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Sudanese fighter MiG-29

On the web resource appeared quite rare pictures of the MiG-29 Air Force Sudan fighters, reports bmpd.

MiG-29UB military fighter (9-51 product, 606 board number, 80003001048 serial number) of the Sudan Air Force, acquired in Ukraine from availability in the 2011 year.

According to the resource, the first picture shows “MiG-29UB aircraft (product 9-51, Sudan tail number“ 606 ”) with a serial number 80003001048, released on 13 in May 1986 of the year, which was sold by the Ukrainian military enterprise SPVTechnoexport of the Military Industrial Corporation Sudan’s Ministry of Defense in November 2011 for 2,795 million dollars. ”

The cost of two engines delivered together with the aircraft was $ 1,5 million.

It is reported that this fighter "was originally part of the 8 th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the USSR Air Force (Vasilkov airfield, then Ukrainian military unit A-1789) with a tail number 80, and was sold to Sudan in a single copy."

Fighter MiG-29СЭ (product 9-13СЭE, tail number "605") of the Sudan Air Force, delivered by RSK MiG in 2004 year.

Prior to that, Sudan received a contract from 2002, the 12 fighters of the new construction from the RAC "MiG". The transaction value was about $ 150 million. Machines were delivered in 2003-2004's. Among the aircraft delivered are ten MiG-29CE (product 9-13SE) and two MiG-29UB (9-51).
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  1. just exp
    just exp 23 November 2017 16: 05
    I understand that 2002, other prices, but still for NEW aircraft
    12 fighters of new construction from RSK MiG. The transaction value was about $ 150 million

    isn't it cheap?
    1. faiver
      faiver 23 November 2017 18: 59
      these are planes from the backlog issued in the first half of the 90x most likely, which the Ministry of Defense did not buy, there are 30pcs. was left ...
      1. dik-nsk
        dik-nsk 24 November 2017 05: 45
        apparently the resources came up for repair, then Bashir slammed into Moscow and poured mattresses on Putin and Putin throughout Ivanovo
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 23 November 2017 16: 16
    Ukrointsy just do not let them repair, or they will receive flightless parts, or they will never get anything at all.
  3. MoJloT
    MoJloT 23 November 2017 18: 00
    He he and in Africa a moment
  4. Evil 55
    Evil 55 24 November 2017 05: 45
    There is only MIG .. between past and future ..