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Mi-8 AMTSH received domestic navigators

The Ulyanovsk Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau has created a new-generation helicopter navigation system within the framework of import substitution, according to News.

It is reported that the domestic navigator turned out to be cheaper and more efficient than the European counterpart, which was previously installed on Mi-8 family helicopters, in particular, on the Terminator Mi-8 AMTSH.

“The BFNI-1 navigation information generation unit has been successfully tested and is ready for mass production. The domestic instrument will significantly improve the crew’s awareness of flight conditions. BFNI-1 determines the current coordinates of the helicopter with the help of the built-in receiver of signals from the GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO satellite systems, ”the newspaper writes with reference to the developers.

Pilots can see on a single screen all the necessary aeronautical information, including a topographic map and information about the uneven terrain. The equipment produces a video with a higher resolution than an imported map generator. For the development of the helicopter unit, Ulyanovsk KBP was awarded the national priority in the field of import substitution "Priority".

According to Pavel Ivanov, editor-in-chief of Aviapanorama magazine, the new device will significantly increase flight safety, especially at low altitudes.

Significantly increases the combat effectiveness of army helicopters aviationequipped with a unit for generating and reproducing navigation information. The device, for example, allows you to fly on autopilot with enveloping the terrain,
said the expert.

According to him, the device was created according to the principle of "open architecture" of avionics, with great potential for further improvement. On the basis of BFNI-1, a family of unified instruments will be created for other helicopters, including the Mi-24 and Mi-35.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 24 November 2017 09: 38
    From the evil one all this ... a good old card ... if you can, much better ...
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 24 November 2017 09: 48
      The Ulyanovsk engineering design bureau has created a new generation helicopter navigation system as part of import substitution

      If we knew how many parts were imported in this complex to Russian ...
    2. St Petrov
      St Petrov 24 November 2017 10: 12
      there it was still possible to open the enemy defenses with martyr. progress is not worth

      and if the satellites begin to fall - then there is no longer up to these nuances, whether the map - the navigator - everything will burn in hellish flame wassat
    3. Primoos
      Primoos 24 November 2017 10: 25
      Quote: Vard
      From the evil one all this ... a good old card ... if you can, much better ...

      For peacetime it’s good, and for local conflicts too. But if global fun comes, then all these hownows will die quickly, most likely together with their companions. No one has canceled the card.
    4. klaus16
      klaus16 24 November 2017 10: 33
      In an unfamiliar area is not so easy on the map. There is no stopping and not thinking. But no one canceled the card.
    5. san4es
      san4es 24 November 2017 10: 56
      Quote: Vard
      From the evil one all this ... a good old card ... if you can, much better ...

      ... Why is there a map ... By stars with astrolabe and by national signs (if you do not ask anyone) wink
    6. Troll
      Troll 24 November 2017 19: 48
      If there are a lot of landmarks, then the map is really not difficult. But in the tundra, taiga, over the sea-ocean or in the steppe, where there are only two landmarks and miscalculated, map orientation is still a problem.
    7. not main
      not main 24 November 2017 21: 59
      Quote: Vard
      From the evil one all this ... a good old card ... if you can, much better ...

      That's it! And if all these bells and whistles "died"? Then, in the old fashion, "finger-palming" in the PMU. In the SMU ARC, NPL, NL-10. And if you don’t know how to use it, then sadness! There is only a "survey of local residents"!
      MOSKVITYANIN 25 November 2017 23: 54
      Quote: Vard
      From the evil one all this ... a good old card ... if you can, much better ...

      Better on birch bark ....
  2. destination
    destination 24 November 2017 09: 41
    Domestic navigator? They now instead of the Totsky training ground will immediately be in London ...
  3. agent
    agent 24 November 2017 11: 04
    "Domestic device will significantly improve crew awareness of flight conditions"
    only takes up half of the landing compartment.
    as it was before.