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Coastal battery "Demidov" restored in Kronstadt

A division of the brigade of railway troops of the Western Military District in Kronstadt has begun to restore an abandoned cultural heritage site - the mortar coastal battery "Demidov", reports press office ZVO

Coastal battery "Demidov" restored in Kronstadt

“Now the military railroad workers are preparing the site on which a canvas with a length of up to 100 meters will be built. To do this, you must clean the weed area in 1500 square. m., with more than half of the deadwood already cut down, "- said in a release.

It is assumed that "on the rails, as an exhibition complex, an exact replica of the firing position of the 180-mm guns on the train will be installed," explained in the district.

Defending Kronstadt at one time, the combat crew of the gun mount, beginning with the 1941 year and throughout the blockade, did not give rest to the fascist troops. "Constantly moving on the railway platform, the gunners fired at the positions of the Nazis at a distance of 40 kilometers, while always remaining invulnerable," - said the press service.

Battery "Demidov" was built in 1905 year. In total, 11 mortar batteries were based on Kotlin Island, but the Demidov was the only mobile one. In October, the 2016-th “Mortar Battery Complex of the Kronstadt Fortress” entered the unified state register of cultural heritage objects.

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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. siberalt
    siberalt 23 November 2017 14: 34
    Very touching about the upcoming mowing of 15 acres of weed. This is not to build the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 23 November 2017 14: 43
      Rosatom State Corporation is implementing a large-scale program for the construction of nuclear power plants both in the Russian Federation and abroad. Currently under construction in Russia 8 power units. The portfolio of foreign orders includes 34 blocks. and some hydroelectric power station, Boguchanskaya, for example, in the photo. The photo is old. Almost finished already. Started in the Union but ..

      But the enemies do not sleep and put sticks in the wheel.
      Ecologists Against the Construction of the Evenki Hydroelectric Power Station

      To each his own. In Russia, there are now many large construction projects.

    2. 210ox
      210ox 23 November 2017 15: 22
      So let's abandon our history and our heroes! It doesn’t resemble the neighboring territory. You can’t call it a country. By the way, power plants are being built, and not just Time Ahead! then something stank ..quote = sibiralt] Very touching about the upcoming mowing of 15 acres of weed. This is not to build the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. [/ Quote]
      1. Topotun
        Topotun 23 November 2017 17: 10
        Moreover, hell knows what exactly the MO will build there ... Maybe the battery will not be an imitation at all ... and not just artillery ...
  2. destination
    destination 23 November 2017 14: 34
    Voooooot ... That's where the people's money, labor should be invested in the Baltic Sea, and not in the Zenith Arena. Although I am for Zenit sick with 83, okromya Gazmyasa my native, of course. wink
    1. The comment was deleted.
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            1. The comment was deleted.
      2. destination
        destination 23 November 2017 14: 59
        You have it, Rum, at zero Zenith butted for a long time with a mask, and ours just started that year. Next year they will continue, God willing, we will help Peter !!!
        1. novel66
          novel66 23 November 2017 15: 10
          I have something at zero? I never cheated on my own!
          1. destination
            destination 23 November 2017 15: 20
            laughing Maskin’s Vrazhina — I didn’t cheat either- “Zenith” -Soul, “Orenburg” (as he is now called) -Heart.
            1. novel66
              novel66 23 November 2017 15: 22
              nuuuuuu! and other organs can be tightened. By the way, I'm a zamkadysh. if anything!
              1. destination
                destination 23 November 2017 15: 39
                Yes, I’m in the know! Not the first day here, but the second, I know everyone laughing laughing laughing But if you are for a mask, then you are not a zamkadysh, you are a mask ... tongue
  3. Andy
    Andy 23 November 2017 14: 41
    turn a red slide into a tourist attraction.
    1. Roman 11
      Roman 11 23 November 2017 18: 59
      Quote: Andy
      turn a red hill into a tourist attraction

      Maybe there are military facilities there? NATO is close and such forts will not hurt if something happens. By the way, the fort has a good location, one could consider its additional strengthening against the backdrop of the modern era - for example, a couple of super-deep bunkers or something like this.
  4. Sergey53
    Sergey53 23 November 2017 14: 55
    Also a necessary thing. It is necessary to raise patriots brought up on the history of RUSSIA. And her face should be attractive. And the more the merrier. The younger generation will have fewer, such as Kolya with N. Urengoy. Yes, and not ashamed of ourselves. And the fact that we have a fig does not value.
  5. Normal ok
    Normal ok 23 November 2017 17: 53
    Coastal battery "Demidov" restored in Kronstadt

    God grant that everything works out. Good luck
    1. Sergey53
      Sergey53 23 November 2017 20: 51
      They restored it in Crimea. And it’s beautiful and informative.
  6. Mih1974
    Mih1974 23 November 2017 17: 56
    And I thought by the headline, "in the light of the growing hysteria and mobilization plans voiced by Putin," they decided to restore coastal batteries in Krondstat. belay
    lol But it turned out - not everything is so pitiful.
  7. Roman 11
    Roman 11 23 November 2017 18: 51
    In fact, all the forts will not hurt to restore and restore. It seems that in the 80s there was an excursion on a “rocket” along the route of these forts. Over time, everything was dilapidated and desolate.

    It is necessary to preserve memory, not only symbolically, but also by deed. We have entire fortresses and defensive heritage in the Baltic (Kronstadt, Kaliningrad), Vladivostok, Sevastopol .... probably there was something in Murmansk. So there is where to tidy up and bring in proper form.
    APASUS 23 November 2017 19: 41
    Americans from the history of any piece of land with ruins, try to invent a story for themselves, cultivate patriotism. And here is such a level of heritage for educating the younger generation. The object of cultural heritage lies in ruins.
  9. Blue fox
    Blue fox 24 November 2017 09: 20
    Colleagues, this battery was simply amazingly preserved, unlike the other forts and batteries of Kronstadt, in which they cut off all the metal that could be taken away, including armored roofs, KDP roofs, hatches, doors, stairs and railings. Fortunately, the Navy’s warehouses were located on this battery until 2014, it seems, however, even during that time they sawed and cut metal enough.
    It’s unfortunate that they’re trying to save something with such a delay. About a year ago, the military left Fort Rif, so they transported metal from there on ice and on boats, unable to get through Fort Shanets, which is equally ruined, like all others, but at least now part of the nature reserve. Well, or agreed with the security.
    In a word, if we want to show our children what the real history of Russia looks like, real fortifications with history dating back to the 19th century, then we should at least try to preserve what we have, because it is almost impossible to restore what has already been destroyed and will require tremendous money!
    PS Well, or to show the Finnish children batteries of similar projects that they have turned into monuments and museums.