, sorry for the tautology.
  16. serezha.fedotoff2013
    serezha.fedotoff2013 April 3 2012 16: 26
    Syria fell into a bad company ...
  17. alex83
    alex83 April 3 2012 16: 28
    will pay mercenaries and bandits for terror
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    Felix200970 April 3 2012 21: 46
    Cockroaches who settled in the kitchen more than a year ago have every right to call it their historical homeland and demand self-determination laughing
  19. Okuscher
    Okuscher April 4 2012 05: 51
    Judging by modern politics, there are no gentlemen in it. They say one thing, do another, and even think generally xs what. The ideology of profit flourishes almost throughout our poor ball, and no one cares by what methods and means this is achieved. And so I want to believe that there is life after death, and everyone there gets what he deserves. And in my own language "burhan"- a deity, but a latrine is a latrine. It turns out a toilet deity laughing .
  20. Vito
    Vito April 4 2012 09: 50
  21. Asketxnumx
    Asketxnumx April 5 2012 15: 30
    In the navy, a latrine is a part of the bow of a sailing ship and a place where the crew did their natural needs. So that the wind carries away the appropriate smells.
    A good name for the leader of the "friends" community! Very symbolic!
  22. duchy
    duchy April 15 2012 16: 41
    Hello to all.
    If the ceasefire is disrupted by the opposition, Assad can put a pig on Turkey. Since the Friends of Syria are funding the SNC, it will start funding the Kurds. Erogan will have no time for fun. Most likely he will forget about Syria.