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Russia continues to supply non-lethal weapons to the USA

Russia continues to supply non-lethal small arms to the USA weapon. American partners buy traumatic pistols “Wasp” for sheriffs, reports Interfax-AVN report of Valery Varlamov, head of Rosoboronexport security department.

Varlamov, who led the company's delegation at the MILIPOL 2017 exhibition in Paris, explained that non-lethal weapons are not products of military purpose, therefore, manufacturers have the right to deliver them abroad.

However, in 2017, changes to the Law on Arms entered into force in Russia. In accordance with it, Rosoboronexport received the right to export civilian and service weapons. This is a new market for us, but we have full competence,
he said.

Manufacturing of barrelless pistols "Wasp" is engaged in concern "Techmash". Last year, the concern’s press service reported that the first batch of 60 pistols and 10 thousands of cartridges for them were purchased for Arizona sheriffs.

The press service called the “Osu” a “humane” pistol, which primarily has a “restraining and psychological impact”.

As noted by the sheriffs themselves, this weapon will allow law enforcement authorities to kill less and detain more violators. And “Osa” increases their safety due to the design features - the absence of moving reciprocating parts. The gun is not jammed, it is reliable.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 24 November 2017 15: 15
    It would be better if hemp ropes and laundry soap. However, they only need one soap to drop their hooves
    1. Primoos
      Primoos 24 November 2017 15: 25
      Sheriffs love to kill blacks, which means they will continue to kill. Rezinostrel is not a panacea. But they won’t take away their pistols? And the figure is funny-60 pieces.
      1. zivXP
        zivXP 24 November 2017 15: 32
        They just want to try on the "Arizona Sheriffs." I think they will quickly rescue.
        1. Going
          Going 24 November 2017 18: 13
          These guys and with the help of a wasp will kill.
    HEATHER 24 November 2017 15: 21
    And we use them. Protection. The main thing is not to buzz with them. The thing is still that! wassat
    1. anjey
      anjey 24 November 2017 16: 02
      wasp - a good gun and new models also with LSTs - it’s a pity that the domestic civilian arms market was reduced by tightening the requirements and financial costs of obtaining a license ....
      1. alex-cn
        alex-cn 24 November 2017 16: 09
        I wonder what quality ammo? it used to be not so ...
        1. Berkut154
          Berkut154 24 November 2017 16: 14
          Now it’s even very. He breaks his ribs only on the road, even if in thick winter clothes. It’s better not to get into the head, there are no options. You can sit beyond the limits ..
          1. alex-cn
            alex-cn 24 November 2017 16: 17
            I meant the number of misfires, and the power of the first cartridges was even excessive ...
            1. Berkut154
              Berkut154 24 November 2017 17: 17
              So why were the misfires? The first wasp was battery powered. The people relaxed and at the right moment the battery turned out to be discharged and saved only the discharge in athletics. Now the battery is only for LCC, the effect on the capsule is due to the piezoelectric element. It is trouble free.
              1. alex-cn
                alex-cn 24 November 2017 17: 53
                "wasp" was originally on a piezoelectric, do not confuse with a "guard"
                1. Berkut154
                  Berkut154 24 November 2017 18: 35
                  You are not right.
                  In 2005, the model was improved. In Osa PB-4-1 ML, the laser and trigger are separated. The laser designator is still charging from the battery, and the trigger from the magnetic pulse trigger generator.
                  1. alex-cn
                    alex-cn 25 November 2017 14: 22
                    look at the site or just "description of the PB-4 wasp"
          2. _Jack_
            _Jack_ 24 November 2017 17: 14
            On the contrary, cartridges were more powerful earlier and the core was metal, but now under the new law the cartridge energy has been significantly reduced - the power limit is 90J and the absence of metal cores
          3. Foundling
            Foundling 25 November 2017 01: 19
            If you get into the head from any traumatic weapon, it’s not possible to sit down, but will sit down MANDATORY!
    2. dr.star75
      dr.star75 24 November 2017 17: 47
      What protection? Private security company "Borodach"? They do not have such authority. The maximum that they can legally do is call the police and politely ask the citizen to wait for her.
  3. Simon
    Simon 24 November 2017 16: 22
    Quote: Primoos
    Sheriffs love to kill blacks, which means they will continue to kill. Rezinostrel is not a panacea. But they won’t take away their pistols? And the figure is funny-60 pieces.

    Or maybe it's for the sheriffs? what
  4. Young_Communist
    Young_Communist 24 November 2017 19: 00
    Why not introduce sanctions against the US?