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Satanovsky: Russian experience in Syria has nullified NATO capabilities

In Syria, Russia received a unique diplomatic and military experience in solving a serious international problem. Our army showed that it was not only alive after the 90s, but also significantly increased its muscles, which made NATO think about the advisability of unleashing a military conflict. From the political point of view of the Syrian problem, Russia managed to establish contact not only with Iran and Turkey, but also with the direct initiators of this war.

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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 23 November 2017 17: 51
    "No where they can’t do it anymore. And what do we need the Antarctic with the Arctic, and what do we need Australia with Poland for?"
  2. Sergey53
    Sergey53 24 November 2017 08: 20
    They all understand only the power and strength of our armed forces.